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Achievement Guide

Amped 3 Achievement Walkthrough.

OK this walkthrough is made to let you know the easiest way to get the 1000 point gamerscore. This is not really a walkthrough on how to play the game, but just how to get the achievement points.

I will go through the Park Designer Merit Badge achievement first, since you don’t actually have to snowboard to get this.

While getting the Park Designer Merit Badge some people get confused because they run out of builder points before they have planted enough objects. You need to plant 200 objects. What you need to do is go to a mountain, build 10 items, such as igloos or train tracks, then delete them and do it 19 more times for your 200. The game keeps track of the things that you create even if you delete them.

Second of all, and especially if you are new to this kind of game, you should follow the storyline. The story line teaches you tricks you may not otherwise know.

By following the story line you will get the following achievements:

Snowbird bound!

Vamonos a South America!

Rescued Weiner Boy!

Reunited…and it feels so good!

Big Musical Finale!

There really is no easy way to explain the story line…it is pretty easy and can be done in a day or two. You will have to do some other challenges like the media callouts or others to gain enough points to progress to the next part of the storyline.

At some point during the story line, you should also gain the following achievements (merit badges) just by following the story or doing other challenges, such as the media callouts and sled challenges:

Sledding Merit Badge

Snowmobiler Merit Badge

__________________________________________________ __________________

Ok, the explaining of the following achievements:

Northstar Nirvana
Impress the required number of bystanders in each area of Northstar to Own the Mountain.
Snowbird Dawg
Impress the required number of bystanders in each area of Snowbird to Own the Mountain.
Impress the required number of bystanders in each area of Valle Nevado to Own the Mountain.
Laax Stock & Barrel
Impress the required number of bystanders in each area of Laax to Own the Mountain.
King of the Mountain Lab
Impress the required number of bystanders in each area of DC to Own the Mountain.

These achievements also seem to confuse people. One very important thing to know is that after you fill your “awesomeness meter” by doing tricks down the mountain, you can go to the trail menu map, and move back to the top of the mountain without losing your filled awesomeness meter. This is good in case it takes you the entire mountain to get your meter full. When you are trying to stoke people, they only will look at you if you have your meter full…when they are looking at you, you will know it because there will be little yellow eyes on the side of the screen. This is your Q to do some tricks. Once you “stoke them” (impress) the little yellow eyes turn into green hands. Once again, moving back to the top of the mountain and taking different routes down the mountain while your meter is full is very important for finding everyone on the mountain that you are required to impress. On some mountains there are a lot of people at the top of the mountain so you will need to be ready to do some tricks as soon as you set down. One thing to note, your awesomeness meter is only good for the section of the mountain you gained it on….you cannot move to a different section of the mountain and keep your awesomeness. Once you impress the required number of people on each area of the mountain you will know it because you will no longer have a meter at the top of your screen.

OK the final two achievements, Lesser and Supreme Snow God can take quite a while, Especially the Supreme Snow God in which you need to get a gold medal in every challenge on every mountain. My best advice is that if you are having difficulties getting a gold in an event, you can use park builder items to help you, for example if it’s a media callout for flips, and you cannot score enough points, you can put a big ramp right at the media call out, giving you extra height to get more flips in. Same thing can be done for rail challenges, just lay a railroad track right before the rail challenge.

As for kitty litter challenges and magic circles, yes I know they are a pain, but practice makes perfect and there really is no way I can think of to make these easier.
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