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Samurai Warriors 2
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Guide and Need to know for Sugoroku

This guide (if you want to call it that) was written by me, exclusively for x360a and no other site. You cannot copy this and post it somewhere else without my permission blah, blah, blah… Copying is bad, don’t do it!

I know that this game is old and that most people wont make use of this, but to those that still haven’t played this game, this should come in handy when having to play Sugoroku.

Sugoroku is a Monopoly-like board game in which you must obtain a certain amount of money in to win. You will begin the game in your castle and must go around the board buying territories and collecting your three flags, once you collect them you will return to your castle, where you will receive gold based on the value of your properties and the number of laps you gone around the board. Like in Monopoly landing in a owned territory will force you to pay a “rent”, that being a third of the value of the territory, unless its their castle in which you must pay half. However, if you land on enemy territory you may challenge them for ownership of it by beating them in a mini-game, but you can’t do this every time. To be able to challenge, you must be able to pay the rent and the value of the territory and must have a Challenge Star. To obtain a Challenge Star you must return to your castle with all of your flags. These challenges are:

*Collect the most gold until the timer runs out. Whoever has the most wins.
*Reveal and kill as many Sky Ninjas as you can until the timer runs out. They are revealed by using your jump charge attack (followed by). Whoever kills the most wins.
*First to break through all the doors and make it to the end wins. If none have reached the end by the time limit then the player who made it the farthest will win.
*Kill as many retreating Fire Ninjas as you can until the timer runs out. Note that even though they are retreating they will block your attacks. Whoever kills the most wins.
*Kill as may enemies as possible. Look for a big group of enemies in the map and unleash hell upon them! Whoever kills the most wins.
*Break as many boulders as you can until the timer runs out. Focus on the brown ones first since they break apart the easiest. Whoever has the higher score at the end of the time limit wins.

All challenges include a random effect before beginning, such as “Speed Down”, “Attack Up”, etc. By winning any of these challenges you will acquire the losing player’s territory. You should only challenge someone when they are either too far ahead in the positions or if they ruin/align your properties together. Just like collecting the three same color pieces in Monopoly, buying properties next to each other will increase their values.

There will be two additional spaces in the board, the Shrine and the Port, think of them like the Chance and Community Chest cards in Monopoly. They have effects that can bee good as well as bad, however the Port is just to move from island to island and that’s only if you are playing in a big map. Sometimes an event will occur at the Port in which one of three things will happen:

1) Kunoichi will steal gold from you.
2) Goemon Ishikawa will steal gold from the player in first place and gives it to the player who’s last.
3) Lastly, if Kunoichi has stolen any gold from you Yoshimoto Imagawa will return it to you. (Isn’t he sweet?)

The Shrine spaces will offer a vast array of positive/negative effects depending on the results you get from rolling the two dice. In contrast to most games, the order in which the dice land will affect the result of the effect. There are 36 possible combinations and yes, I will list them all. They will be rated overall with G, B or N (Good, Bad or Neutral.):

*1-1: Annihilate. Simple: Kill 30 enemies.
*1-2: Roll the dice and gain gold depending on the roll.
*1-3: Roll two dice and gain gold depending on amount.
*1-4: Gain gold based on position.
*1-5: Gain gold based on rank.
*1-6: This ones a little risky. If you roll and even number you double your money, but get an odd and you will lose half.

*2-1: One of your territories increases in value and any that are linked to it.
*2-2: Steal. Collect 500 gold.
*2-3: Increases value of the territories next to the Shrine you’re at.
*2-4: Buy any occupied or unoccupied space, but for double the value.
*2-5: Move to any unoccupied space.
*2-6: Move to any occupied space.

*3-1: Roll one dice and move that many spaces.
*3-2: Same as above but with two dice.
*3-3: Destroy. Accumulate 100 points.
*3-4: Challenge stars will be refilled.
*3-5: Rank increases by one level.
*3-6: Acquire all remaining flags.

*4-1: You will lose a turn.
*4-2: One of your territory’s values will go down and so will any that are linked.
*4-3: Will decrease the value of the territories around the Shrine you’re in.
*4-4: Reveal. Achieve 10 kills.
*4-5: Roll a dice and lose gold based on amount.
*4-6: Gives last place player ten percent of your gold.

*5-1: (Big Map)- Move to Port of Hokkaido; (Small Map)- Gain gold based on your rank.
*5-2: (Big Map)- Move to Port of Shikoku; (Small Map)- Roll one dice and move that many spaces.
*5-3: (Big Map)- Move to Port of Kyushu; (Small Map)- Roll two dice and move that many spaces.
*5-4: Return to your castle.
*5-5: Race. Finish or gain 100 points.
*5-6: Go to any space you want.

*6-1: All players will be sent to the same space.
*6-2: All players will gain ten percent of their current gold.
*6-3: All players will lose ten percent of their gold.
*6-4: Changes all remaining flag locations.
*6-5: All players move to a new space.
*6-6: Chase. Kill 7 retreating Fire Ninjas.

In order to make winning this game easier, I suggest playing in a small map to avoid having to go from one island to another to collect the flags and playing with the least amount of money that has to be obtained. Since it’s the minimal amount I suggest saving your Challenge Stars for when you have the opportunity to connect any of your territories so you can earn more gold from rent and when returning to your castle. It will take some time for you to familiarize yourself with this game but remember, just because you didn’t win your first game doesn’t mean that it is impossible. Sadly, like most board games, this one requires luck; rolling high numbers is always good and so is getting good Shrine effects. Just like in Monopoly, you can’t count yourself out of the game just because you aren’t winning in the beginning rounds. At any moment you could roll a 1-6 on the Shrine and double up your money, just like the winning player can lose his by half.

This about sums it up for the basics of the game. Hopefully by reading this it will take you a lesser amount of tries to win at it. I must’ve played it for over 60 times so hopefully this thread has covered all the need-to-knows. If anyone has something they would like to add feel free to post or message me and I will give you credit for it.

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Thanks for the guide this will definitely help. I've tried a couple of times without success before I stumbled onto this post.

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