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Alien Rage
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Oct 18, 2013 Alien Rage Now Available On the Xbox Live Arcade
Jul 08, 2013 Alien Rage Invades XBLA This September, Watch the New Story Trailer
May 17, 2013 Alien Fear Becomes Alien Rage, First Teaser Trailer Here
Apr 03, 2012 'Alien Fear' is City Interactive's XBLA Sci-Fi Shooter

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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Achievement Guide & Roadmap
Written by Nevander
For use on x360a exclusively



Estimated game difficulty: 5/10
Estimated achievement difficulty: 2/10
Offline: 20 (400)
Online: 0 (0)
Approximate time to finish: ~20 hours
Minimum number of play-throughs needed: 2
Number of missable achievements: 0
Extra equipment needed: No
Collectable achievements: No
Glitched achievements: None reported
Cheats: None found
DLC: None

Developed and published by City Interactive, "Alien Rage is an action-packed, hard-core first-person shooter that will have you facing off against armies of the nastiest Alien forces ever encountered. Battle beastly-sized bosses relentlessly attacking you from every direction, hell-bent on taking you down. Tons of powerful dual-mode weapons, 14 intense levels, massive shootouts, destructible environments and over-the-top fast paced gameplay." Alien Rage can be purchased on the Xbox Live Arcade for $14.99. A demo is available.

Step One - First Play-through
Your first step on the road to completing this game is to start a new game on whatever difficulty setting suits you, however I would recommend starting out on Challenging (the easiest setting). If you choose to do Brutal first, you're going to have a bad time. Just try to get the game finished once first on Challenging. Along the way on this play-through, you will also unlock every achievement except 'Utility Belt' and 'Relentless.'

Step Two - Last Set of Player Perks
It will be in your best interest to unlock the rest of the player perks that you don't yet have. This step will ensure that you have all that you need for starting Brutal difficulty. If you instead wish to begin Brutal immediately, skip to step three. Otherwise, refer to 'Apex Predator' for an easy method to finish unlocking the rest of your perks.

Step Three - Brutal Play-through
It's time for the hardest step. With the proper preparation, this step won't be that hard. Refer to 'Hardcore' for all the information you will need to help you through Brutal.

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Giant Killer - 20
Defeat Vorus Centurion.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Vorus Centurion is the first boss in the game on the level 'Sabotage.'

The best way to kill him would be to use the Vorus Ion Rifle and spam all your alternative fire shots at him as soon as the battle begins. Duck behind the panels in front of you for cover. When he fires a bomb at you, move to another panel so that you don't take damage-over-time. He cannot get on the same level in which you are taking cover on. It's possible for reinforcements to show up, but for me it was only a couple small enemies. Use your primary fire to finish him off.

Secured - 20
Defeat Security Turrets.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Security Turrets aren't much of a 'boss,' but they do classify as a unique encounter. They are found during the level 'Destruction.'

All you really have to do is take them out at your own pace. They will all be in the corners of the room you are in and they keep coming out until after you destroy both cores when you destroy the final two. Use cover, crouch, and snipe them out with whatever you have. The achievement will unlock once the final turret is destroyed.

Showdown - 20
Defeat Vorus Gladiator.

GLITCH WARNING: It is possible that this boss fight may glitch. After the boss has died, the achievement will not unlock and the objective will still say to kill him. If this happens to you, unfortunately a chapter restart is the only way to resolve it. Credit goes to upindat for posting this information.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Vorus Gladiator is the second proper boss in the game and he is a pain in the ass. This boss is on the level 'Revelation.'

Thankfully, he's not THAT bad. Your goal here is to run your ass off and use the orange Promethium tanks against him. He will follow you around and go very close to them. Run near them and lure him beside them. Make sure you are far enough away and when he is around five or so feet from them, shoot them until they explode. These will bring good chunks of his health down. Don't bother trying to kill him with only your guns unless you have 'Mega Pistol.' Repeat the process until dead. There is no checkpoint during the battle.

Overdrive - 20
Defeat Mk XII Heavy Mech.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Mk XII Heavy Mech is the third boss in the game and he is an even bigger pain in the ass. This boss is on the level 'Detour.'

