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a hippyslayer
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How does this game compare to Fallout?

Just bought this bad boy off ebay. I hear its a good time, but was just wondering beforehand what kind of game I was walking into.
I know its open world and first person, but are there RPG elements aka Fallout. What do you guys have to say about it?
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The game has what I guess would be considered skill trees, but that's basically the extent of the RPG portion of the game. While Fallout is more RPG/Shooter, Far Cry 3 is more Shooter/RPG

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Nothing like fallout at all. But 400000x better. Simply put ;p

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They're about the same to me. I played each one long enough to realize they both sucked and sold them both PDQ. But I knew FO was a RPG when I played it but FC was a cruel joke on me. So sad.

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Fallout>FC3 imo, the game kinda felt rather repetitive towards the end.
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Far Cry 3 has skill trees rather than the more traditional RPG elements in Fallout (attributes, ability to role-play, etc.). This game is more akin to Borderlands, really. You have no control over your character in a story-telling sense and you can customize your character by unlocking new skills upon level up. The actual numbers for health, armor and damage are hidden and you don't loot weapons the same way you do in Borderlands, but the skill trees and weapon selection are really reminiscent of Borderlands to me.

The best description I could come up for this game would be a cross between Borderlands, Skyrim, Battlefield 3, and Red Dead Redemption: the kind of RPG elements of Borderlands, the weapon customization and overall graphical style of Battlefield 3, the crafting and open world of Skyrim and the hunting of Red Dead Redemption.
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Originally Posted by xTGMx INF3RNO View Post
Nothing like fallout at all. But 400000x better. Simply put ;p
Originally Posted by JonnyNumber1 View Post
Fallout>FC3 imo, the game kinda felt rather repetitive towards the end.
WHAT?!?!?!?! Fallout is easily better than Far Cry. JonnyNumber1 knows what's up. As much as I loved Far Cry, Fallout is 64376324326x better.

The only thing Far Cry lacked was length. I was able to 100% the game, find every single collectible and loot, and complete every side mission in under 2 weeks of casual playing.

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Question: How does this game compare to Fallout?
Answer: The same way apples compare to oranges.

Also, stop calling this a role-playing-game. It's an open world first-person-shooter with a light upgrade system which you could basically skip completely after the tutorial if you really hated it and weren't concerned with the associated achievements. Continuing to say this just gives people looking for information about the game a false sense of what the game is really like.
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