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Lost Planet: Colonies
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Keep dying in Prologue mission

Hey folks,
I just started with this game and now the prologue mission already drives me into insanity.

When fighting the green eye boss at the end of this mission I just keep dying, no matter what I do.
Playing on hard difficulty, my thermal energy drops rapidly as soon as I enter the VS, when it reaches zero I'm dead and need to continue from checkpoint.
I tried shooting the green bulbs on it, doesn't help though as I'm already nearly empty when those finally appear.

Tried to find a hint in some faq or walkthrough but with no success, so.. would be very kind of you telling me how to finish this, other than turning down difficulty
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Just keep away from it and don't block your Dad's VS from being crushed, it's just a timed set-piece not a boss battle. Good luck on the next mission!
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Yea it's just a story event. You can honestly stand in the corner and wait for your Dad to die, you don't need to try at all. It's surprising you are starting off on Hard difficulty, since this game has a few nuances that you'll want to learn. Just be sure to get all the Target Marks, as well, that way you don't have to play the level over for that difficulty again. (If you're going for achievements of course.)

Just a few things to know...

-Jump when firing a rocket launcher. You're a lot more mobile and don't have the pause Wayne usually does.
-Hold Crouch+Jump to dodge roll. An invaluable mechanic.
-Killing enemies by only shooting them in the head is the one way to take their weapon.
-Throw grenades at the rolling Akrid and they fall over onto their back.
-If you ever have to dig for an item, just throw a grenade at the snow and it will melt.

I was bored so I threw those in. Have fun with this frustrating game.
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