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Mini-achievement Guide and Roadmap

Estimated time to complete
  • Story mode: 2 hours
  • Score mode: 3 hours


This is not a difficult game to complete, when you know the good tactics and how to get high scores. It is quite physical, however, and I found that my arms would get tired after doing around 4-5 fights trying to beat the necessary scores.

Overall, a 3/10 for me with the only real challenge coming from trying to beat the 4 million score against Buu, simply because he seemed to be good at runining my combos.

Anything missable?

Absolutley not. Each individual fight is replayable and accessible from the main menu.

Any online achievements?

Nope. All can be done single player and offline.


In order to minimise repetition, I suggest doing the following things:
  • Jump straight into the story mode, completing the first 2 or 3 fights
  • THEN do the tutorial as you have a basic understanding of the mechanics
  • Work your way through story mode, focusing simply on beating the stages. To minimize your efforts later on, the only thing you should worry about during your story mode is:
  1. Performing super attacks (50 of them)
  2. Finishing the fight using super attacks (10 of them)

  • When you complete story mode, head over to score attack mode. Here you need to achieve a score of at least 4 million on each of the 22 fights.
  • Once you have done these things, you will only have a few simple achievements to clean up.

You're The Best There Is!! 50
You topped your high score for all Score Attack stages.

This requires you to beat a score of 4 million on each of the 22 fights in the score attack mode (ignore the misleading description of topping your own high score).

You need to build up your 'rate', which is a multiplier on your score. The rate goes up to 5.0 and goes up as your combo does (i.e. the more hits you perform without getting hit, the higher the multiplier).

The best ways to raise your rate is to:

A) Do the three-stage rapid punches at close range
B) Get off to Ki blast distance and fire as many ki as you can

Method A works well for early stages but once you get into the latter stages you will want to avoid being close range as much as possible as it becomes very difficult to launch a three-stage punch attack before the AI hits you and ruins your multiplier.


How I did the final stages:

1) Charge your Ki straight away, just a little bit to activate the jump box that appears in the top left and use it to retreat to Ki-range

2) Win the punch-off

3) Finish charging your Ki meter fully

4) Throw as many Ki blasts as you can, dodging everything
incoming and building your rate up high.

5) The AI will probably rush you at some point as you are building your rate. As soon as they do, start jumping to retreat to Ki-range again.

6) Once your rate hits anything above 2.5, activate your second super attack.

Perform this twice and you should be fine on normal difficulty.


* When throwing Ki blasts, watch for invisible walls - dodge both left AND right

* You will find that after a set amount of time throwing Ki blasts, the AI will dash in to melee-range. Use your jump instantly to retreat away again.

* Always have your super charged BEFORE you start building your rate; nothing more infuriating than having a 4+ rate and getting hit as you frantically try to charge your Ki up. This means you should also always have a jump-escape ready to perform if the AI tries to close in.

* Don't try and raise your rate too high as it will only end in tears. Aim for your first super attack to be in the 2.5 - 3.0 range and then your second attack to be in the 2.0 - 2.5 range.

...This Is Super Saiyan 3 50
You won without taking any damage in Score Attack mode on Hard.

This is not as intimidating as it sounds. Firstly, activate the QR codes for Kid Buu and the 'Unleash Ki' powerup. The powerup gives you unlimited Ki straight away.

I do not have the QR codes scanned in and will not post someone else's work, but if you Google around, there are some YouTube videos with the QR codes - they are not hard to find. You can hold your laptop up to the kinect to get them to scan.

Start the fight, dodge to the left and pull of your super.

Now just pull it off a further 3 times for victory.

They will counter your super so be ready to punch furiously!

Probably best to do this against Raditz or the Saibaman.

This IS stackable with the other 'You won without taking any damage..' achievements, so by beating it on hard you will unlock three-in-one.

Full Power 20
You stored up the maximum amount of Ki with Ki Charge.

Again, another misleading description. What you need to do is fully charge your EMPTY Ki metrer in one go without being interrupted.

Note: you can charge your Ki using the stupid squat it showed you in the tutorial OR by simply using the same action that is needed to pull off your super attack. For example, if you are playing as Goku, you can charge your Ki by doing the motion for one of his super attacks (e.g. Kamehameha pose).

The best way I found to do this was:

Enemy: Saibaman

Difficulty: Easy

Character: Kid Buu.

1) When the fight starts, do nothing. Just stand still. Wait for the Saibaman to jump off to Ki-range and this will cause a quick-time punch event to occur.

2) LOSE this quick-time event.

3) Start charging your ki until it is full and use your second super attack

4) MISS with the super attack by not performing the second action it asks you to do (i.e. for Kid Buu do not lower your arm)

5) As soon as the super misses, get in position and start charging your Ki. Because you missed, your guage will be reset and you should have enough time to fully charge and the achievement will unlock.

Complete Master 30
You pulled off a 100 hit combo.

Another initimidating achievement that is surprisingly easy. In fact, I got this on my very first fight.

There is no set right or wrong way to do this.

You should note that
  • Performing a super attack will reset your combo
  • Getting hit will reset your combo

One of the good combo builders is to punch rapidly and launch the three-stage punching quick-time event. This will get your combo to around 30 straight away. As soon as you complete this combo, the enemy will be knocked back and you should charge up your Focus Attack (i.e. hand above your shoulder) and simply wait for your enemy to come close enough and use it. This will knock him back again. Charge another Focus and repeat as necessary. If the AI flies off, simply blast them with Ki.

Sorry I can't give much more of a strategy for this, but you should naturally get this with a bit of practice. My best combo was over 200.


The rest of the achievements are very straight forward and awarded for simply winning the fights, using super attacks, deflecting Ki blasts, etc. and should all come as you work towards the ones listed above.

So hopefully this is enough to enable you to get the full 1,000. If you need any help, drop me a message on Live.
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