There are three stages to the battle. The first is relatively easy, simply use the four corners as cover and shoot his shoulders while dodging his beam attacks. Whenever he does the 'weapon overcharge' attack or 'barrage' attack, do NOT stay in one place. Run around and move to the opposite side of the arena.

Eventually he will go to recharge and four generators will rise up. At the same time, reinforcements will show up. This is the hardest part. You need to make sure you are positioned at one of the corners where the enemies do not come down from. You can tell which corners these are because there will be an elevator on each side. Try your best to take out the enemies that show up first and the four generators when you can. Stay behind a corner for cover.

Once that is done, now is the longer but easier step to the battle. He will repeat his attacks from the first stage, so that means you repeat yours. You will want to fire as much as you can at his head (it will glow yellow) right after he finishes attacking. His weak spot will change one last time and it will be a small circular core inside his head. Aim for this spot to finish him off. Be very careful to not be standing in the open when he does his beam attack. It will instantly kill you in two shots. There is no checkpoint during the battle, so keep this in mind.

Gangbuster - 20
Defeat AA-19 Combat Mech.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The AA-19 Combat Mech is the fourth boss in the game and is a nice break from the ass pains you received from the two previous bosses. This boss is on the level 'Breakout.'

This guy's a joke and a half. You don't even really need to dodge anything, but go ahead just for kicks. Keep strafing around in circles and fill him full of lead. His health drains pretty quick even without perks. Eventually he will recharge, so let him do it. Take his health down again and pretty soon he will send out two flying drones. Blow them up and then proceed to finish off the boss after a second recharge. With the 'Mega Pistol' perk, you can actually kill him before he even starts to recharge.

Behemoth - 20
Defeat GX-7 Destroyer Prototype.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The GX-7 Destroyer Prototype is the fifth boss in the game and he isn't much of a challenge either. This boss is on the level 'Marathon.'

His stages are very similar to the Mk XII Heavy Mech, but without the ass pains. This boss is much simpler. As soon as the battle starts, there is nothing you can do. Dodge his smack attacks because they can easily destroy you. When you see his shoulders pop up, destroy them both ASAP. Use a combination of the Minigun and the Beam Cannon to balance your fire. Next, destroy his chest. The last piece is his core, which looks a lot like Iron Man's core. Destroy that and this prototype will stay a prototype.

Pitching Machine - 20
Defeat Vorus Primus.

Story related and cannot be missed.

Vorus Primus is the sixth boss in the game and he doesn't get much harder than the last two bosses. He also looks kinda like a transformer. This boss is on the level 'Gateway.'

His routine and attacks are very simple and don't do much damage to you compared to other bosses. As soon as the battle starts, shoot the three orange promethium tanks above his head. This is how you damage him the most. After this first attack, he may charge at you and smash the ground. Simply sprint away from him when you see him charging at you.

Eventually he will get tired of following you around and do some kind of pulse attack on the ground. This doesn't hurt you, but it will knock down ALL the orange promethium tanks around the ceiling. As soon as this attack happens, look up and move in-between the tank areas so you don't get killed by the falling tanks. When this is done, repeat the process of luring him under the tanks and shooting them down on his head. When his health is low enough, you can just finish him off with your weapons. He may also fire some small missiles at you, but just evade them the best you can.

Guardian - 20
Defeat DF9 Sentry Mech.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The DF9 Sentry Mech is the second to last boss in the game and he is also pretty easy. This boss is on the level 'Meltdown.'

IMPORTANT: If you don't have 'Mega Pistol,' make sure to grab the Minigun that the Vorus Heavy drops right before entering the boss fight. This will help immensely.

There are three stages to this battle. The last one is the only hard one, and even then it's not actually hard. Right when the fight starts, wait for him to leap to a platform with orange promethium. Shoot the canisters when he lands beside them. This will drop his health a small amount. Use the pillars in each corner of the area for cover. When he lands in the middle, he will stay in place for a few seconds. This is your time to shoot the hell out of his back with your weapon (hopefully the Minigun from before). Aim for the bright yellow parts of his armor.

The second part of the fight is very easy. You should still have plenty of Minigun ammo to almost finish off his second stage almost instantly. All you must do is fire all you can at his chest that is glowing. You will probably be out of Minigun ammo by now.

