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Armor UP!

For the Novice, level 7 is the best way to go for a while to collect Armor.

Later you'll need plenty of Armor for the Hard to Inferno sets

So here's what you do if you feel like being your local exterminator...

FIRST: You'll need Flame Thrower a. It can be unlocked on Level 15: Blockade on Hard Mode.

SECOND: Go to Level 16: Multiplication on Easy Mode.

THIRD: Pick whichever other gun you'd like to pick off the stragglers (Assault Rifle)

Fourth: At the start of level 16 kill the EDF soldiers with you, as they will destroy the ant hill, work your way to the hill, killing the ants. Avoid
hitting the hill.

Fifth: Once cleared of straggler ants position yourself at the base of the hill & wait with Flame Thrower a. Upon seeing an Ant head Burn the Crap out the hill until the Annoying screeching Ants stop.

Sixth: The items stay atop the hill in the middle. they all glitch together and make one huge DING noise when you pick them up.

You can wait to get them or climb the hill after each wave. The items never disappear. If your mess up & destroy the hill there are 3 more to work with, the last one being Giant Spiders.

If you waste 30 minutes or so, You collect roughly 280 to 300 Armor. Thats way more than anyother way i've heard of or tried
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