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Wrestle Kingdom
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Old 05-11-2008, 10:57 PM   #1
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Someone post all the controls for this game

The manual is in jap and there is no place online to look up American translated manuals. And because of that, I am having trouble with this damn game.

My game collection.
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Kronic Blackout
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- Movement
- Taunt
- Run, Enter/Exit Ring, Onto Ring Apron

Opponent Is Standing
- Grapple, Reverse Grapple
+ - Irish Whip
- (Tap) Quick Strike, (Hold) Strong Strike, Reverse Strike
+ - Finisher

Grappling Standing Opponent (Grappled State)
or + ↑, ↓, ← or - (Tap) Quick Grapple, (Hold) Strong Grapple
- Reverse Grapple
- Go behind the opponent
- (Tap) Quick Strike, (Hold) Strong Strike
+ ← or - Alternate Strike
- Reverse Strike
- (Tap) Irish Whip, (Hold) Irish Whip opponent out of the ring (when close to the ropes)

Opponent Is Lying Down
- (Hold) Drag opponent
- Strike
+ ← or - Alternate Strike
+ - Running Strike
- Pick opponent up
- (Hold) Flip opponent to stomach or back
+ - Pin

Opponent Is Lying Down (Grappled State)
or + ↑, ↓, ← or - Grapple

Opponent Is Near/Against Turnbuckle
- Climb onto turnbuckle
- Diving Attack
+ - Irish Whip into turnbuckle
or + ↑, ↓, ← or - Grapple
- Turn opponent's back or front facing you
+ - Running Strike

Towards Opponent
+ - Running Strike
+ - Running Grapple

Opponent Towards You
- Reverse Running Grapple
- Reverse Running Strike

Opponent On/Against Ropes
- Grapple
- Strike

Opponent Outside Of The Ring
+ - Diving Attack
+ + - Running Dive Attack

Opponent Is Lying Down
+ - Diving Attack

+ - Grab weapon out from under the ring
- Pickup/Drop weapon
- Strike Attack
- Grapple Attack

I don't know what LT, RT, LB or RB do because I didn't have to use those buttons. You can do everything with the X, Y, A and B buttons

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Thanks man, your guide is very helpful. Does anyone know how to Tag or call your tag team partner when the other team is beating you up 2 on 1? Annoying...
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