The final stage is also pretty simple, but you need to change your tactics. Don't stay behind the pillars for cover anymore. Strafe around the arena in a circle. Eventually he will do a dual-beam attack and his back will become visible for a few seconds each time. This is when you fire. His attacks won't do much damage to you as long as you keep moving. There you have it. Only one boss left!

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Arachnophobe - 20
Defeat Vorus God Mech.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Vorus God Mech is the final boss of the game and he is pretty easy too. This boss is on the final level; 'Extraction.'

IMPORTANT: It it highly recommended to use the two health perks that you probably just unlocked and the energy damage perk for this battle.

There are again three stages. The first one is pretty simple. When the level starts, you will kill a few enemies and then blow up a control panel. The boss will come out and then hang out in one place. Head back a ways and get behind one of the pillars that has the holes in it that you can see through. Stay far away from the boss and aim for anywhere on his body (but the eyes are probably best) through the pillar holes. Stay back a ways from the pillar as well to avoid splash damage from his missiles. Eventually he will send out some of those exploding crab things, so focus on them. Keep shooting at the boss and eventually he will leave, forcing you to go forward.


The second stage is also pretty straightforward. You will kill some more enemies and progress around the area until you reach another open section with some walls in the middle. The boss will move to one end and sit here, again spewing out the same attacks. Keep shooting his body and use the walls for cover. Reinforcements will come out and try to take you out when you're focused on the boss. Mid-way through this section, the boss will switch sides and so should you. Repeat the process and more reinforcements will show up. Keep firing and taking cover and the boss will leave again.


Keep moving through the area and you will have to kill some smaller enemies with a couple Elite guys. Kill them and keep going. The third stage is very similar to the first. When you enter the next area, there will be a pillar like the one in the first stage to your left. Use this for cover and keep shooting him. Watch out though because enemies will come up the ramp to the right and try to ambush you. Keep shooting him and eventually he may die on his own. Every time I've fought him, his health wasn't all the way down and he fell off the wall and the objective advanced.

Achievement unlocked for killing him, and so should 'When Titans Fall.' Run through the rest of the ship and reach the end to complete the game. When you have to reach your ship, you can ignore all the enemies and run down each ramp to get to the final cutscene.

When Titans Fall - 20
Defeat all Bosses.

Story related and cannot be missed. This achievement will unlock at the same time as 'Arachnophobe.'

Tenacious - 20
Complete single player campaign on any difficulty level.

Simply complete the campaign on any difficulty. There are a total of 14 levels. Complete each one from start to finish to unlock this achievement. Below is a list of each level:
  1. Infiltration
  2. Sabotage (Boss: Vorus Centurion)
  3. Intimidation
  4. Destruction (Boss: Security Turrets)
  5. Escape
  6. Revelation (Boss: Vorus Gladiator)
  7. Detour (Boss: Mk XII Heavy Mech)
  8. Breakout (Boss: AA-19 Combat Mech)
  9. Marathon (Boss: GX-7 Destroyer Prototype)
  10. Ascent
  11. Gateway (Boss: Vorus Primus)
  12. Assault
  13. Meltdown (Boss: DF9 Sentry Mech)
  14. Extraction (Boss: Vorus God Mech)

Hardcore - 20
Complete single player campaign on Brutal difficulty.

Brutal difficulty is the hardest of the three available difficulty settings. This mode is the first-person equivalent of playing a GoW game on Insane. Enemies in this game are pretty aggressive and will often seek you out. I would not recommend starting out on this setting unless you (to quote upindat) "enjoy stress in your life." There is a level select and the game tracks each level on each difficulty setting. However, it's not that insane. There is a great way to breeze through most of the game.

