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Old 06-15-2009, 03:06 PM   #20
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After following this excellent guide I have recently achieved the GOAT on my gamercard. Thanks Roy1751!

Before starting this 'challenge' I was highly apprehensive as my online record was dismal - I had a gamertag with 150+ games played, 8+hours online play and also just rank 25. I knew it would be a up-hill struggle but it proved a real achievement to get my GOAT.

As I recently upgrading to an Elite, I have a dual xbox set-up so all this was done by myself. In total it took me 14x trial accounts, 700+ games played and about 30-35 hours gameplay (I didn't quit out once)

Please see my progress below.

1. 1st Trial Boost account to Rank 50 - 7-8 Hours
2. Boost LLC2003 account of 1st Rank 50 - 2 Hours (jumped to Rank35)
3. 2nd Trial Boost account to Rank 50 - 3-4 Hours
4. Boost LLC2003 account of 2nd Rank 50 - 2.5 Hours (jumped to Rank41)
5. 3rd Trial Boost account to Rank 50 - 3-4 Hours
6. Boost LLC2003 account of 3rd Rank 50 - 2.5 Hours (jumped to Rank44)
7. 4th Trial Boost account to Rank 50 - 3-4 Hours
8. Boost LLC2003 account of 4th Rank 50 - 2 Hours (jumped to Rank47)
9. 5th Trial Boost account to Rank50 - 3 Hours
10. Boost LLC2003 account of 5th Rank 50 - 2 Hours (jumped to Rank49) - up 2 places (stalled 6 places short of Rank50)
11. 6th Trial Boost account to Rank50 - 2 Hours
12. Boost LLC2003 account of 4th Rank 50 - 1 Hour (jumped to Rank50) - achieved GOAT

I have made some notes:
- Always make sure you have at least one account at Rank45+, this is essential when creating additional Rank50's
- Even when you reach rank 50 with a boost account make sure you keep playing for 30 games to 'cement' it's place - this is essential when moving from Rank45-50
- Always have a pen and paper to hand to mark your progress - you can lose track very easy.
- Take breaks - every 15 games completed I just walked away for a few minutes and then came back.
- If like me you have played 150+ games the rank increases are very slow when you hit Rank40+. Even if you boost against a newly created Rank50 you may only jump 2-3 places (not ranks) up the leaderboard per game. This can be very frustrating as you need to play a further 30 games with a boost account to just move you up a few places.
- On eBay I purchased 10 Trial accounts for £10 ($15) - these we're emailed to me within an hour.
- Don't give up!!! - It can be very monotonous and very boring but in the end it will be worth while.
- Good luck

If you want the GOAT on your gamercard make sure it is your first priority when buying this game - if you are lucky enough to have not played any games online it is a guaranteed achievement is less than 8 hours.

(p.s - After achieving my GOAT last week I then completed the 50 ranked tournaments. As these we're my final two achievements I have since trading the game back, so PLEASE DON'T PM me asking for help with the GOAT).
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