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History Channel: Civil War - Secret Missions
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Achievement Guide

Reporting for Duty 25
Kill 250 enemies.

See "Tough Guy."

More Than Enough 50
Kill 500 enemies.

See "Tough Guy."

Tough Guy 75
Kill 750 enemies.

Depending on if you run through missions or stick around to finish off every last enemy, you will either reach 750 kills at the end of your first play through or mid-way through your second play through. You will vary from 45-85 kills a mission. The kills you get from replaying missions do count toward your overall kill count.

Sprint to the Finish 20
Complete a mission below the target time.

See "Minuteman Medal."

Minuteman Medal 50
Complete all missions below the target time.

Nine of the 10 campaign missions have target times to beat, some of them a little tougher than others. I would suggest completing the target times on Easy with each of your skills maxed at Level 2. Target times are listed below and can also be found by pressing to see the statistics in the mission select menu.

Dawn at Chancellorsville - 8:42
Dr. Gatling's Secret Weapon - 8:24
The Gray Ghost - 4:48
Sharpshooters at Devil's Den - 5:42
The Great Train Raid of 1861 - 6:18
U.S.S. Pittsburgh - (No target time)
Infiltration of Jackson - 7:30
Sabotage at Lynchburg - 4:30
Captain Blazer's Scouts - 7:12
The Fall of Vicksburg - 3:54

Overachiever 50
Complete a mission below the target time and completed all the bonus objectives.

Select The Great Train Raid of 1861 from the mission select and follow this video guide.
Bonus Objectives: 4
Target Time: 6:18

Sniper 5
Killed 75 enemies with head shots.

Since you will be primarily using bolt action rifles with no scopes throughout the game it could be a little tricky to get head shots at times. Wait until you pick up a scoped sniper rifle and then attempt head shots. A fairly decent level to attempt head shots is Sharpshooters at Devil's Den, which is the fourth mission, as it is primarily a sniper level and starts you out with a sniper rifle.

Close Combat 20
Kill 25 enemies using melee attacks.

When an enemy is in close range you can click down on your right stick to melee them with the butt of your gun. Try to only melee enemies that are by themselves, because groups can overwhelm you at times, even on Easy.

Raining Grenades 20
Kill 50 enemies using grenades.

You will usually start with five grenades in your inventory at the start of every mission. Grenades are very powerful and usually kill any enemy within 10 feet of the explosion. Try to save grenades for enemies that cluster together. If you need to resupply, just pick up ammo packs, as they will disperse five grenades each.

Quick Draw 20
Kill 50 enemies using sidearms.

Various missions equip you with a pistol, or sidearm, in the beginning of the level. Try to kill as many enemies with the pistol throughout the story as possible. Head shots work the best from close range, as body hits take several shots to kill an enemy from a distance. If you still need pistol kills play the ninth mission Captain Blazer's Scouts. This missions starts you out with a pistol and is fairly long with a good amount of enemies.

Cannons Away 20
Kill 25 enemies using cannons.

Use cannons to kill enemy forces whenever you get the chance. You will have many opportunities within the first six missions to use cannons. A good place to get kills is near the end of the first mission Dawn at Chancellorsville. You will come across two cannons that you will need to use to shoot down a wooden tower. These cannons are placed in front of the camp where all the enemies are, making it fairly easy to get kills from a distance.

Gat-slinger 20
Kill 50 enemies using Gatling Guns.

The quickest way to get Gatling gun kills is on the fifth mission The Great Train Raid of 1861. Use the Gatling gun located on the train to kill all enemies in sight before continuing with missions objectives.

Demolitions 50
Shoot all explosive barrels in every mission.

To find all the barrels simply follow this collectables guide.
You can check to see what missions you've shot all the barrels in by pressing on a selected mission. If you've shot them all in that selected mission, it will say "All exploding barrels destroyed."

Marksman 10
Complete a mission with over 75% accuracy.

See "Bullseye."

Bullseye 30
Complete a mission with over 95% accuracy.

The best mission to achieve over 95% accuracy is The Gray Ghost, which is the third mission in the campaign. Select Easy as the difficulty. From the start of the mission walk straight and then turn left through a white fence and two enemies will rush out. Use your Henry Rifle to shoot one of the enemies in the head, and make sure it's a head shot. Now continue through the mission and only use your grenades and melee (Click ) to attack enemies.

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