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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas
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Etrons Multiplayer suggestions

i just wanted to make a post and let you know what works for me...

MP9... its the shit. period. i used to be a MTAR21 guy, but after the MP9 i wont go back. Its just as accurate from long range (and honestly, none of the maps are wide enough to need a long range weapon) and its lighter and easier to use... the submachine gun genre is one that is often neglected but great to use...

also, for those that load up on armor, not the greatest idea. I typically play with shoulder and leg and thats it...the more armor, the slower you are, and if you go for head shots, it wont matter if the guy is wearing a tank...

the general principle for this game is to get to a defensive position as fast as possible... and get the other team as they scurry to their spots...the less armor the quicker you are...seconds count.

MAP Specific Suggestions:
Kill House
1) Sniper kit. Run up the stairs from the start and go to the middle level, peek out and make sure your aim is down the corridor and wait 2 seconds. if a head pops out, shoot it. wait two seconds and if no more heads pop out move up the stairs halfway and scope their roof, shooting anything that moves.

2) sub machine gun kit. immediately run up the stairs to the roof and then through the doors and down onto the middle level of the house. Check the windows and can easily pick off guys below you and above you from this vantage point... guys that are below you usually will not check above...

3) Remember if you go down the side with no walkway above it to toss gernades over the middle barrier, this can be good for a few quick kills...for the ballsier player, running through the middle and making a quick turn you can get the guys that are posted up on the other end...

Calypso Casino:

1) if you are alpha team, this is pretty simple. They are two points of entry for them to get to the middle level (or casino). They can come up the escalator or up the back door. Half the team should post up on either and wait. The ballsier player can do this...from the spawn head straight to the fast ropes in the escalator. Enter from the back door (nearest the helipad)..walk through the door with the straps and go right to the nearest fast rope. immediately fast rope down, hit a to open the door and b to start throwing the grenade down the escalator. This has to be timed just right. If you get held up at any point you will need to hold up and assume a defensive position.

2) Bravo team is at a major disadvantage as far as spawn is concerned but they can do some great camping and C4ing if they want. The idea on this map is that you work together as a team. there are only two ways down. If they are both covered correctly you wont have to worry about being shot in the back. C4 is a nice way to get the guys rushing down stairs. but patience is the key to winning on bravo team.

1) everyone loves to camp the spawn on streets... i think its a bad idea, unless you are playing with some noobs... from Alpha spawn, my suggestion is to drop down to the lower levels and run to the stairs that head out to the middle, take an immediate left and climb up the rope on the left building..clear it out (there may be a guy there) and head to the end of it and take out the camping assholes on the bottom left and the top left of the spawn...they usually do not expect it...chuck grenades and incendiaries up there to keep them back as your team moves in for the if there is a guy up there and he kills you, next round stand to the right of the top right window in your spawn and scope the doorway on the left side. He will expect you to be there again and might bring a friend. easy kills. (make sure you are not right on the doorway, stand back a bit)

2) over all the basement is not a good idea either. Bravo has a good basement spawn but you never know where the guys are...clear this out with a team member, one on each side of the wall...i highly recommend using the side buildings...

3) a cheap route, but use the sniper kit and sit in the back of your spawn (at the top). its dark back there and very difficult for the other team to see you...if you use a sniper make sure you have the glock 18 equipped for some close range encounters...

well i have to get back to work, but if this is helpful ill do the other maps too... im not bragging, but i dont lose a lot of team survival..
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