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Armored Core 4
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Easier S Walkthroughs

Props to Despised Icon for writing the Achievement Guide (found here), but having just finished the game I found it left a lot to be desired so I thought I'd throw this up in the hopes that it helps some other AC newb (like me) get their 1000 pts. Very few of these ideas are original to me, they were collected from all over the place.

1) Try Madness Arms. Deathbypig37X has all the details on them in a post half-way down the first page of Icon's Achievement Guide thread. Some people hate them, but if they work for you they'll make a lot of the game 10x easier.

2) Play around with the targeting systems (FCS). 047AN05 in particular is really useful on a lot of maps, as it has a huge range.

3) Play around with the tuning points, and switch where you spent them depending on the mission. Radar Refresh is fantastic when you are fighting NEXTs that keep jumping around but nearly worthless otherwise, for example.

4) Specific walkthroughs (which vary substantially from Icon's):

Icebreaker Defense:
Described in this thread, but the main point is to use the 047AN05.

A Dark Night's March
Use Icon's Burn Ogoto build, but with the 047AN05 and maxed out Lock Speed and Radar Refresh. Makes the entire map light up.

Line of Defense
Backwards chicken legs (forget the name), Madness arms, 047AN05, and a single OGOTO. Max out Lock Speed and Radar Refresh. You clear the troops on the bridge then hover nearby, shooting everyone with the OGOTO; when the NEXT appears, you kill him wih the madness arms. You can do the planes before or after him. Ignore the fortress.

The Womb
Absurdly easy. Equip a pair of LAMIAs, go to the room with the NEXTs while ignoring everyone, and stop inside the tunnel about 4x your height back (don't enter the room). Shoot missiles in until they're all dead.

Silent Avalanche
Same build as Line of Defense (unless you want different legs), get cover and pop up and shoot the snipers with the OGOTO until they are all dead, then use the madness arms on the NEXTs. Just don't miss.

Futile Resistance
Burn Ogoto, but ditch all the weapons for a pair of WADOUs. Max out Precision, Lock Speed, and Radar Refresh. Shoot everything you target. Especially shoot down through gaps and such - with this build I finished the level without ever touching the ground and over 20,000 life left. You'll definitely need to do it more than once so you can learn where everyone is, but IMO WADOUs are much, much better than OGOTOs for this level.

Bitter Obligations
Burn Ogoto build. As soon as the mission starts turn on manual targeting (hold down the left button), fly up level with the top of the building, and shoot the very tops of the pillars where they meet the building. Ignore everything else. Much, much easier than dodging around the bottom.

Hopefully this post will help at least one person...

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