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Comprehensive Mutagen and Action Figure Guide w/ Pictures.

Here is a guide for the 24 Mutagen collectibles and the first 2 of the three different action figures that will unlock the bonus stages so you can get the three optional suits. I only put the first two of each, because they are the quickest to get, you will find many more than the ones that I have listed, but this way you will for sure have enough to get the suits along with the achievement.

I'm sorry that the photos aren't that great, but it was all I had to work with at the time. Even with the bad quality it should still make it easier for you to find the items. I tried to make the descriptions as easy to find as I could while still giving them enough detail for you to find the item if you were having trouble with it.

Chapter 1: Origins

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #1 (Unstoppable)

Wolverine Statue (Action Figure)- Classic Suit 1/2

(No picture for this, but it is kind of hard to miss)After Dog Tag #5 you will come to a stone building with stairs you have to go up. After climbing the stairs there will be a door in front of you that will be a boarded up. You can't miss it. Break into it and search to the right of this small area for the statue, before exiting and continuing on.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #3 (Stryker's Offer)

Mutagen- Health Factor 1

Health Factor 1.jpg

After you beat the W.E.N.D.I.G.O prototype you will talk to Dr. Frost on a large computer screen. She will tell you that you've lost your healing powers and feral senses. You will then need to grab the box that is in the room and push it in front of the door to get to the vent above it. Once you are out of the vent you will be forced to get another box and push it forward in order to grab the power cell. When you get to the power cell turn to your left and double jump to the ledge. It is to your left on the ledge between the railing and some boxes.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #4 (A Frosty Reception)

Mutagen- Rampage 1

Rampage 1.jpg

After the cut scene where you are shown a portable turret you will be in a hallway. Go straight down this hallway and you will be given two doors you can go through. One straight ahead and one to your left. Go into the one straight ahead of you. You'll see the mutagen in this small room. Just jump over the railing to your right and grab it.

Wolverine Action Figure- Legendary Suit 1/2

After the last vent you have to crawl through and a small cut scene where you cut a guys head off. There will be two shield protecting you in a large room as you begin to control another pair of shields that are on opposite sides of the room of each other. Your goal is to reach the door on the opposite side of the room where the portable turret is mounted. Once you destroy this turret run through the door and to the right.

Mutagen- Vitality 1

Vitality 1.jpg

After destroying the portable turret and grabbing the Wolverine Statue, go down the hall. There will be a door to your left at this corner. Ignore it. Instead go to your right and go up the short flight of stairs. There will be an open door to your left when you get up the stairs. Go into it and you will see the mutagen to your left in this small room.

Mutagen- Experienced 1

Experienced 1.jpg

You will enter a room with a very short cut scene that introduces you to the Grenadier. Once his name is out of your way you will see him on a ledge in the upper right part of your screen. Kill him and the enemies then run straight towards Anna's glowing blue cell. Turn to your right and you will see the mutagen in the corner to the right of the cell.

Chapter 1, Checkpoint #5 (The Escape)

Mutagen- Inner Rage 1

Inner Rage 1.jpg

You will come to a room where you have to pull out a hummer/military truck. Pull the truck out, but instead of jumping to your left to continue through the game turn right. With your Feral Senses on you will see a small ledge in green. Double jump here and go forward a little was before looking to your left. It is tucked away here. If you miss it the first time you will have a chance to get it again a little bit later when you come back to the truck.
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