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[DLC] Achievement glitch explanation

[EDIT 7] 2011, July 18: AN1M4L has found a fix for this, please look at the solution at the end of this message.

[EDIT 6] 2010, June 24: EA now
blames everything on Microsoft or Sony and has chosen to consider its customers as retards and labelling them as liars. Do not expect a patch soon...

[EDIT 5] 2010, May 25: EA still has to release a patch and issued a statement saying that they might (read "will") not release a patch if not enough people complain.

[EDIT 4] 2010, April 21: EA seems to be finally working on a patch to repair their mess since their FAQ has been updated:
There is a known issue affecting achievements in an Army of Two: The 40th Day DLC pack. We are looking into a solution and hope to provide an update soon."

[EDIT 3] 2010, April 17: EA will NOT fix the problem, please read their OFFICIAL statement below:
"Some Army of Two 40th Day players have reported that they are unable to obtain achievements in the downloadable content if they have already obtained multiplayer achievements. This is a known issue that appears to occur at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if you have one multiplayer achievement, you can get all but one of the achievements in the downloadable content. The development team does not currently have plans to fix this issue."

[EDIT 2] EA acknowledged the problem and is working on a patch not related to this issue.

[EDIT] April 21, 2010: DLC achievements still glitched/broken/locked/whateveryoucallit. The same bug affects the PS3 trophies.

================================================== ========


Electronic Arts released their new piece of DLC for Army of Two: The 40th Day on March the 18th of 2010, for 800 MS Points (10€, 10$).

1) At first, the achievement list on wasn't updated. The people who unlocked achievements before the update on the site will have to re-earn them again.

2) On the other hand, the achievements are seriously glitched. It is still for the moment IMPOSSIBLE to unlock them if you meet certain criterias.


For starters, please do note that the following is just a solution to avoid the problem, not fix it. It only applies to a certain number of players.

Thanks to FarmerJay's theory, we can say for sure that depending on how many multiplayer achievements from the original 1000 you have, you won't be able to unlock those of the DLC.

For example, since there are 8 new achievements, if you already have the 8 online achievements from the original list, you won't unlock any of the new ones.

If you have 7 of them, you'll unlock 1 from the DLC (as it did happen to me); if you have 6, you'll unlock 2 and so on.

For the moment, the only way to unlock all the DLC achievements is by having none of the following multiplayer achievements.

Originally Posted by llll epic llll View Post


Fancy Meeting You Here 5

Job Seeker 10

Death Dealer 10

Power Couple 15

All Guns Blazing 30

Bound For Life 30

Survival of the Fittest 50

Big Game Hunting 5

King of the Hill 30

Originally Posted by Andrew x360a View Post
If I haven't started the game, can I simply do the DLC achievements first and then unlock the online ones from the original 1000?
Originally Posted by FarmerJay View Post
I can confirm that a friend of mine was able to unlock ALL of the dlc achievements before getting any versus. He is now working on his versus and all are unlocking just fine so far.
The bug affects only the DLC achievements, not the original 1K. So if you unlock the DLC ones, you should be able to unlock the multiplayer ones after.

Originally Posted by Master_D View Post
Things to Note:

1) All of your statistics are stored on your Gamer Tag on the Xbox 360 version. This includes, but not limited to money, guns, kills.

2)Games Saves on the Xbox 360 only store game progression, as in where you are level wise, as in where your current checkpoint is within the game, as in how far you are before you beat the game... Deleting these saves merely mean that you have to begin the game again.

What doesn't work:
1) Deleting your saves
2) Clearing your cache
3) Deleting/Re-downloading the DLC
4)Recovering your GT
5)Playing offline.
6)Doing all the above at once...
7)Changing the difficulty
8)Contacting EA...

Please head to the original thread if you want to discuss the matter:

PS: I want to thank FarmerJay for coming with the aforementioned theory regarding the glitch, Masterd_D for its incredible dedication and determination in getting answers from both Microsoft & EA, JieXY for testing pretty much every fix that is hinted, AN1M4L for the fix and all the people that helped!

HOW TO FIX THE GAME! (All credits go to

***Note: Please make sure you have all of the other "obtainable" achievements before you do this.

This was tested on a 360 Elite, with a 256MB MU and 2GB USB thumb drive. I did not have a HDD connected on my 360. (Not sure if that makes a difference but I figured I might mention it.) (This also works on n XBox 360 Slim with a 250GB HDD, thanks to Son of Kyuss for testing.)

Now these following steps will walk you through how to reset your stats for this game that are tied into your XBOX 360 Profile. This will not affect any of your other games, so no worries.

1.)Move your current profile onto your USB thumb drive. Along with your saves and DLC for this game. (Again, not sure if this makes a difference but I'm letting you know exactly what I did.)

2.)Clear your system cache. (Please google how to do this, if you don't know how.)

3.)Load up Army of Two 40th Day, as the EA logo appears, remove the USB thumb drive from your XBOX. You'll now see a message saying to reinsert the memory device, ignore this.

4.)Now start a new solo campaign, just before you select a new save to start the game (which in my case was on my MU) reinsert the thumb drive. Make sure to hit the Home button to check to see if your profile has reloaded.

5.)Now start the game. If everything worked accordingly, when your in your new game press start, and check your statistics everything should read 0. If it doesn't you did something wrong.

6.)If the above step worked, reconnect to XBOX Live and download the update for the game.
*** It's being reported that some are having issues with this step. If there are any issues, back out to the dashboard, then reload the game and accept the update.

7.)Now select your USB thumb drive with your saves, as your save device. Start the campaign, select a completed save, and replay the DLC to unlock any previously glitched achievements.

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