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Rogue Warrior
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Jun 02, 2009 E3 2009: Rogue Warrior Trailer
Jun 02, 2009 E3 2009: Rogue Warrior Details and Screens

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Achievement Guide

Guide is Complete


All Multiplayer achievements that do not state they must be ranked can be achieved with 2 people in a custom game!

For ranked matches 4 players must be present to launch the game.

Road Map
+Estimated achievement difficulty: 4/10
+ Offline: 31 (695gs)
+ Online: 15 (305gs)
+ Approximate time: 15+ hours.
+ Minium number of playthroughs needed: 3
+ Glitched achievements: no
+ Cheats: None known. no
The Geek 25 - Complete the game on Recruits difficulty.
See "Demo Dick"

Shark Man of the Delta 50 - Complete the game on Regulars difficulty.
See "Demo Dick"

Demo Dick 75 - Complete the game on Elites difficulty.
Okay firstly, the difficulty achievements do not stack so you will be playing through 3 times to net them all, i recommend playing through on Elites first. It is really not very hard just take cover and always use grenades when facing a large group. Never run in as the aiming in this game is so bad you will never react in time.

SNAFU 5 - Complete mission 1 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

KISS 5 - Complete mission 2 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

GNBN 5 - Complete mission 3 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

PFDL 5 - Complete mission 4 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

FUBAR 5 - Complete mission 5 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

HUMINT 5 - Complete mission 6 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

KATN 5 - Complete mission 7 on any difficulty.
See "DOY"

DOY 5 - Complete mission 8 on any difficulty.
As you can no doubt tell, each of these are awarded at the end of each level, there are 8 in total and they are not very long. No explanation really needed here.

Double Tap30 - Complete an entire mission using only the pistol. (Single Player)
Just as it says, complete any mission using only the pistol. I recommend doing this on the very first mission as it is not long or hard at all. You CAN NOT use kill moves or grenades!

Getting Your Gun Off30 - Kill at least one enemy with every weapon in the game. (Single Player)
These carry through each playthrough.
Mission - SNAFU
All of these weapons are dropped by enemies frequently.
Sap9- Starting weapon
Sm5 - starting weapon
Knife (kill move)
Type 97-1
Dragunov (you will come to a building where you fast rope down for the first time, before you do there is a Dragunov laying on the table to the right.

Mission 3 - GNBN
Spas 12 (you will come to an area with this lying on a shelf, its impossible to miss)
Ar 4( in the harbour area, at the beginning make your way to the left and you will see a group of enemies burst out of a building, kill them then enter the building to find this lying on a gun shelf)
GM-94 (Its located in the harbour area when you first get attacked by people on the ship, its to the right as you walk around the corner to said ship, lying on an ammo box)

Mission 5 - FUBAR
TT-33 ( after passing over the bridge you will enter a small building to continue, it is lying next to the exit on some ammo boxes. Again, impossible to miss.

Note the majority of these weapons can be located throughout the game, this is just the first place you will find each weapon.

Frag Out!25 - Kill 20 enemies using grenades. (Single Player)
You should get this way before the end of your first playthrough if you use them frequently, another quick was is once you start to exit the courtyard on the first level, 4 enemies should burst down the door
if you can get it right you can get all 4 with 1, simply press start and reload your checkpoint. Rinse and repeat.

Now THIS Is A Knife30 - Kill 30 enemies using kill moves. (Single Player)
Very easy to do, simply get close to an enemy and press a, you will go into an animation in which you kill the enemy in various ways, there are always alot of easy kills at the beginning of each level as they are not alert of your pressence.

Never Knew What Hit Them20 - Kill 50 unalerted enemies. (Single Player)
An unalerted enemy is an enemy that on your radar is pointed out by a green icon, yellow and red do not count. At the beginning of each level you can usually get around 4-5 easy unalerted kills by using a quick kill move, or shooting them in the head with a silenced pistol.

Improv25 - Kill 20 enemies using explosive objects. (Single Player)
Explosive objects are mostly red, Gas cans, Fuel tanks and Explosive barrels, simply wait for enemies to go near them and shoot the object and it should kill the enemy. The last mission has a ton of explosive barrels scattered throughout the level.

Guns Don't Kill People, SEALs Do25 - Kill 30 enemies using sniper rifles. (Single Player)
The Druganov is in mostly all the levels, simply kill 30 people, nothing else to it, a good place is the first level just before you get to the courtyard you go through a building with one in, simply take it and kill everyone in the courtyard and then the 4 who bust down the door. Reload your checkpoint and repeat.


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