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Perfect Dark
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Achievement Guide + Road Map


Total Achievements: 20 / 200
Solo: 16 / 160
Multiplayer: 4 / 40
Estimated Achievement Difficulty:
Avatar Awards: Yes (2)

Minimum Number of Playthroughs Required: 3
Recommended Number of Playthroughs: 3-6
Missable Achievements: none
Glitched Achievements: Tools of the Trade (sometimes doesn't unlock), Prime Target
Time to Complete: 30-80 hours (less if you’ve finished the game on Perfect Agent before)

Cheats: Yes, but they’re unlocked with progression through the game and for beating missions under set times on specific difficulties
Do Cheats Effect Achievements:
Yes (mission progression, and achievements disabled by cheats)
Does Difficulty Effect Achievements: Yes (achieves for completing each difficulty, Paci-Fist only achievable on Special Agent or above, some crowns for Crowning Glory only available above specific difficulties)

The spiritual successor to Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, Perfect Dark finally makes its way from the 64 to the XBLA to join 4J Studio’s two Banjo ports. A huge package, the game has a range of solo, cooperative, and competitive game modes, along with a plethora of unlockables.
Most people should be able to obtain close to all achievements, with Perfect Agent, Prime Target, and Crowning Glory providing the main challenge on offer.

Mini Guide
Start on Agent and work your way through. This also allows you to get used to the maps and weapons before you go up against smarter AI and have to deal with more difficult objectives. Perfect Agent, Crowning Glory and Prime Target are the hardest achievements here and will require the most work. Work on as many of the Crown requirements as possible during this playthrough. By the time you finish Agent, you should have How's That For Starters, Both Barrels, Act Your Age, Joanna, Camera Shy, and Double 64 (if you've been taking advantage of your weapons secondary modes).
After finishing Agent, either start on Special Agent or complete as much of the Combat Simulator challenges as possible. After completing Special Agent and the majority of the CS challenges Perfect Agent will be much more achievable. If you focus on getting the three Specialist achievements during the Agent playthrough, you should end up with all weapons or very close to- when you have them all head to the firing range (take a left from the room you start in, take the elevator down, then take a right and head on through the first door you come across) to unlock Tools of the Trade and gain access to The Duel, which will make Paci-Fist very easy.
The multiplayer achievements (Versatile, Golden Days, A Friend Indeed, and ...Who Needs Enemies?) can be obtained at any time. Deadly Laptop is best achieved in multiplayer.
There’s a glitch in the game code that allows you to move faster- if you run on a slight angle and strafe at the same time, you can run faster. You’ll need to do this for speed runs (to unlock any of the timed cheats and to get the speed run crowns) and it also makes you a bit harder to hit, which is useful everywhere (though it's more dificult to aim properly while doing it)- exploit it wherever possible. You can also move faster by continuing to move in one direction without strafing for ~3 seconds.
Apart from Crowning Glory and the multiplayer achievements, most people should be able to pick up everything just playing through the game.

How's That For Starters? - 10
Complete dataDyne Central - Defection.

A very simple achievement- complete mission 1.1 on any difficulty. If playing on Agent, all you need to do is reach the hidden elevator (take the elevator furthest from you after coming down the stairs, closing the door until it goes to the ground floor, head down the stairs and to the left- the wooden feature in here is a door and the hidden elevator isn’t too far past). Just keep heading down, blasting any enemies that get in your way (it’ll only take 1 or 2 shots to drop each enemy on Agent).

Both Barrels - 5
Kill an enemy when dual-wielding

The smaller weapons are the only ones that can be dual wielded (eg handguns, CMPs, Cyclones). The first opportunity to do this in campaign is on mission 1.1- there you can find a guard with dual Falcon 2s (he’s the one with a helmet, found two floors below Cassandra’s room- check the video under How’s That For Starters for the exact location). Alternatively picking up two of the same small weapon in a combat simulator game (can be in a challenge or regular game) also works. Equip both guns and kill the first thing you see to unlock this.

Act Your Age, Joanna - 5
Destroy Carrington's wine collection

When you get into the basement of Carrington’s villa in mission 2 (at the end of the level), there’ll be a number of wine bottles in racks throughout the area. Destroy all of them and the achievement will pop (you’ll hear Carrington say “Act your age Joanna” when all the bottles are broken). Make sure you don’t move into the room where Carrington is tied up until you’re finished with all the bottles, as this ends the mission.
This must be completed in solo to count.

Double 64 - 10
Kill 128 enemies using secondary fire mode

Pressing activates the secondary mode of your currently held weapon. Kills with almost all weapons count (the secondary function of the Laptop Gun does not, the Sniper Rifle and Goldeneye guns have no secondary fire). This is cumulative across all game modes.

Retail 1000+ in 18 games (most recent: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)
Arcade/Expansion 200+ in 5 games (most recent: Perfect Dark)

Perfect Dark Achievement Guide
Perfect Dark Firing Range Guide
Perfect Dark Guide Collection + Glitch List
<- links to all guides in the PD forum

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