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Call of Duty
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Level-by-Level Veteran Guide

Call of Duty Classic Level-by-Level Veteran Guide
By Nevander

Do you want this achievement?

War Hero - 30
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty.

Well you're in the right place.

I. Introduction:
Welcome to the level guide for Veteran for Call of Duty Classic on the XBLA! On Veteran in this game, you have a set amount of health and you must make very good use of it. Save every little bit you can, if you loose a significant amount, just die and reload the checkpoint. You WILL need the health. Getting through levels without taking damage is absolutely crucial! There are no health packs provided to you on Veteran, so you can understand why this is key. Try to avoid any damage you can take in other words. It’s important to know what to be doing when, and this guide will hopefully get you through Veteran with ease. Unlike most CoD games, there’s a very easy way to beat each part. You don’t have to cross line after line of enemy forces, which is good. In most parts, there are even set numbers of enemies, it’s only infinitely respawning in some parts and unless you don’t move up to a certain point. I hope this guide will be of great help to you on your quest for the Veteran achievement! Enjoy!

II. Pointers/Tips:

In this game, missions work in a different way. Missions are divided into different parts called levels. At the end of a level, it loads the next and you will carry your previous weapons with you, until a new mission begins. Use this to your advantage. Follow everything I do below to pass difficult areas of missions. Your allies are actually good in this game for the most part; they can actually take some people out if they can see the enemy. Sniper rifles and FG42’s are god in this game. Use them well and pick off enemies from afar, works best in many and most cases. Use auto aim as much as possible. Cover is amazing in this game, as it was before the whole “let’s make bullets penetrate things” era when this game was developed, use cover at all times. The enemies are more stupid than in the other CoD’s. In this CoD, they will aim slower and when you shoot them, they don’t shoot again until they’re standing up completely. Watch out though, when you get close, sometimes they’ll go apeshiv on you and melee the piss out of you, try it on Greenhorn, you’ll get the picture.

Here is a video playlist on YouTube of each and every mission. I figured this might be helpful to those who either wish to see the game's campaign or see the missions first hand before you decide to play it, also it will be helpful to anyone who may get stuck and what not. There are a total of 29 videos; I don't want to embed each and every one, so here's a link to the playlist of them all. The guy in the videos is playing on Regular, but this guide will help you, along with these videos to show you where, when, and how I do things mentioned in the guide. Enjoy! Thanks to ravhin21 for the videos!


III. Missions:
01. Training Mission
Weapon of Choice: N/A
Mission Difficulty: N/A
I really hope you don’t need help on this mission on Veteran, let alone Greenhorn. There isn’t any real way to die or fighting, unless you want to be like Pvt. Bell and not keep your head down. Just follow the objectives and you’ll finish it. It is very, very simple.

02. Pathfinder
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 1/5
This mission is fairly short and easy. Use the M1 Garand near the dead paratrooper’s body to kill enemies from far away and use the Thompson provided for up close and in rooms. When you get to the houses in front of the field, after you plant the beacon, run up to the house and wait outside until the game allows you to pass. Take room by room slow and steady and work your way to the backyards of the houses. Watch out for enemies as you exit, I had one kill me right before I finished the level.

03. Burnville
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is a tad harder and longer, but as always, there’s a way to tackle the tough areas. At the start, run up to and lay down behind the dead cows to the right for cover. Peek around them and use your M1 Garand to pick off the MG gunners one by one, there should only be two. Move up against the side of the house and kill everyone inside, I usually rush upstairs with a Thompson to kill them. Before you get to the halftrack, use the crack in the wall in the second house on the left to take out the soldiers near the bushes, and then move up to the windows inside. Peer around the windows and clip the gunner’s head with the M1. At the wall, throw a grenade inside each doorway and kill the MG gunner lying down. Rush up to the far left behind the small wall outcropping. For the rest of the level, take it slow and steady picking off enemies from afar. They have worse accuracy when you are far off and in cover.

04. Dawnville
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is right after the last, but in the morning. When Johnson goes to the door, follow him out but run to the left and get inside the little nook area behind the church. Use your FG scope to kill any enemies you see. When you have to take out the first tank, be careful as soldiers will continue to drop around you, and some have FG’s as well. Grab a panzer and work your way back to that nook and zoom in and take it out from there. Go back inside the church and lay down beside the MG. Don’t get on it because you’ll be an open target. Use your FG scope and take them out one by one. Grab another panzer, and continue on and push them back. When you are going back to the town center, a tank will burst through the wall behind you if you’re facing the gate. Use your panzer as soon as it lands on the ground in front of you to take it out quick. Work your way back to the church and head to the next tank around the wall and watch your fellow soldiers blow it up. Go over to the destroyed wall farther back behind that last tank. Grab the scoped Kar98 lying there and take out the MG gunners and the sniper in the hay tower one by one. Use cover; go prone, whatever you can do to avoid taking fire. Mop up and take out the mortar crews and you’re done with this level.

05. Car Ride
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 1/5
This level is easy for the most part, it’s sort of like CoD1’s version of Game Over from CoD4, there’s also another level like this later called Truck Ride and Airfield. You NEVER have to lean out of the window, never do this. Use your FG42 un-scoped and one shot everyone you can. The key here is to kill the Kübelwagendrivers as soon as you see them; they’re really the only ones who can hurt you. When you finally get to the part where you have to protect Elder as he hi-jacks the German Kübelwagen, go upstairs and scope with your FG, if you still have ammo, or with your scoped Kar98 if you still have it, and take out the guys far off. It doesn’t take him long to get it, so once it does, run down and jump in. The end of the level is very close after that, I was able to get in, take a good bit of damage, and then I didn’t take any more.

06. Brecourt
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This level is sort of tricky, but these pointers will get you through it no problem. At the start, when Sgt. Moody tells your squad to flank, take the right path and work your way around back near the farthest back tree. Use it for cover and take them all out. Throughout the trenches, walk in crouch and have your Thompson out. After you take out the second gun, there will be a door that opens up to an underground passage. There will be two guys that come out from here, be ready. When you have to give cover fire for Sgt. Moody, get back past where the medic was shot, behind the other two soldiers standing there, and peek out occasionally here and take out guys. Sgt. Moody can actually die here, but you don’t fail the mission if he does, instead, you’ll have to go out there and grab the explosives off him, I doubt you’ll want to do that. Keep him alive and you’re in good shape. At the house where you grab the second documents, don’t get on the MG, instead camp at the top of the stairs with your Thompson and take out the enemies as they come up. At the last gun, there will be two sets of two enemies that come out from doors on the left and on the right if you’re facing the house, watch out for them.

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