Here's what you're going to want to do:
  1. Before attempting Brutal you are going to want to run through the game on another setting first. I would suggest that you complete it on Challenging. This will unlock most of the player perks for you and you will have a good grasp of the gameplay.
  2. Next, you can either begin your Brutal play-through now, or wait until you have unlocked the final set of player perks by farming some player score. If you begin Brutal right away, the final set of perks will unlock around the third level. All of your perks and unlocks will carry over across all difficulties.
  3. Once you have the final set of player perks, you are going to want to be using 'Mega Pistol' (Overcharges the player's holdout pistol), 'Health Bonus' (Player's maximum health is increased by 50%), and 'Recovery' (Player recovers from near death 50% faster). These perks should be used on almost every single level.
  4. With these perks, the pistol and your shooting skills will be the only things you will need. Your pistol will have unlimited ammo (by default), twice the clip size, fire lightning rounds, and it will do an insane amount of damage (enough to drop some bosses extremely quickly by spamming aim assist). It also glows BLUE!
  5. Make sure that aim assistance is enabled in your options. The aim assist in this game will aid you tremendously as you will be able to spam and together to snap to the enemies. Since your pistol has unlimited ammo, accuracy is not a concern.
  6. Some of the bosses may still be somewhat of a pain, but once you understand their routines and what they do, they will be simple enough to take down. Refer to each boss' achievement for detailed strategies.
  7. The 'Mega Pistol' perk will not help you during sections with the Mech and sections where you are forced into using the mounted Minigun. In these situations, 'Mega Pistol' should be temporarily switched out for 'Heavy Weapon Recovery' OR 'Energy Reflector.'
  8. As a final note, don't be discouraged if you keep dying. It will happen a lot. Remember for completing Brutal, you're just looking to complete it. You're not going for best time and score (unless you actually are). This means you should take your time, stay back, use cover, and wait enemies out. Most of them will come to you fairly quickly or at least be out in the open for you to shoot them. Just try your best and it should be easy enough to manage.
Credit goes to upindat for these tips.

There are a couple specific sections of the game that could cause you problems. They are listed below.

Mounted Minigun Tram Ride
This part can get annoying. I would suggest using 'Energy Reflector' during the sections with foot soldiers and drones and 'Heavy Weapon Recovery' during the tank section. For the drone section, you are going to have to have pretty good aim and get lucky that they don't get that last shot off that kills you.

Fight with the Mech while on foot
This part can be hard if you try to fight it head on. Camp back behind the boxes and wait for the Mech to come out of the elevator. He might get stuck behind a box near the elevator, allowing you to quickly kill him using 'Mega Pistol.' If he actually moves towards you, try to get him stuck behind the big box that you should be hiding behind and then shoot his head over it.

The Bridge in 'Meltdown'
This is the hardest part of the entire game IMO. You must smash four panels and kill several waves of enemies with almost no cover on the last two, along with no checkpoint. Using 'Mega Pistol,' the first two panels and the respective enemies should be easy enough to manage. However, the final two where you are out in the open and enemies spawn randomly in the area across the walkway are almost impossible unless you're lucky. Luckily there is a cheap way to beat this part. Smash the panel(s) and then immediately turn around and slide ( + ) back to the bridge entrance. It seems as if you can evade a lot of fire by sliding. Take them out all from here and you should be fine. Good luck trying to kill them from the panel! I died about six times trying to fight them in place but I did them both first try by sliding back to the entrance.

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Point & Shoot - 20
Find a new weapon.

The first new weapon you can find is the Vorus Ion Rifle from the very first enemy you encounter in the very first level; 'Infiltration.' Walk over it to unlock the achievement. Refer to 'Hoarder' for the full list of all weapons.

Hoarder - 20
Find all weapons.

There are a total of 12 weapons that can be found and used throughout the game. Many of them you will find from dead enemies and just lying about the level. You will need to reach a checkpoint after finding a weapon for it to properly save (credit to upindat). Below is a list of all weapons in order of when they are found and and the first location that they can be found:
  1. O8A-110 Service "Mega" Pistol - Starting weapon on each level.
  2. A80-R Assault Rifle - Starting weapon on each level.
  3. Vorus Ion Rifle - Found from the very first enemy you kill in the game; very common weapon carried by Warriors (the main Vorus enemy).
  4. Blaster - Found around the area with the cloaked enemies in the first level; carried by Grunts (the cloaked enemies.)
  5. EL05-2C Minigun - Found after being informed of a Minigun emplacement during the level '(?);' carried by Heavies later in the game.
  6. Shotgun - Found in the first area where you must blast through a wall in the level 'Intimidation;' not used by enemies but can be found in several places.
  7. M517/69 Submachine Gun - Found on the floor beside the ramp after going through the force-field doors in '(?);' not used by enemies but can be found in several places.
  8. Sniper Rifle - Found leaning against a box on the walkways while moving towards the drill in '(?);' used by Vorus Snipers in a few places during the game.
  9. Rocket Launcher - Found while going up the narrow stairs after running for your life in '(?);' not used by enemies but can be found in many different places throughout the latter half of the game. Completely useless weapon by the way; it really sucks for a rocket launcher.
  10. Alien Mech Suit Minigun - Story related.
  11. Alien Mech Suit Beam Cannon - Story related.
  12. Vorus Plasma Arc - Found from the Elite enemies after defeating Vorus Primus; always carried by Elites.

