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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
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Post SpecOps Missions Guide

This guide is meant to be used by anyone that needs help through the SpecOp missions in Modern Warfare 2. I have gone through each mission many times on veteran as well as other difficulties, by myself and with others. Each mission will have strategies that can be used on the mission to accomplish those stars you have been dreaming of. (Its a guide not a walkthrough)

This guide was created and written by TweedieBrd. If you have anything you think must be added please post.
* Requires two players

Mission List:
The Pit
Sniper Fi
O Cristo Redentor
Body Count
Bomb Squad
Big Brother*
Breach & Clear
Time Trial
Homeland Security
Snatch & Grab
Acceptable Losses
Estate Takedown
High Explosive
Armor Piercing

-The Pit
The Pit is actually very easy to get under 30 seconds for your 3 stars then you think. You just must know what you need to use. The key to getting those 3 stars is to use pistols. Pistols are fast and easy to shoot/reload.
-Grab the 2 pistols of your choice ( I would choose the M9 and USP .45)
-Now the key is run,shoot,be steady,be fast and accurate.
-I would run through it one time very slowly taking note where each person is and then the next try, do it as quickly as possible.
Take a few times if needed and it is very easy to achieve when you get use to the arena and pistols.

-Sniper Fi
This missions is mainly about your sniping skills. If you can pull off fast aiming in shots then you will have no problem with this one. It is easier with two people but if its just you, still okay.
-As soon as you start turn around and switch your pistol with the heartbeat sensor MG(this will help later). Grab the claymores to the left of MG and place a few on the stairs and one aiming at the ladder in the front. You are now ready for the first round.
-This first round you will not have the Predator Missile if you are on veteran so use your sniper carefully. Stay up top and lay down sniping as many as you can out. Try to take over behind the crate and large container on the left top corner of the area. Pop up and down shooting. Once you get the predator missile, use it. Every single time you have a chance use it.
-As you may find out your claymores will start blowing up. Go down the stairs and on the box to your left is some more. Grab them set them up and repeat if necessary. Make sure you are glancing the upper deck to the left when looking out towards the enemy for anyone who has taken cover above. They have a better shot on you and you must be careful. I usually lay down and just get the sight of the stairs and shoot them as they go up. (When using predator missile try to hit big groups and do not forget the explosive containers by the building.

-O Cristo Redentor
Precision. This one is about precision. First off, you start with a ammo crate next to you. USE IT! very helpful. As you start to your right on the truck tail gate is a AA-12 Shotgun with Heartbeat Sensor. There is also another one on a chair to the left towards the little building. Take your time on this one... Camping is good. You can not shoot the civilians so you must pay attention to what your shooting (barrels) and who. Take your time since this is an elimination spec ops and there is no time limit.
-Dogs will come every once and a while and they are actually a good bonus, because they count as a enemy killed. So when you hear barking get ready sit in a corner and if one happens to get on you, you better be ready.
-Now even if you have 1 or 2 people to go. There will still be more then you must kill. So be careful and do not just run out there.
-There is another ammo crate in the far back right corner (opposite corner of where you spawn)
(Overall take your time and watch your corners and on the roofs, they seem to like to go up there. Don't forget that the enemy is not the only one out there so you must be careful, because civilians also show up on hearbeat sensors. (yes they are alive =D)

Stealth. Simple as that. Be stealthy, think of "spec ops", hide in bushes, crawl, and don’t shoot unless you must. If you get caught that makes everything so much harder. So you might as well go through not getting caught.
-Start by running to the right and laying down in the bushed crawling towards the path. Wait for them to pass and then sprint as fast as you can all the way to the right corner. you will see a guy and a dog on the left and two guys on the right. This is where a second player helps but not needed.
-Take the two on right first then the guy and dog. move up to the right and lay down. Waiting for the convoy to go by. Follow them and wait for the two guys and two dogs to leave.
-Hug the pipe as close as you can around the corner and up on a ledge. Lay down and crawl as far as you can.
You will be able to see the two people at the top of the hill. Shoot both and run to the slope and slide down.
(It is very easy if you take your time if needed and do not go trigger happy. Take it easy and stealthy)

