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Shooting Love, 200X
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Achievement Translation/Guide

I'll separate these by the part of the game they are in relation to (since this is a compilation)

EXZEAL Achievements:
Pick up a bomb in EXZEAL
Clear the game with UNIT 1
Clear the game with UNIT 2
Clear the game with UNIT 3
Clear the game with UNIT 3-e
(wait until the timer says 3 seconds exactly then select UNIT 3)
Clear the game with UNIT 4

EXZEAL Bonus Achievements:
UFO (Stage 1, push the shoot button exactly 12 or 24 times before you go through the first set of clouds, then the UFO will follow you and eventually go off the screen)
3-headed Dragon (Stage 2, right after the big snake/fish looking ships, it'll appear on the right side of the screen)
Robo on the Block (Stage 3, in the first set of blocks towards the left, one of them has the Triangle Service mascot/robot thing sitting on it, just shoot that block all the way through to the end of the block maze, and you get an achievement)
Blue Block (Stage 3, shoot the big Blue Block on the 2nd set of blocks all the way through the block maze for the achievement)
Unit A-1 (Stage 4, shoot the big hand in one of the big rock mazes to free the A-1 ship)
Tomato Ship (Stage 5, in the big asteroid field, a weird-shaped red ship will fly by, just make sure it doesn't get hit by meteors)
Salute Robo (Stage 6, first part you see the flame throwers, shoot the enemies on the left side of the screen then go forward a bit on the right side until you see the robo sitting on the ruins. Once you're about paralell to him, push pause then unpause and he'll salute you)

Trizeal Achievements:

Clear the game
Break Out 1 (Kill all the ships in the part where it says BREAK OUT on the screen, first one is in Stage 1)
Break Out 2 (Stage 4's BREAK OUT section with big long ships.)

Trizeal Bonus Achievements:

Trizeal UFO (Stage 1, Use the transform button 12 or 24 times exactly before going through the clouds)
Red Sports Car (Stage 2, circle around the pillars at the beginning of the stage a few times, It'll float by)
White Bird (Stage 2, you come up upon a little pillar thing in the middle of the screen before you get to the dual tower/tank part, just keep your ship right on top of the pillar for a few seconds, then you'll see it pop up)
Lifting Rock (Stage 2, At the dual tower part, destroy one of them and the robot will throw a rock at you, just put your ship under the rock to bounce it back up in the air. Bounce 4 times to win)
Flying Blue Turtle (Stage 3, this is complicated. You have to collect every extra bomb possible in stages 1-3 without dying and without using even 1 bomb. Once you get 5 bombs in your bomb stock, you'll be flying with the little helper ships, a blue turtle thing will fly by. Bomb locations are Break Out in Stage 1, White Bird in Stage 2, Destroy all artillery cannons in Stage 3.)
Space Shuttle (Stage 4, in the asteroid field, there's a space shuttle on the right side, shoot it to launch the shuttle)
Yellow Train (Stage 5, destroy the little train you see when you're flying down into the tunnels with a bomb)
GET'S (Stage 6, when you encounter the first boss guy (Tri Dyn) don't shoot him, just keep pausing the game and he'll eventually throw an extra bomb at you.)

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