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3D Ultra™ Minigolf
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Evil Demon55
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Road Map

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline 10 (160)
-Online 2 (40)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 2-3 hours.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 5
-Number of missable achievements: 7 (Do not worry though).
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements? None
-Does difficulty affect achievements? None

I gave this game a 3/10 becuase parts of the game are hard, and you will need to learn a few tricks on how to play it, but the thing that makes it easy is, you can quit a hole at any time, and when you continue from that save, you will start at the hole you left off at with 0 strokes. So you could suck at one hole and quit and start that hole over and over again until you get good at it with no penalty. Also, the achievements are not that hard.

There are 7 missable achievements because, at any time you could miss 1 medal because you forgot to pick it up, that then makes you have to play the tournement over again. There are 2 days in each tournement, and do not worry I will explain a way to get them all. There are 3 medal achievements, the other 4 missable achievements are the par achievements. If you do not get "x" amount under par you will not get that certain achievement, but I will also explain a trick to get easy under par achievements later on in this Road Map.

Abbreviated Walkthrough:
This game is not hard at all, and I am going to show you how to get all the achievements.

Open Champion & Host with the Most
While going for your 3 hosting achievement, just win 1 game and you will get "Open Champion". To make the 3 hosting matches go by quickly, select Xbox Live, (Player/Ranked/Private) then select custom, pick any map and play it. It will be only 1 hole and when everyone in the match has finished the hole, the match will end and count at 1 hosted match.

Master Groundsman
Here is the fasted way possible for this achievement. Select map editor and just select tee and put it in the anywhere, then select green and connect it right next to tee. Once you have these 2 spaces filled, select save and once you saved you will get the achievement.

To get this achievement, you have to make 6 holes in 1. That may seem hard, but while going for the other achievements, you will get this achievement. Try to look for the hidden paths, or read the name and try and clue it together. For example, the hole "Bulls Eye", you have to get a bulls eye in order to get a hole in one. Also, try and get into certain holes that stick out, and if you see a hole with things that light up, make sure you know which one leads to the hole and shoot at it so your hole goes thru it while it is lit up. Remeber, if you fail an easy hole in one, just quit and continue again to start at the beggining of the hole. Also try and get hole suckers, they will suck you into the hole when you are in range of the hole, giving you an easy hole in one.

Rookie Adventurer
You will get this achievement while playing both the tournements. Planetoid is on the Traveler Course Tournement. Prairie dogs and Gopher Smack are on the Exploer Course Tournement.

Under Par Achievements
Getting the under par achievements are actually extremely easy. Just learn how to aim and hit the ball is the only hard part of this achievement. Learn about the hole and where to aim the ball at. Try to stay under par each hit and try your best to get a hole in one. The secret to these achievements is that you can quit out of any hole at any time if you are at a bad par. Load that tournemt up again and you will start at the beginnning of the hole you left off at. So if you make any mistakes, do not worry, quit out and then resume and it will be like nothing every happened.

Treasure Hunter Achievements (Medal Collections)
These achievments are easy too, just follow the Medals List at the bottom of this road map and you will have no problem getting the medals. If by chance you forget to collect a medal, do not worry. You have to play each hole twice in a tourment. There is day 1 and day 2. Both have the exact same holes in the exact same order, so if you miss one, get it on the 2nd day. Go for the medals while getting the other achievments, get the medal then quit and do the hole over again and then finish off that hole. This will save a ton of time and you should have no problem at all getting the medals.
You can only get the medals in tournements.


*Traveler's Course
**Explorer's Course
*Graveyard Shift - When you start out, immediately look right. It's in the right hand corner.
*Barrel Blast - When you start out, go behing the barn and collect your medal.
**Dead Man's Creek - When you start out, it's behind the first block of wood you come to. It's in the top left corner.
**Water Tower - When you start out, hit the ramp and make it into the hole to the water tower.

*Skeeball - When you start out, it's at the top of the skeeball ramp in between the highest holes.
*Spinner - When you start out, hit the Spinner when the arrow is on the right. You will go down some steps to get this. Sometimes it bounces over.
**Bump n' Run - When you start out, go all the way down in the far back of the ramp. There is your medal.
**Rolling tube- When you start out, go thru the rolling tube and down the curved pathway. If you fall or miss it, go up backwards.

*Teleporter - When you start out, go into the middle pathway and into the purple "teleporter".
*Rocket Man - When you start out, roll to the 2nd crater on your left, roll into the crater and it will shoot you up to the medal.
**Tubular - When you start, do not go into the middle tube, this will give you a hole in one. Instead go into the first tube (any tube but the middle), and work your way down to the hole. Once there don't make it in, instead there is a tube that will suck you up. It is in the corner near the hole.
**Space bar - When you start, do not go into the red tube, This will give you a hole in one. Instead barely hit it. Then you can move forward. The medal is on the left just before the fans.
(Thanks to IMportdreams95 for this list).

If by any chance you are missing an achievement, just do what the decription says and try to get it. For under par achievements, just do as I said and try to stay under par, and if you did do what I said, you should be around -30 under par each tournement because the holes are easy and you learn them after 1 try. Remeber, try to find and use the shortcuts. If you see a shortcut, use it!
If you are stuck on the medals, just check the levels name and do as the list says. You must get the medals in tournements. This game is not hard at all and if you are still stuck and have read through this road map and the achievement guide, go ask people on the forums, though the chances of needing to do that are basically 0%.

688 days left to go!

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Pucca Princess
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Isn't the medal achievements glitched? A few people have reported it to be? Just wondering Very nice road map mate

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Evil Demon55
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I'm not sure if it is or not. I never heard of it being glitched until now. If this gets published, I will research into it more and if it is glitched, I will mention that and ask to ge it edited. Also, thanks, I put a lot of work into it .

688 days left to go!
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