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Watchmen: The End is Nigh
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Mar 02, 2009 Watchmen: The End is Nigh on XBLA This Week
Feb 16, 2009 Watchmen Movie Stars Lend Their Voices to the Game
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Owen H Brown
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"Turbo" Achievement Guide

I thought I would offer some help on a level by level basis.

I recommend using a fully upgraded Nite Owl as well as a stop watch to track your progress. Stop the stopwatch when the cut-scenes are on, but leave it on during in-level cut-scenes, just make sure you skip them.

I also recommend a HUGE 15:00 minutes to defeat Underboss, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have plenty of time to defeat this guy in order to avoid risk-taking, and potentially ruining 80 mins of hard work. Whilst it is not impossible to beat him in less than 10 mins, it would certainly not be a favourable time-frame.

In General

If you die, start all over again, that is the only way to unlock this achievement.

In order to beat each level in short time you will need to take on big numbers of enemies at once. You should therefore be very prepared to use counter attack (RB+X) as a means of inflicting minor damage on enemies, when surrounded try and get one heavy attack in (Y) before using the counter attack again.

Repeating the above steps will not inflict a significant amount of damage on the enemies. However, the above is also a means of filling your "Charge" meter. I recommend that you use the special electric attack whenever possible, but in the instance of it turning red in the midst of a one or two enemy fight, it may be more practical to save it until you're faced with a larger number of enemies.

Once Charge is initiated, use the YYY combo to defeat what enemies you can. Grounded enemies should be your first targets.

Finishing moves are slow and costly; ONLY use them when an enemy is grounded.

Level 1 - Sing Sing Prison

Throughout this level, where an instant throwing death is not possible, use the YYXXY combo.

In the first area, the yard where you first land, you must defeat every enemy before the door will open. When the door opens you will enter a prison block. Before fighting any enemies turn right and run down the corridor and then turn left into a small area with flames and a gate you need to lift for Rorschach. Defeat all the enemies in this area. If you're lucky Rorschach would have caught up to you by now. If not, quickly help him clean up remaining enemies and then open the gate for him.

Run quickly through the second yard, bearing left up the stairs. Quickly turn on the generator, skip the cut-scene and run onto the balcony (overlooking the yard you were just in). You have the ability to run right through the balconies and stairs, right to the first guard/lever room at the end of the cell block, however it is very probable that Rorschach would be smothered by enemies, requiring costly back-tracking. I recommend you throw 4-5 enemies over the balcony very quickly to water down his opposition, and then rush to the guard-house and defeat the enemies there. There should only be a minimal bit of backtracking to get Rorschach by your side and the gate opened.

Once opened you will be able to enter a fiery cell block, Rorschach is usually pretty good at handling these enemies, so run to the end of the cell block and defeat all the nearby enemies to open the door in the next room. Then again, run as far as you can until you reach another closed door then defeat all enemies to open it.

Run down into the middle of the next cell block (the one with the 2nd guard/lever room) and defeat all the enemies, back track if necessary to fetch Rorschach and open the gate.

Run through to what appears to be a toilet block and initiate the blast down the corridor. Defeat all the enemies in the toilet block and run to where the explosion came from. Walk over to the large hole and when the cut-scene starts, stop your stopwatch.

Recommended time: 9:30

Level 2 - Path to Rumrunner

This level contains a lot of doors that require opening either by you, or by defeating surrounding thugs. It's best to run straight to these gates and defeat all the enemies, however try and lure the enemies to follow you, otherwise you will run right past them, leaving enemies to swarm Rorschach, requiring costly backtrack. It is much more effective to defeat the enemies yourself.

In the first sections of alleyways, bear left to avoid any gates that you cannot open without Rorschach's lockpick.

When climbing over rooftops you will be required to defeat all enemies in an area before progressing, do this as quickly as possible or throw them off the edges.

The next time you are separated from Rorschach, it will only be for a few seconds. Follow the rooftop path and look for the drop-down to the rum-runner back alley at the end of the barbed wire. Drop down and defeat the enemies here as quickly as possible, run through the open glowing red doorway and stop your timer.

Cumulative time: 20:30

Level 3 - Dockyards

Defeat the first few enemies in the first part where you land and when the gate opens IMMEDIATELY run through it. Do NOT use your Electric Special attack here, save it for later.

Run down the stairs into the dry-dock. Run up the stairs on the other end of the dry-dock and straight towards the shipping containers that block your path. This will initiate a cut-scene which spawns Rorschach next to you and erases all the enemies you just passed.

Run to beneath the crane and unleash your electricity, beating up every enemy and then grappling up to the crane. Try to climb the ladders and quickly as possible and then return to the new path that you have cleared.

Defeat enemies on the wharf and lower the bridge. This will lead you to a very long shipyard. At the end of the shipyard is an area where Rorschach must climb a pipe and open the door for you. You should try your hardest to bait all the enemies into following you as they will swamp Rorschach. It will take a bit of time, but work as hard as you can to defeat all enemies so that Rorschach jumps over.

Soon you will reach an area where Nite Owl must grapple to a ledge in a small building. You will drop down to a small, long yard where you must defeat a small number of enemies in order to be allowed to open the gate for Rorschach. Save your Charge because you will both be swamped once the gate is open. Defeat these enemies in order to open the gate to the next area.

After a large area with lots of enemies you will come to a ship next to a dock you are supposed to walk down. Now is a perfect time to RUN as fast as possible (don't try and lure any enemies). First turn right into the warehouse. Keep going until you enter a large dome with a locked door at the end. Defeat all the enemies and open the gate.

The rest of the level is a simple case of running as far as you can and beating enemies as quickly as you can when you get there. Stop your timer when you reach the dirt path to the Fairground.

Cumulative time: 40:00

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