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Formatted Guide to Like The Back Of My Hand

This is an guide formatted from Pined5551, Jonesy999, and Ashly B Sivorn's lists

This consists of the classic style Power ups:
Power Amp/UDamage
Jump Boots
Shield Belt

this consists of:
Small Health Vials
Armor Vests
Thigh Pads
keg o' health

Ashly B Sivorn:
this filled in the blanks

Normal Maps
Xbox 360 exclusive

Remixed maps

Deathmatch/Team Death match/Duel Maps

Jump boots (In the underpass tunnel in plain sight)
UDamage (Room with link gun)
Shield Belt
(Room with flack cannon)
15 Vials
- 5 [Near Armor Vest]
- 4 [Near Shock Rifle]
- 3 [Outside]
- 3 [On Bridge Above Flack Cannon]
Keg O Health [Above The Jump Boots On A Ledge]
Armor Vest [From Outside Go Through The Door Near The 2 Water Pumps On Wall]
To get to the UDamage use the jump boots, from the jump boots move forwards up the ramp and left through the small tunnel to the room with the link gun. Use the lift under the UDamage, when at the top use the jump boots and you should see and be able to get to the UDamage. When facing the lift to the UDamage go up and right and follow the path straight until u see the shield belt.

Shield Belt (Center of lower level area in plain sight)
Berserk (See description)
9 Vials
- 6 [On Bottom Floor]
- 3 [Going To Berserk]
From the shield belt look away from the wall with all the snow behind it, go left, right, up the stairs, then left up some more stairs, follow round and its right in front of you.

Carbon Fire:
UDamage (See description)
Berserk (See description)
9 Vials
- 6 [On Ramp Across From Rocket Launcher]
- 3 [On Production Line Near The 2 Changing Platforms]
Armor Vest [Outside By The Link Gun]
Thigh Pads [Same Platform As Flack Cannon]
Facing the shock rifle with the lift behind you go right and follow the passage till u come to a room with a hole in the floor, drop down and pick both up (the lift brings u back up).

Jump Boots: (Room with 4 ramps and Bio goo at the bottom, in an alcove)
Shield Belt: (From boots, turn abound and look up)
UDamage: (From boots, turn abound and look up)
17 Vials
- 4 [Near Shield Belt]
- 4 [On Other Side Of Doorway Near Sniper Rifle]
- 5 [Near Flack Cannon Between 2 Boxes]
- 4 [Near The Bottom Of The Three Ramps In The Corner]
Armor Vest [Bottom Floor Opposite Side Of Teleporter]
Thigh Pads [Very Top Floor]

UDamage: (Room with crate in the middle, accessed from sniper rifle)
Shield Belt: (Up a twin set of ramps in plain sight)
20 Vials
- 6 [Near Armor Vest]
- 3 [Near Thigh Pads In Tunnel]
- 4 [Near U Damage]
- 4 [Between Flack Cannon And Shield Belt]
- 3 [Leading Up To Mini-gun]
Helmet [Follow The 4 Vials Away From The Flack Cannon And Hang A Right In An Alcove]
Armor Vest [Where The 6 Vials Are, In A Dark Underground Tunnel]
Thigh Pads [At The End Of The White Underground Tunnel]

Jump Boots: (See description)
(Top area in plain sight)
Shield Belt (In the opposite direction from the rocket launcher)
22 Vials
- 6 [On Top Of Ship, Three On Each Side Near The Front Of Ship]
- 4 [On Top Of Ship, Two On Each Side]
- 6 [In Red Stuff Heading To Jump Boots]
- 6 [Near The Armor Vest, 3 On Each Side]
Armor Vest [Below The U Damage]
Keg O Health [In The Red Stuff In A Round Tunnel]
Description: From the rocket launcher continue down the ramp to the edge of the map, look down and drop, go into the liquid stuff and follow down till u see the boots.