Armed & Completionist - 20
Use all weapons.

Using the list in 'Hoarder,' make sure you fire each weapon at least once that you find or pick up. Either fire mode will count. As soon as you fire the final weapon in the list, the achievement will unlock. You will need to reach a checkpoint after using a weapon for it to properly save (credit to upindat).

Can’t Homidecide - 20
Kill an enemy with every weapon.

Using the list in 'Hoarder,' make sure you use each weapon that you find or pick up to kill at least one enemy of any kind. Either fire mode will count, however you do NOT have to get a kill with the alternative fire mode of each weapon as well. You will need to reach a checkpoint after getting a kill for it to properly save (credit to upindat).

Juiced - 20
Unlock first Perk.

The first set of player perks you unlock includes Stun Resistance, Extended Magazines, and Extended Ammunition and it unlocks at 4,000,000 player score. Refer to 'Utility Belt' for more information.

Utility Belt - 20
Unlock all player perks.

There are a total of 12 player perks split across four sets and they are unlocked by obtaining player score. Player perks modify the way the game works. They are very similar to mutators in Unreal Tournament or Gears of War. You have three slots to place any one perk, meaning you can have up to three perks equipped at any one time.

You can boost them by replaying levels. It will take a total of 40,000,000 player score to unlock all player perks, meaning you will unlock 'Apex Predator' halfway into unlocking the third perk set. You can see your percentage to unlocking the next set of perks and equip those you have unlocked in the 'Player Perks' menu. They are listed below along with their player score requirements:

Perk Set 1 [unlocks at 4,000,000 points]
Stun Resistance (Stun duration is reduced by 50%.)
Extended Magazines (The clips in all weapons carry 50% more ammunition.)
Extended Ammunition (Maximum amount of ammunition per weapon is increased by 50%.)

Perk Set 2 [unlocks at 20,000,000 points]
Projectile Damage Bonus (Projectile weapon damage is increased by 10%.)
Energy Damage Bonus (Energy weapon damage is increased by 10%.)
Increased Fire Rate (Fire rate of all weapons is increased by 10%.)

Perk Set 3 [unlocks at 30,000,000 points]
Health Bonus (Player's maximum health is increased by 50%.)
Recovery (Player recovers from near death 50% faster.)
Body Armor (Reduces explosion damage to player by 50%.)

Perk Set 4 [unlocks at 40,000,000 points]
Energy Reflector (Player takes 50% less damage from energy based weaponry.)
Heavy Weapon Recovery (Minigun and Mech cooldown reduced by 50%.)
Mega Pistol (Overcharges the player's holdout pistol.)

Relentless - 20
1500 Total Kills.

You will unlock this achievement through natural progression and playtime. Completing the game once will net you a little over 1200 kills. You will unlock this as you are going through Brutal difficulty.

Apex Predator - 20
Reach a player score of 25,000,000.

By the time you unlock your third set of perks, you will have unlocked this one.

If you want to farm player score to advance the time it takes to unlock perks or to unlock the final set after completing the game once, I would suggest replaying the level 'Meltdown' on Challenging while collecting the audio recordings and score bonuses (green pyramids) on this level. To collect the score bonuses you must walk over them. For this level, there are lots of small enemies so try to aim for headshots, multikills, explosion kills, and melee kills. This level can net you around 5,350,000 player score if you get a ton of headshots for just one run!

After completing the game, it should only take two or three times of doing this level while going for headshots to unlock the final perk set. To make headshots extremely easy to get, make sure to use the perk 'Energy Damage Bonus' while using strictly the Vorus Ion Rifle.

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City Interactive [LINK]
Developer and publisher [LINK]
Guide banner image

Steam Community Page [LINK]
Achievement tiles

Thanks to the following individuals for their
input and assistance going into this guide

Vorus Gladiator Glitch

Tips for Brutal and Completion

Gameplay Video

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If you can, please help us get this guide published to the site, and get your name eternally imprinted on the site!

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