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Halo 3: ODST
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The Official I'm Stuck/Achievement Questions Thread

Ask any and all questions here. I will post repeated asked questions in this post as well as the next one which I will reserve to do so.

I have all 1000 in the game and will be willing to answer your guys' questions here. Also to unlock recon please view my FAQ that is stickied at the top of the forum as well.

This is not to be posted anywhere but X360A else without my permission.

General ODST Questions:

Q: How do we get the Halo: Reach beta?
A: First off it is not out yet/live so this is probably TBD at a later date. I will do some research and post back.

Q: Is it better to install the game on the harddrive?
A: No because it will cause lagg at co-op.

Q: Are there avatar awards for ODST?
A: As of the release date 9/22/09 there are no avatar awards yet. Hopefully Microsoft decides to make this the first retail game with them.

Q: What is the deal with the 2nd disc with Halo ODST?
A: It essentially replaces your Halo 3 Disc for online play. However if you want to play campaign you will need to use your copy of Halo 3 to do that.

Q: Can I install the maps from the 2nd disc?
A: No you cannot. You must play off the disc to play all the maps.

Q: Can you unlock older matchmaking related achievements playing the 2nd ODST disc?
A: Yes you can. My friend confirmed this for me by getting a few earlier today.

Q: Do I need find the skulls from Halo 3 to be able to use them in ODST?
A: No they are unlocked for everyone in ODST by default.

Q: How Do I unlock Recon? I have all vidmaster achievements and I dont have it WTF???
A: See my FAQ On how to unlock it! There is more than just getting the achievements to get it. You have to do something else!! CLICK ME For Recon Guide!!

Mission Questions:
Q: Can I do the missions in any order?
A: Yes you can in any order you so please with the exception of Data Hive & Coastal Highway those are the last 2 missions.

Q: After completing the campaign can I free roam to finish up my achievements?
A: Yes and No because while there is no free roam after the completing the game you can always go to restart mission and choose any mission or the streets of Mombasa.

Q: How do I start missions?
A: Pull up your map with the (back button) and there will be a beacon thing eminating frmo the map in said area. When you are there you should already be in VISR mode (if you are not press to engage it). The item/artifact you need to start the mission should be surrounded in a bright yellow. Go up and hold the to start the misssion.

Q: What is the item to start this mission?
A: This is a work in progress unless others can help me out. I am at work right now and cannot remember everything off the top of my head.

NMPD HQ - a sniper rifle bent and hanging off of a power line. You can start this one by jumping on the truck right in front and holding the to start it.

Tayari Plaza - Helmet is in a building. You must go up the stairs in the building to the top floor. The helmet shattered a monitor.

Kizingo Blvd - A Gauss Turret is located above the building in the beacon area. Go into the building and up the stairs to the top floor. Go out the door and there is the turret.

ONI Alpha Site - A Remote detonator is at the end of the crumbled bridge in the beacon area. (Thanks to Cobbicus Prime)

Uplift Reserve -

Kikowani Station -

Data Hive & Coastal Highway - Unlocked upon completing all the above missions. Data hive is 2nd to last and Coastal is the last mission.

Q: How do I unlock the data hive & highway missions?
A: You have to finish the other levels in the game first. Then you will be stuck in an area of the map and you will need to find the beacon and you will start Data Hive. Upon completion of Data Hive the Highway Mission will start.

Achievement Questions
Q: My achievement is glitched! It is glitched! Help!?!
A: None of the achievements are glitched. I attained a full 1K on the game and had no problems what so ever. You are doing something wrong.

Q: How do you kill the engineers? I unloaded on them and killed them and I swear I am not a noob!
A: It is really easy to kill them actually. When they are around a group of brutes it makes the brutes harder to kill. So you need to either hit the engineer with a fully charged plasma pistol blast followed by a sniper or unloading SMG or pistol on him. Either that or you can stick it with a plasma grenade or a spike grenade.

Q: For The Good Samaritan achievement can you do this on co-op?
A: Yes you can just make sure your teammates do not deal any sort of damage to the engineer. You can kill the brutes, jackals, and grunts by it though. I know you can still get the achievement after it blows up because my friend was going for it first and one blew up but the counter for killing 10 did not go up. He still got the achievement after we finished up.

Q: Is the Naughty Naughty achievement combined with everyone in co-op?
A: No it is not combined with everyone. For some reason it is individual. When my friends and I went for it (we were all sitting in the same room playing) I killed one and the achievement progress window popped up for me but not them. This is better suited for a solo quick run to get.

Q: Why is that everytime I restart a mission from the main menu that it resets my campaign progress on co-op and solo?
A: I have no idea why bungie would do something like this. If you need to reload a mission to get an achievement just reload it after you complete the campaign that way you dont have to replay everything.

Q: I cannot get Deja Vu Vidmaster Achievement. It wont unlock please help me!
A: You cannot even get in the tank or the warthog in this map. You can get in the both the mongoose and the ghost and fire and use it to splatter. You can also die as many times as you have to do beat it. Just double check and make sure your difficulty is on Legendary and you have 4 players and it is on Highway.

Q: Help with Classic Vidmaster Achievement.
A: (Taken from my Recon Armor Guide)
Like the achievement guide says do this on Uplift Reserve. At the beginning flip the hog over and dodge and evade as much as possible. After you get to a point where a ghost is get in there. You can boost and splatter people and still get the achievement just make sure you never hit the right trigger. I was messing around pulling the trigger with the laser and did not get the achievement so I had to start over.

Q: Help with Endure Vidmaster Achievement. Won't unlock!
A: Make sure you are on Heroic difficulty and have 4 players. The achievement will unlock once the 5th set starts.

Q: My combat achievements wont carry over. Why can't I get my achievements?
A: Combat achievements like the 5 VISR kills, Pink Mist, etc... reset whenever you start a new mission. You need to get the achievement in a mission or in the map area where you can free roam. There is no way around this. You can also acquire these in Firefight mode.

Q: The Engineer blew up after I killed the enemies around him will I still get my achievement for not killing any?
A: Yes you can still get it as long as you did not shoot the engineer or damage him in any way with splash damage from rockets or a grenade. I tested this one out myself and it popped up as me killing the engineer due to my stick grenade that I used to stick a brute with.

Audio Log Questions:
Q: Why do my audio logs reset whenever I start a new campaign?
A: They will save on solo play as long as you dont start a new campaign. For co-op campaign you must get all the logs in one playthrough. It will save your progress when you quit but not if you start a new one with other people. I found this out the hard way and it created one extra playthrough.

Q: How can I check to see how many audiologs I have?
A: The only time you can check to see how many you have is when you pick one up. There will be a little achievement status square thingy that pops up and says 6/30 audio logs for example. There is no option in the menu or pause menu that will tell you. This makes this achievement a bit of a pain in the arse if you are not keeping track. Unfortunately you either have to go in numerical order like the map for the audio logs says to or you have to keep track yourself.

Q: Where can I find this audio log.
A: See the map here CLICK

Q: Do I get the audio log #30 first?
A: No you do not. That is the 2nd to last mission.

Q: I have finished all the missions on the free roam map and cannot get out of the area I am in to get the rest of the audio logs.
A: Sorry to say but you have to play again to get all the logs. You must get 29 logs before finishing the last mission that is on the map because it will trigger a part where you have to go underground to get to the last missions.
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