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World Championship Poker: All-In
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How to increase your overall reputation/become a Poker Legend

You need to increase your overall percentage to get the achievements for Rising Pro through to Poker Legend. Each achievement is given at a certain percentage.

Your overall reputation percentage can be viewed by pressing RT when in your career map and the pressing right on our right thumbstick. Here are the five:

Rising Pro - ??
Recognized Pro - ??
Poker Star - Surpass 65%
Poker Idol - Surpass 80%
Poker Legend - Surpass 90%

To increase your overall reputation percentage you basically need to complete the tasks in the status section. Here is the breakdown:

Felts Earned (13): These are obtained by being the overall points leader at the conclusion of a tournament series. See the achievements for the list of all the felts.

Trinkets Earned (15): See Lucky Charms on details on how to obtain these items. Here is the list (incomplete):
  1. Gold Skull (Alex)
  2. Framed Design Bicycle Sketch (Adrian)
  3. Corset on a dress form (Trixie)
  4. Howard’s Autograph Picture (Benjamin)
  5. Big Head Statue (Steven)
  6. Car engine (Ned)
  7. Folex watch
  8. Movie Ticket (Robert)
  9. King Glasses (Bryan)
  10. Giant Happy Button
  11. WW2 Lighter (Chris)
  12. Robosapien V2
Lucky Charms (18): These and trinkets can be obtained by playing in side games such as Ned’s, Trixie’s and your home game. When a player gets knocked out of that game then they sometimes offer you an item for cash from your bankroll so that they can stay in the game. If you accept the offer, then you get the item whether you win the game or not. You can obtain several items or none at all in each game. Lucky Charms are small items such as a rubber ducky or a silver pig while the Trinkets are anything else that is not a lamp, computer or chair. The best way to obtain these it to knock out the player directly to the left of the host. He/she will always look similar in each game regardless of the name. Each unique name will give you an charm or trinket. So get in a hand with this person and see the flop. Use your maxed lucky charm and then go all in. Often they will call. Easiest way to knock them out. The latter items (Chair etc) serve no purpose other than to furnish your pad and can be obtained in the pawnshop. Here is the list:
  1. Rubber Ducky
  2. Silver Ducky
  3. Gold Ducky
  4. Bronze Coin
  5. Silver Coin
  6. Golden Coin
  7. Metal 4-Leaf Clover
  8. Dead 4-Leaf Clover
  9. Alive 4-Leaf Clover
  10. Bronze Horseshoe
  11. Silver Horseshoe
  12. Golden Horseshoe
  13. Pink Piggy Bank
  14. Silver Pig
  15. Golden Pig
  16. Box of Matches
  17. Silver Lighter
  18. Golden Lighter
Trophies Earned (37): These are obtained by winning single tournaments. Some of the tournaments such as the Winter Classic have unique trophies for each event so you need to win each one while tournaments such as Tournament of Winners has the same trophy for each event so you do not need to win each one to get all the trophies. Here is the list (incomplete):

  1. Award in Frame (Big Winter 2)
  2. Wooden Plaque (Studs of the New Year)
  3. Small Crystal Plaque (WCP)
  4. Medium Crystal Plaque (WCP)
  5. Diamond Crystal Award (WCP)
  6. Round Crystal Award (WCP, Red Hot 3)
  7. Tall Crystal Award (WCP)
  8. Gold Cards Crystal Award (Regional 5)
  9. Large Red Eagle Trophy
  10. Large Blue Trophy
  11. Large Silver Cup
  12. Stack of Poker Chips Trophy (Poker Heaven 1,2)
  13. Melted Snowman Trophy (Red Hot Event 1,2)
  14. Coliseum Roman Helmet
  15. Tiki Mask
  16. Awesome Ray Gun
  17. The Bracelet (Scenario Mode 1a)
  18. Wad of Cash (Scenario Mode 1b)
  19. A very nice letter from Stu (Scenario Mode 1c)
  20. 25K Poker Trophy (Scenario Mode 2a)
  21. Empty Money Clip (Scenario Mode 2b)
  22. Seat Card to the Main Event (Scenario Mode 2c)
  23. The Big Bluff Trophy (Scenario Mode 3a)
  24. D+Fence (Scenario Mode 3b)
  25. Winter Classic Event 1
  26. Winter Classic Event 2
  27. Winter Classic Event 3
  28. Winter Classic Event Main Event
  29. The WCP Magazine Player of the Year
  30. Kiddie Pool Open Frame #1
  31. Kiddie Pool Open Frame #2
  32. Kiddie Pool Open Frame #3
  33. Kiddie Pool Open Frame #4
Pros Defeated (6): Each pro in the game has a one on one tournament where you need to defeat the pro. Here is the list:
  1. Erin Ness – Week 9
  2. Howard Lederer - Week 46
  3. Annie Duke
  4. Robert Williamson III
  5. Thomas Bihl
  6. Marcel Luske

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