I always start off grabbing the M14 EBR Scoped and the ACR ACOG sight. These help a lot. I have found that running along the right side seems easier. As the people come swinging on their ropes from helicopters use your M14 to take them out. Easy and quickly before they even get a chance to do anything. Take this slow and take your time. There will be quite a few enemies and you will have to be some what good at shooting to be able to do this. Move through the first area of it shooting each person anyway you want taking it easy.
-note: if you stay on one side, watch your other side they seem to like to sneak up on you.
-When you get to the next part this is where you need to pull out the ACR and use the noob tube(there is a RPG as well) to take the helicopter out that will appear on the right. It is not very hard to aim at it take it out, just make sure you do it fast so it does not have time to shoot you.
-Do the same to the helicopter that appears in the center that is dropping off enemies. This will help out a lot if you are able to. Move through it like the first part, slow and steady. Take your time to take each person out one by one. (When going through this map blowing up cars that enemies are hiding behind helps a lot as well.)

(Timed Mission)-Since you have another player take the advantage. Communication is key here! Talk with your teammate. Whoever that is in the AC-130 needs to tell the guy on the ground where to move to and when to. As well as the enemy positions. The person on the ground should grab the thermal instantly as they spawn. Remember, you have a laser, use it! help guide your teammate to where you see the enemies, it is not always easy to see them up in the AC-130.
-The person on the ground also has night vision, if that helps you see better, then great.
AC-130__Mainly use your 40mm to shoot people. Every once and a while a big shot wouldn't harm anything as long as your teammate is no where near where you are shooting. I rarely used the 25mm. Communicate with the person on the ground telling them where to move to. Make sure you take out the helicopters as soon as possible. Watch your fire.
GROUND___Use your thermal to spot enemies and take them out if the person above can't. Move swiftly and use cover! Cover is the main thing here. Stay hidden and let your teammate do most of the work. There is a building you will come to about half way, there will be stairs you must go up. Go up slowly and watch your left. There will be a guy in the doorway. Shoot him quickly and in the next room will be another guy. (Using flash grenades is advised) *Remember that your teammate will not be able to see everyone so if they say it is clear, still be cautious because there can be enemies lurking in buildings.
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-Body Count
I found this one to be a little tuff for some people. Mostly because there was no great place to hide and on veteran, a couple shots and your done. So I found a spot where most people can survive at.
-At the start I recommend grabbing the M14 Thermal and Intervention, yes you will be sniping. Now run through the building to your left and right before the kitchen take a right and head out of the building.
-Keep running....Once you area at the little Taco Togo Sign next to the huge plaza sign. Turn left and you will see two cars.
-Throw a grenade at the furthest away one. (make sure it blows up)
-Once it has blown up run over to that car and hide behind it. This is where you will be sniping from. Using the thermal is very easy and you will easily see the people running towards.
-They really never get close enough to shoot you and you should be fine.
(The reason you blew up the car is because if they blow it up next you, you will die.) Hang out here until you get to your last few people, and then you can start moving up slowly checking for the last standing.
~This should help you get those three stars.

-Bomb Squad
For some reason, I had no problem with this one at all. First I grabbed the 240 MG an walked to right side first. I mowed down the stalls. I didn't look for people I just starting spraying back and forth, back and forth. It took care of everyone but a couple, which shouldn't be a problem. Moved forward and went down the left ally way going slow checking my corners...Moving as quickly as I could though.
-Shoot any people left in the area and defuse the bomb and go. Run back to the beginning and take a right into a alley way. At the end of this alley there will be a guy when you turn left. Well, sometimes two, one in a window and one standing there. Take them out and move up go through the buildings on the right side towards your objective.
-When you are about to go in the room with the bomb, throw a few grenades in there, quite a few people like to camp out in there and wait for you. Defuse it and move down the steps stay to the right going around all the buildings. (watch for enemies hiding behind cars)
-Now be aiming down your sight and r3eady, cause about 4-5 people will run out and take cover, shoot them before they get to their cover. (Use flashes if you must)
-When these people are clear, donít think thatís all. Turn sharp left and look down the alley, shoot anyone you see and move to defuse the bomb, if you start getting shot while defusing and you still have time left, STOP. SHOOT THEM FIRST. Don't risk it all just to get a lower time.

