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treasure locations?

only need a few more treasures for 100% collected, but can't seem to find a few.

anyone know the locations of:
-short sword level one (elf starts at two)
-hand axe level two (dwarf starts at three)
-shield of protection from evil

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xRogue 5x
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Yep, those were the ones that gave me a fit to find as well. I had to do a lot of deep digging in the bowels of the internet to find information on them. I can help with most of them.

Short Sword level 1: Play as the dwarf, select chapter 2 (village of tristan?) not sure of name, right at the beginning of the level you'll see some houses at the top of the screen and a cap in the fencing, press up at this gap and you will enter a secret room, and one of the chests in this room should drop the sword.

If not just reload and try again until it does.

Hand Axe lvl 2: I'm not sure where I picked this one up, sadly, I got frustrated with trying to find the last few treasures and joined several online games and played for a bit and then quit out of them. Strangely, after one of these quick sessions I had somehow picked up the Hand axe level 2.

Circlet: Select the thief and you can steal one off of one of the sword wielding shadow elves. To steal dash into the enemy and an item will occasionally pop out.

Shield of Protection from evil: This is from game faqs: [Stage 10-4 :- Battle Royal]
You will enter a shop after you defeat Ezerhorden. Stock up on LBOs and

[Scene 1]
You will be running up a tower, with lots of encounters.

[Scene 2]
The stage starts with you entering a hall. Directly down are two treasure
chests and some gems and cash, and of course, traps. The room at the top
is blocked with flames, and the second with lightning, which can be
turned off by moving to the right end of the room and opening the chests
there. Be careful of arrow traps between the two small flames. The two
rooms contains Bottle of Efreet, Ring of Djinn Summoning and Egg of
Wonder. You can see 4 Gargoyles as you proceed. If you do not have a
magical weapon or spells or rings you can lure them to the ceiling trap
and let the trap hit them. Behind the wall of ice between the Gargoyles
is a hidden room. Inside the room you can find a chest surrounded by ice
cones. That chest contains a Shield of Protection from Evil.

To get past the ice cones to get the shield I used the dwarf's cannonball move.

Hope this helps, sorry I couldn't be of more help with the Hand axe one.

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Great info, thanks! Gonna go try to run those down. Do you happen to remember which class / difficulty you were playing for those online games? Was thinking I'd try the same setup and hope to get lucky for the axe lol

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Old 06-22-2013, 05:18 AM   #4
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those methods worked great. down to Hand axe level 2 and the level 6 and 7 scrolls to have 100%

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Ookami Geister
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For Hand Axe (lvl 2), go to the Forest of Despair (Stage 5-A). Then go to the cave shown in the video below at the 07:00 mark. Open the chests in the cave with a Thief and you'll find Hand Axe (lvl 2) in one of them. Hope this helps. Also, the video is not mine.

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Wow, I never would have found that cave. Thanks for posting that. Just found the axe, got my last treasure and finished the 400G

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