UDamage: (Lower level in narrow corridor with pipes, in plain sight)
Shield Belt: (Jump on boxes in sniper rifle room in plain sight)
7 Vials
- 4 [Near The Link Gun On The Pipe]
- 3 [On The Ramp Going Up To The Sniper Rifle]
Thigh Pads [Beside Flack Cannon]
Armor Vest [Stand On The Flack Cannon And Look At The Thighs, Walk Out The Door And Look Up ]

Invulnerability (Located on top in main room, accessed by lift)
7 Vials
- 4 [Near The Middle, Jump From The Invulnerability To The Platform]
- 3 [Near The Middle, Opposite Side Of The Other 4 Vials]
Thigh Pads [Once You Find The 4 Vials, It Should Be To The Left]

Shield Belt: (Space area – use fan in hole at rear of ship to fly to the top)
Jump Boots x2 (Both in jungle area in plain sight on ground level)
12 Vials
- 3 [In The Ice Area, By Link Gun]
- 4 [In Te Jungle Area, By The Rocket Launcher]
- 5 [In The Space Area, At The Top]
Armor Vest [On Top An Island, In The Jungle Area]
Thigh Pads [On Top Of The Crates, In The Ice Area]

Heat Ray:
Shield Belt: (Up a ramp near rocket launcher, just hug wall and you’ll find it)
Invisibility (See description)
(Inside dark walker by station platforms, spawns after 3 mins)
Berserk (Also inside Dark Walker )
17 Vials
- 5 [Near Jump Pad To Get Armor Vest]
- 5 [Near Shield Belt]
- 4 [Near Sniper Rifle On Stairs]
- 3 [Heading To Invisibility]
Armor Vest [Top Of Building, Use Jump Pad Near Vials To Access]
Helmet [Beside Shock Rifle]
From the rocket launcher use boost pad and continue up the stairs in the building, follow corridors over wooden planks and drop down onto ledge.

Koos Barge:
Berserk: (Inside of ship at the back)
8 Vials
-4 [Bottom Level At The Back Of The Boat]
-4 [Bottom Level At The Front, Near Beserk]
Armor Vest [Back Of The Boat]
Thigh Pads [Middle Of The Boat Beside The Crane]

Morbias Arena:
0 Vials
Description: None

Rising Sun:
24 Vials
- 4 [To The Left Of The Rocket Spawn In A Wooden Corridor]
- 4 [To The Right Of The Rocket Spawn In A Wooden Corridor]
- 4 [In Front Of The Rocket Spawn Near The Armor Vest]
- 2 [Beside The Armor Vest]
- 10 [Go To The Flack Cannon And Look Up]
Armor Vest [Underneight The Center Platform]

Shield Belt: (Main room in plain sight)
23 Vials
- 7 [On The Outside Barrior Of The Map]
- 3 [On The Way To The Redeemer]
- 5 [Go Out The Door Behind The RocketLauncher And TurnLeft]
- 5 [When You Get The 5 Vials, Turn Around And Fall Through The Crack]
- 3 [When Your Going For The Armor Vest Its In An Alcove]
Armor Vest [In The Tower Off To The Side Of The Map]

Shield Belt
(Middle floor in plain sight)
UDamage (From the rocket launcher drop down and go right)
8 Vials
- 3 [On The Ramp Above The U Damage]
- 5 [Stand On The Link Gun And Look Around, Theirs 5 Near A Lift]
Armor Vest [Down The Stairs From The Boi Rifle]

Shangri La
UDamage: (Center room, just jump and you can get it)
Shield Belt (See description)
Jump Boots (On the wooden pier across from the rocket launcher)
9 Vials
- 9 [From The Bridge Looking At The U Damage, The Building To The Left Has 9 On The Top Floor]
Armor Vest
[Follow The Trail Of Vials]
Helmet [Back Corner Past The Bridge And U Damage]
From the UDamage go through the half open wooden doors to the waterfall, use the lift next to it and you should see it just around a slight corner near another waterfall.
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Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag (CTF) Maps

(See description)
12 Vials
-6 (near rocket launcher, head further toward enemy base, on each side of door, each base)
Thigh Pads (2) (middle of map, under u damage, one on each side)
Armor Vest (2) (on your bridge, go into the glass overpass, keep walking straight (dont turn)if you turn you went the wrong way, their on both sides)
From either of the pairs of thigh pads in the centre of the map between the two flags, look up and you’ll see a link gun, follow the stairs past the mini gun and go to the link gun, go up the ramp behind it and around the corridor to see the UDamage. (There are two sets of thigh pads and link guns, directions are applicable to both as it’s a symmetrical map)

Facing Worlds:
UDamage x2 (See description)
0 Vials
Helmet (2) - (Behind Each Base)
Keg O Health (Very Center Of Map)
Armor Vest (2) (top of tower, each side)
Above the main entrance to each tower there is an alcove with a UDamage in it, can be accessed from outside or inside the tower on the ground level with the translocater. – You must collect both.