This one isnít to bad either if you know where to go. In the beginning shoot as many people you can using Stay to the right in the beginning and when I say right, I mean far right. Once you get over the first little hill you will see rocks, move left a little to dodge these (WATCH OUT FOR TREES) Trees are the number one mistake of why people can not do this one. Do not run into the trees. Just little adjustments with your joystick and dodge these. At the bottom of the large hill still stay right and go around the corner and you'll come to a split, I would stay right (less rocks) While doing this shoot as many as you can, just make sure you are not running into their snow mobiles. When heading towards the group, SPRAY . Keep going though, don't stop. Go over just barely the right side of the first mound, then he second go straight down the middle. -The next curve can be tricky so be careful but make sure you are still shooting as this is where more people appear. Take the corner and jump off.
-Now, this is EASY! No guys to worry about, your going fast and just slight adjustments of the joystick will dodge the trees stay in the middle and just move accordingly to the trees.
(If you mess up on any part, press start and press restart mission instead of finishing)

-Big Brother*
This one is a little hard for some people and I understand why. While you are in the chopper it is really hard to control it and see everything. So the person on the ground has to help more then ever. They need to be telling the guy above what to shoot and where they are moving to. I suggest the guy below take his time running to cover, they should use the garages as much as possible and take it into your own initiative to shoot anyone they see because it is really hard for the chopper guy. Another big mission for COMMUNICATION.
-When you get to the first street, try staying to the left for now and take cover in all the garages.
-Keep moving up when you can, When you get to the decline part move to the right of the street and you will see a ammo. So make sure you use it as much as you can. When ahead is clear run up ahead and take a right into the alley.
-You are all alone here and its your job. Take out the people one by one, while the gunner is taking out the trucks that are pulling up.
-Don't stop moving up, stay to the right near the buildings as the gunner is shooting people. Once you can and its clear.
RUN! This is where you sprint as fast as you can across the street and into the building. Go into the kitchen and up the ladder. Watch the ladder until you can jump on the heli and be on your way. A lot of people will head up there, on the roof there are some claymores and you set them up as well. (but it shouldnt be to long until the helicopter allows you to go over to it)

Now I am sure everyone knows this is a mission from the first Modern Warfare. It is actually very simple once you get to learn where all the snipers are and how to take out people. The hardest part is the last.
-In the beginning walk to the left and peek around the corner to the right. You will see two guys standing there. Crouch, and hug the left wall, over the bed frame and once over that you should be able to line them up and take them both out at the same time.
-Move thorugh the crate to the right and be ready for one more guy an once you see him shoot him, stab him, humiliate him, whatever works for you.
-This is where the snipers come in.As you move around the first corner (SLOWLY) be zoomed in and looking for him, he is next to a crate on the left side of it. You will want to do this for most the snipers. (If you get shot once, STOP, two and your dead. So wait until your health comes back and then try again. Each time they shoot you, they move positions but they are crawling to do it, so look for any movement. Once you get past this sniper part and move up.
-Three guys come out of the forest (try not to think about what they were doing in there) Wait till all three come out and shoot the last, middle and then first. Aim up at the tower and shoot the sniper.
-Move up and try and take these three fast, so line up any two that you can and shoot them and take the last one.
-Move up into the tower and snipe out anyone you see below. When you get to the barn area be careful, there are snipers up ahead and many of them...
Take your time and watch where they shoot you from. Use your grenades at this point to try and draw them out. Once you finish these snipers off you sprint the finish.
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Isn't there already a guide for this?

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Originally Posted by vI-Youneek-Iv View Post
Isn't there already a guide for this?
Yes there is.
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