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Colin McRae: DiRT 2
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Road Map to 1000

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10
-Offline: 39 (855)
-Online: 8 (145)
-Approximate amount of time to 1000: 15-25 hours
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Glitched achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheats
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No

Welcome to DiRT 2. Get ready to get dirty! Because there is dirt in the game. Because the game is called DiRT 2. If you've ever played a racing game, DiRT 2's 47 achievements shouldn't give you much trouble at all. You only need to play through the game once, along with some quality time on XBOX Live. Any achievements that you happen to miss along the way can still be done by replaying an event.

Difficulty does not affect achievements, so set it to easy, and you'll be able to tear through every race without much effort or challenge. You may wish to increase the difficulty to casual or even serious, because it'll still be a walk in the park, plus you'll earn a little extra cash to buy more cars.

Note that you will occasionally get a notification that you've beaten a 'mission' and get some XP for it. Missions can be ignored because they have nothing to do with the achievements.

Step 1: DiRT Tour
The meat of the game is in the DiRT Tour. This is where you'll be spending most of your time, and where you'll earn most of your achievements. Your main goal here is to place first in every event. By having only this goal in mind, you will unlock 20 unmissable achievements, worth 570, along the way. The following achievements are the ones you will earn, and the ones you can stop worrying about right now:

Nailed an Event
You're The Best, Around!
Friends For Life
Aren't You Popular!
Best Friends Forever!
Rookie Coming Through!
Getting A Reputation
As Good As It Gets
Jet Setter
World Tour Winner
X Games Champ!
In His Footsteps
X Games Europe Champ
X Games Asia Champ
X Games America Champ
For Colin

There are a total of 100 events in the tour (91 regular events, 5 World Tour's, 3 X-Games, and the Colin McRae Challenge). Throwdown's don't count as events, so as soon as you've unlocked all achievements related to throwdowns, you can ignore the rest of them. I was able to reach level 30, and complete all career related achievements aside from the Dedication achievement after 40 events. Should be similar for you depending on which events you do first (rookie, pro, or all-star). Which means you should get ready to grind through the majority of the events.

One very important note here. Make sure you ALWAYS come in 1st place in every race. The reason for this is that there's an achievement for coming 1st on every track. Most pro/all-star events have more than 1 race, so you can win the event without coming 1st on every race. But if you do that, you could miss a track for the You're The Best Around achievement. If that happens, it's very hard to tell which race you've missed. It's similar to missing 1 collectible in a game like Crackdown, and not knowing where it might be. You have an option to restart race if you don't come first. If it's already too late for you, Bullseye281 has a very nice thread that'll help you out HERE.

I also recommend going for The Full Set achievement during the DiRT Tour. This achievement is for driving every vehicle in the game. To make this easy - Instead of just using your favorite cars throughout the entire tour, go to "my rides" and buy a new car (if you can afford it) every time you start an event. The ones you haven't bought yet will be greyed out. Buy and drive one of these for that event. Do this for every car and it'll be easy to keep track. Colored/purchased=driven, grey/not purchased=not driven. You should have more than enough money to have all the cars before you've completed the tour.

You should also be paying attention to throwdowns as you progress. There are 6 achievements related to throwdowns worth 90. You'll occasionally be challenged to a throwdown by a superstar. It's just a one-on-one race with a superstar. Do these as soon as they appear. It seems pretty random when and who will appear. Once you've won 12 throwdowns, you should have unlocked all the throwdown achievements. If you haven't been challenged by a particular star yet, just keep winning events and they should eventually appear.

Don't worry about your level either. By the time you've completed all 100 events, you'll be level 60-70, when the achievements only require you to reach level 30. Just forget XP even exists.

Step 2: Miscellaneous Achievements
There are 13 achievements worth 175 for doing specific goals during races, or in the tour. Take a look at the list below, and view the achievement description for each one. You should be able to figure out what to do on your own. If you're not sure, or you're having trouble, refer to the achievement guide. Keep these in mind while doing the DiRT Tour, and try to get as many as you can there, so that you don't have to do them after you've completed the tour. Easy difficulty is your best friend here.

Big Bucks!
Gut It Out!
Head Over Wheels
Keep It Clean!
On The Bubble
Gate Crashed!
I Ain't Afraid Of No Ghost!
Dialled In
Two Cups One Girl
Just Drive!

Step 3: Multiplayer
There are 6 achievements worth 115 to be earned in the multiplayer portion of the game. The first thing you want to do online is the With Great Honor achievement, which is to achieve a cautious impact rating. Your impact rating is the colored icon next to your name. It should be yellow if you're going online for the first time. You want this icon to turn green by doing clean races. You want to do this first because if you just dive right into multiplayer, you'll likely earn a red impact rating, and you'll have to spend more time working your way back up to yellow, before getting to green. Find someone in the achievement trading thread HERE, to help you out in a Jam Session.

Most of the other online achievements require you to play in Pro Tour. You can't make a private match here. You can invite friends to your party, and then you are thrown into a random room with other people, so these will be hard to boost. Just do your best and earn XP until you've hit online level 30. You should be able to get all the online achievements along the way because it takes a little time to reach online level 30.

For the Mix It Up achievement, you need to play in each discipline on Xbox Live at least once. There are only 7/8 disciplines available in the Pro Tour. Play Totality while going for level 30 and you should have 7/8 long before you reach level 30. The last discipline is Gatecrasher, which can only be played in Jam Session. Make or join a gatecrasher game, and then complete it.

Well, that was fun wasn't it? Play a couple of sessions a day, and you'll have 1000 in no time. If you're missing any achievements at this point, refer to the achievement guide or the forums for help.

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