Shield Belt x2
- (See Description)
32 Vials

-6 beside armor vest
-6 near rocket launcher
-4 near the middle bridges, below sniper rifle
- (enter from the right side of the base, its on the floor)
Armor Vest(2)
- (continue towards the flag, should be on the floor in the next room)
From the flag look up and you'll see the mini gun, use the translocater to get uo there then go round the path and look up again to see a pipe, use the translocater to go up and get the Shield Belt.

Omicron Dawn:
8 Vials
-8 (4 beside each helmet, one on each side of the map)
Helmet (2) (go the the middle bridges and you will see them on the front of each base
Armor Vest (2) (from the link gun, just through the next door look up, Both Sides)
Thigh Pads (2) (In The same room as the Biorifle, one on each side)
Description: None

0 Vials
Keg O Health ( the center of the map, below the helmet)
Helmet (center of the map on the bridge in the middle)
Description: None

Invisibility x2 (See description)
Shield Belt (Center room indoors, on top of rotating floor pillar in plain sight)
6 Vials
-6 (on the center of the map, its a tower thing as high as you can get, 3 on each side)
Armor Vest (2) <Very back of your base, use jump pad, under sniper rifle>
Thigh Pads(2) from the flag take a right (flack side) and the thigh pads are to the left, each side)
Description: Rocket launcher room, go down the ramp the statue is looking at (you’ll see the arches over the ramp) and it’s right in front of you. The same for both bases and you must collect both.

Shield Belt: (Centre of map, lower level in a tunnel in plain sight)
34 vials
-16 (Theirs 4 on each side of the map, and their on either side of the flag infront of the window)
-12 (just before leaving you main base their on the bottom floor beside the enterances)
-6 (in the middle of the map at the top of each ramp are three vials)

Berserk (See description/ green goo can be seen from sniper rifle)
Shield Belt (Ground level in a small gazebo type thing in plain sight, if u can only see the redeemer go to the other side)
28 Vials
-8 (4 beside shield belt and 4 beside redeemer in the middle on each side)
-14 (beside the biorifle on a ledge, 7 on each side)
-6 (by the thigh pads, 3 on each side)
Thigh Pads (2) (above the fork in the road, or above the minigun)
Armor Vest (2)
(past the sniper rifle when heading to the flag)


Vehicle Capture the Flag (VCTF) Maps

Shield Belt (Above dark walker, center of map in plain sight, use raptor to get to it)
Jump Boots x2 (infront of Goliath tank spawn)
0 Vials
Body Armor x2

UDamage (Center of map inside building with water wheel in it, in plain sight)
Berserk (same building, other side of water wheel in plain sight)
15 vials
Body Armor
Thigh Pads x2

Shield Belt (In front of the tank on the ship just beyond the crates)
10 vials
Body Armor x2


Jump Boots x2
: (Lower level of red base under the archway in the middle, in plain sight)
UDamage x2: (Lower level of red base on the far right, in an alcove by rocket launcher).
28 vials
Keg O Health x2
Body Armor
Description: Power ups are in the same place on both sides/bases so collect both.

Jump Boots x2: (In the building next to a manta on the far right of red flag/base, ground floor)
Shield Belt x2: (Just before the ramp leading to bridge going across river, right side there is an ally with it on the street level)
UDamage x2: (Center of red base in plain sight)
Berserk (On top of rails above river)
8 vials [4 by each Helmet]
2x Body Armor [Past the Raptor, above two health packs, both sides]
2x Helmet [Past the Body Armor, both sides]
Description: All power ups are in the same place for both bases, collect all of them.

Jump boots x2: (Half way up hill from each base in plain sight, opposite big stairs that go over mountain)
Berserk x2: (On top of tower facing through main tunnel to enemy base, use flying vehicle, hellfire?)
16 vials
Keg O Health
Body Armor x2
Thigh Pads x2
Description: All power ups are in the same place for each base, collect both.

