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Darksiders: Wrath of War
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Armageddon Blade Piece Location Guide

UPDATE: New Video Guides added to the post below! If you would rather follow those instead of the text below, they are now there and available to you.


Hey everyone. Couldn't see a guide like this on the Forums already so I figured I'd take 10 minutes to type one out seeing as lots of people seem to be having trouble with it. Here it is, and don't forget you need the Mask of Shadows equipped to pick up any of the 7 Shards:

Location - N/A

The first piece is pretty obvious: Right in front of you once you exit Eden.


Location - The Ashlands

The second piece is a little trickier to find. Starting from the Vulgrim teleport location, exit the tunnel as normal, and jump on Ruin. Go left and you should pass a few rocks jutting out of the wall, keep your eye on the left hand side until you see some of the rails War is capable of climbing [You know the sort]. Jump up onto the above ledge using these rails [You must jump off the back of Ruin to access the first rail, War's jump off the ground will not reach the ledge on it's own.]

Proceed down the ramp [The upward way is currently closed off] until you reach an area where you can see the Red Rocks blocking your path. Slightly to the left of these is a inert bomb plant [Which you require the wearing of the Mask of Shadows to see, thanks to Karachi King for this ], use your Abyssal Chain to grab it, throw it at the Red Rocks, then use your Crossblade to light the bomb. Proceed up your newly created path, go across a chasm using the Abyssal Chain, and you should now have your 2nd piece.


Location - The Dry Road

Coming from the Vulgrim area underground, use your Abyssal Chain to access the demon growth across the way, and climb up it. From your position now, you should be able to see up a road. Turn right, and you should see a few ruins from broken buildings. Enter these, and the 3rd piece should be hidden behind one wall. [You'll be able to place it by the mini-map]


Location - Choking Grounds

This one gives many people grief. Head toward the area that you released the Earth Golem from earlier in the game [The ramp downward that leads to The Broken Stair], however, just before you reach the bottom, turn to your left and you should see a hole in the ground. Jump down through it, and follow the path to a room.

Inside the room, step in, and turn to look left. You should see a Shadowflight path. Use it to get to the next floor, where you'll see some Red Rocks and an inert bomb. Use your Crossblade to light it using a nearby pipe, and then proceed to the next floor via demon growth.

From here, you may be confused where to go. Head across to the area where there's a gap in the ceiling above, and look up. You should see a mass of demon growth. Use your Abyssal Chain to pull yourself up to it. In the next room above, equip your Mask of Shadows, and a Shadowflight orb should appear. Jump in to it to finally reach the top of the building, and your 4th shard.


Location - The Broken Stair

To get to #5, simply follow the path across the broken highways as you did earlier when you gained access to the Twilight Cathedral. The 5th shard will be on the top of the building. [Where you previously got shown a cutscene of the angels.]


Location - The Crossroads

To access #6, equip your Mask of Shadows, and a group of Shadowflight Orbs should appear. Jump into the one on the ground, and get up onto the ledge that allows you to run to the next orb, located in mid-air. Equip your Abyssal Chain before jumping into the second one, as you need to use it to access the nearby roof which holds the third orb. Use the third orb when you get up onto the roof, and it will push you onto another ledge. Turn left here and you should see your sixth and penultimate shard.


Location - Drowned Pass

To get to the last of the Shards, look straight ahead from Vulgrim's position. You'll see two buildings, and most likely the Shard too. You want to get to the furthest away building, in the south. Take the left-hand route around the buildings, stay above water, and keep your eye out when you get to the second building for some stairs. You need to climb these, so jump out of the water, and run up them, all the way to the top of the building.

When you get to the top, spin around 180 degrees, equip the Mask of Shadows, and look up. You should see a grapple point. Use it to get on top of the building. From here, the last piece should be in perfect sight, but you'll notice there's a gap between you. However, a nearby wall creates a perfect path from you to the shard. Jump on it, cross, and obtain your final shard.


Best of luck to everyone, and I hope this guide helps you in your search for the Armageddon Blade.

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