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Resident Evil 5
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BSAA Emblem Guide


BSAA Emblems are located through out the game in hidden locations. They are blue octagon shaped shields that unlocked bonus features in the game and also an achievement. To unlock them you must first find them and then shoot them with a weapon. Some may require a sniper riles if they are out of range of normal weapons.

Credit to RyanB from

Hope this helps, maybe link it to the achievement guide.

Chapter 1-2:

1. There's a building where you go upstairs and come out on a balcony. Look at the opposite building from the balcony and you'll find it.

2. At the chest with 3 gold bars inside, before you jump over the gap to reach the chest, look up and you'll see a water tank. The emblem is right underneath it.

3. Right before you finish the chapter with the elevator, look to the right of the corridor and you'll see the emblem through the gap in the wall

Chapter 2-1/Storage Facility

01: Storage Facility: This emblem is situated high on the southern wall of the Storage Facility Warehouse you begin the chapter in.

02: Storage Facility: After crossing the bridge, when you take the steps down to the sewers, the emblem will be on one of the bridge supports.

03: In the Market area where you have to shot the keys down next to the haning body. There is a booth that has CHARGE writen on the front of it. It is on the celling inside the booth.

04: The Port: When the chopper arrives, climb the ladder to the building on the right and then this emblem is inside the building opposite.

05: Shanty Town: When you perform the ‘assist jump’ on the top floor of the building, turn around and this is on the roof above you.

Chapter 2-2/Train Station

01: Train Station: After killing all of the dogs, climb up onto the train carriages and then turn to look at the pylon. The emblem will be at the top of it.

02: The Mines: When you cross the bridge there is a waterfall to your right. Look high in the waterfall and you’ll see the emblem in the water.

03: Mining Area: After climbing the long ladder up the rock-face, go left and then use your sniper rifle to pick this off the large factory building.

Chapter 3-1/Marshlands

01: Marshlands: Head to the remote, deserted settlement in the north-west corner of the map, get out of your boat and aim up at the underside of the thatched roof.

02: Marshlands: Head to the central island (where the chickens are) and aim your sniper rifle from the jetty underneath the hut.

03: After placing the slates and opening the door to the village, drop down into the water and then turn around and look inside the hold under the walkway.

4. At the start of the level, you should see a pole with wires, looking like telephone poles. At the 2nd joining pole far off in the distance is the emblem. You'll need a steady sniper rifle to shoot it.

Chapter 3-2/Execution Ground

01: Execution Ground: Between the two tents at the camp.

02: Oil Field – Dock: Once the countdown has begun, enter the small hut to the left.

Chapter 3-3/Oil Field – Drilling Facilities

01: Drilling Facilities: When you arrive at the first enclosed dock area, the Emblem is just visible above the gate that you entered by.

Chapter 4-1/Caves

01: Caves: Head to the far end of the caves and walk past the ladder. Stand by the fence and look out across the ravine to the waterfall opposite.

02: Ancient Village: As soon as you begin, look at the distant structure supporting the reflective lens and use your sniper rifle to aim halfway down it.

03: Labyrinth: When you enter the area, jump the gap to the right and head up to the highest point, then aim at the ruins above the green statue.

Chapter 4-2/Worship Area

01: Pyramid: When you reach the bottom floor, this Emblem will be inside one of the side chambers. Turn around upon entering and it’ll be above the door.

Chapter 5-1/Underground Garden

01: Underground Garden: Go around to the right-hand side of the area and aim underneath the walkway that takes you in the Progenitor Virus House.

Chapter 5-2/Experimental Facility

01: Missile Area: Head down to the ground floor down the far end and you’ll find this Emblem inside an open dumpster.

Chapter 5-3/Uroboros Research Facility

01: Uroboros Research Facility: After leaving the area where you killed the Uroboros, this Emblem is behind the right-hand rotating fan.

02: Moving Platform: Stand at the foot of the steps on the platform and aim up at the upderside of the control booth straight ahead.

03: Monarch Room Entrance: Before summoning the elevator, move into the corner and then look down into the elevator shaft.

Chapter 6-1/Ship Deck

01: Ship Deck: Aim at the top of the radar mast on top of the bridge towards the back of the ship.

02: Ship Deck: When Sheva is trapped in the cage, this Emblem is inside one of the containers that the Majinis spill out of. Toss in a grenade to get it.

03: Ship Hold: After meeting Excella, look in the high glass-fronted cabinet to the right of the plant containers.

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