Jump Boots x2: (See Description)
UDamage x2
(Use bridge suspension wire or raptor to go to the top of the bridge, in plain sight)
Berserk x1 (Main road level of bridge at the centre between some barriers in plain sight)
52 vials
Body Armor x2
Thigh Pads x2
Keg O Health x2
: From the red flag go across the main bridge using the left corridor on the ground level of one of its arches, there should be a shock rifle inside. Opposite the rifle is a door leading outside, use the boost pad to jump in the air, look down an you’ll see a second ledge half way to the top, the boots are in there.

Suspense Necris:
Jump Boots x2: (See description for the level “Suspense,” above)
Berserk x1: (Same as “Suspense,” above)
52 vials
Keg O Health x2

Body Armor x2
Thigh Pads x2

Description: Despite being near identical to the level Suspense the UDamages on that level are in an area inaccessible of the Necris Suspense level, I could not find anything else to compensate its removal but think its still a completed map.

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Warfare needs a lot of work it is nowhere complete,(and so does VCTF)I would ask that people post their descriptions so that i can embed them with these posts

Warfare Maps

0 vials
Thigh Pads x4

Description: None

Avalanche 2 Fronts:
0 vials
Thigh Pads x4

: None

Cold Harbour:
Jump Boots
(Near hilltop node in plain sight)
Shield Belt (See description 1)
Berserk (See description 2)
0 vials
Description: (1) From the jump boots turn around and go past the node straight on to the tower with the lift in it. Look up and use the boots to get it. (2) From either base go outside and drop onto the frozen river between the two, go past the submarine and continue on to see the berserk between two boxes at the edge of the frozen water.

Jump Boots x4 (See descriptions 1&2)
Berserk x1 (On the horseshoe shaped road behind the centre node in plain sight)
35 vials
Keg O Health
Armor Vest x3

Description: (1) There is a pair on the rooftops of one of the buildings in each base. (2) From the center node look at the avril missile launcher, you should see a central building with an ally on either side, go down both and collect another two pairs of boots.

Downtown Necris:
Jump Boots x4
35 vials
Armor Vest X3
Keg O Health
Description: Same as downtown minus berserk power up; had a long search for a possible replacement but found nothing.

Downtown 2 Fronts:
Jump Boots x4
Berserk x1
35 vials
Keg O Health
Armor Vest x3

Description: The same as the map; Downtown.

Shield Belt
(See Description 1)
Jump boots
(See Description 2)
10 vials
Armor Vest x2
Thigh Pads x4

Description: (1) After you capture both mine nodes, a hole opens up in the ground nearby allowing you to drop down and have access to a cicada, drop down one more level to get the power up. (2) Use the cicada to fly directly up and you’ll see a causeway bridge, land and pick it up.

Dusk Free Mine:
Shield Belt
Jump boots
10 vials
Thigh Pads x4
Armor Vest x2

16 vials
Armor Vest

Description: None

0 vials
Armor Vest

: None

Islander Necris:
0 vials
Armor Vest

Market District:
Jump Boots (Under prime node in plain sight)
UDamage x2
26 vials
Armor Vest x2
Thigh Pads x2

: From the west node exit the building from the main entrance and go right, follow the ally to the end and go left until you see the UDamages purplr light shinning from an alcove in the wall. The other is in the same place on the other side of the map.

UDamage x2
: (Both on a platform, one behind each prime node building)
Shield Belt: (Across from bridge node)
Berserk: (Opposite shield Belt on the other secondary bridge)
0 vials
Armor Vest x2

Power Surge:
Berserk x2 (Opposite each prime node on a small cliff, accessed by adjacent ramp)
Jump Boots x3 (See descrption)2 either Side of Invisibility)
Invisibility (Under the mine node)
0 vials
Description: 2 either Side of Invisibility, 3rd is beyond the node structure in the direction away from the prime nodes. It's by the crystals near the link gun between some rocks.

Shield Belt x2 (On a ledge near each core)
UDamage x2
Berserk x2
Jump Boots x2 (See description 3)
0 vials
Armor Vest x2
Keg O Health x2

(1) From either core, head for the prime node, about half way you go past a vehicle spawn continue a bit further and it’s on a raised bit of rock. (2) On each side of the mine nodes are elevated catwalks; at each end of these are berserk powerups. (3) From either prime node look towards the other, you’ll see two possible routes, one high and one low, take the low one and follow it around, you’ll pass to sets of boots; collect both.

Serenity Necris:
Description: Identical to “Serenity” level (See above)

Shield Belt x2
16 vials

: In each corner of the prime node room are small caves, in each of these is a powerup.

Tank Crossing
6 vials
Body Armor x2

Jump Boots x5
(See description 1, 2 and 3)
Berserk x1(See description 3)
Shield Belt x2 (See description 4 and 5)
0 vials
Armor Vest x2
Description: (1) In each base on top of the central tower, use boost pad on the raised walkways inside each base to get up there. (2) On the ground floor by each prime node. (3) On the bridge above the centre node. (4) Next to the centre node. (5) On the highest point of the tower on the bridge above the centre node. Use one of the raptors that spawn in each base to get there.

Torlan Classic:
Description: Identical to “Torlan” level (See above)

Torlan Double Prime:
Description: Identical to “Torlan” level (See above)

Torlan Necris:
Description: Identical to “Torlan” level (See above)

Torlan Short:
Description: Identical to “Torlan” level (See above)

These people are important compilers to this list

Ashley B Sivorn's
A 2rue Beast
Merciless Mack

and I Str8Up_wizard
Formatted it

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oh yes

yes i will be editing this to make it the best guide there is i figure if we only are missing three giving everyone a chance to find those three missing items helps us all out

so yes i will be adding to this list

also please post your descriptions at the botem so that i can embed them
(I wont embed them if theyre are more than two lines, so keep it short)


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added a link. lol, was harder that i thought cos my first post has hit the 10k character limit now, meaning that the additional comment with the link is pretty abrupt, sry.
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so does someone have the achievement now?
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I finally got this achievement, after coming back to this forum every now and then to check if this achievement got patched or not. I'm going to relate my story about this achievement now that I have it, to help others still confused about it.

1. The achievement is finally patched and completely obtainable.

2. You must pick up every instance of health vial, armor, and power-up, which includes: Health Vial, Big Keg O Health, Jump Boots, Armor Vest, Thigh Pads, Helmet, Shield Belt, U Damage, Berserk, Invisibility, and Invulnerability.

3. You must pick all of these things up in 1 run of the map.

4. You must do all maps (INCLUDING THEIR NECRIS VERSIONS) but not "Short", "Classic", "Double Prime", "Free Mine", or "Two Fronts" versions.

5. All maps includes all "Deathmatch", "Capture The Flag", "Vehicle CTF", and "Warfare". "Team Deathmatch" and "Duel" are completed within "Deathmatch".

6. Redeemers, +25 Health Packs, Ammo, Weapons, and "Mines/Misc Weapons" are NOT necessary.

7. This can be done in Instant Action.

8. Once the white banner saying "All powerups found!" pops up on the bottom middle of your screen, you are done that map. You can also double check this by starting a game, pressing the start button, and going to the "Game" tab using RB or LB buttons. Use this feature to check the alternate versions (like "Short", etc) of the original maps to make 100% sure you are done the alternates after completing the original map.

9. If you dont get a banner on the bottom middle of your screen when you collect everything needed, you probably already got everything in one run of the map before the patch, and the messege will be in your "Game" tab of the start menu. This happened to me on Arsenal, I know.

10. You do not need another bot, 2nd player, split screen, system link, or a 2nd controller in the game to get this achievement.

11. You do not need to finish the map, just quit out once you recieve the white banner.

Simply get a list of the Vials, power-ups, and armor off this forum. Then do every map starting with Arsenal in Deathmatch to Torlan Necris in Warfare. Get the white banner to appear and quit out or make sure you have that messege in the bottom left of your "Game" tab in your start menu.

Hope this clears a lot up, or at least combines the info and questions out there to a more concentrated place. This is my experience with the game, should all be correct, sorry if you are still having problems and this doesn't help. I'm going to post this in a few threads to get people to see this if they need help.

Achievement Unlocked, February 6th.
100% Retail (1k+DLC): 18
Retail 1k Only: 2
100% Arcade (200+DLC): 13
Arcade 200: 1
Working On: GH:SH, GH:M, GoW 2, Arcade Discs
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I've been following guides to getting all the power-ups and it hasn't registered that I got them. I fucking hope it's not glitching or anything.
You win again, gravity!
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achivement, like the back of my hand, power up, unreal tournament 3

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