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Josh Knight
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Achievement Guide

Welcome to my achievement guide for SBK X, please go easy on me as this is my first guide. Working in Progress


Do you know your engineer? 15G

Go into Simulation Mode and then go into Race Weekend. Choose any bike, any Track. Once Your on the Garage, goto the Engineer and Then Technical Meeting.

My bike is better than yours 15G

Go into Simulation Mode and then go into Race Weekend. Choose any bike, any Track. Once Your on the Garage, goto the Bike Setting and change any setting to the left or right. Then Scroll to the end and click on Data and Save.

Nice to meet you 15G

Create a Custom rider. You create a rider by going to the Riders in the menu. Can be done in either Arcade or Simulation Mode.

Worldwide time 40G

This Achievement can be difficult. You need to Go to Time Attack in Simulation mode and beat the lap record on all 14 takes using a SBK bike.

Are you a pro? 30G

You have to win a race in Simulation mode with the CPU opponents set to Real Difficulty. Goto Quick Race then Race Options/ Race Length 5%, Weather sunny, Opponent Skill = REAL, Start Position = 1st, Then make sure Race Penalties is set to No. Choose any bike and make sure you choose Monza to race on so you can cut the 1st two chicanes. I did this i my 1st attempt.

From Naples to London 30G

You need to Ride for at least 2000 km. Everything counts.

The fastest player in the west 30G

Pass the final three chapters of the SBK Story Mode in the Arcade Mode. There are 50 Chapters to complete. 1 race per chapter.

We esteem you 50G

Reach 999 reputation points in Career Mode, I got about 200-250 rep points every season, so this is going to take you atleast 4/5 seasons

Career man 40G

In 1 career you have to win the STK, WSS and SBK championships.

It's a long way to the top 20G

to get the long way to the top achievment you have to max out your bike by getting all components up to 5.0 i managed to do this in 7 seasons, unlocking this on the last race, but its probably safer to stay with the same team all throughout career.

Quote: xLMx94

And the winner is... 15G

In career your team will give you a Special Opponent to beat. In the race this guy will have a clown above him, Beat him to unlock.

Your path begins here 15G

Simple one, just win your first race in Career Mode

You have the right to retire 30 G

Finish Career Mode

Extra is more than "normal" 45G

Under investigation

Tuner time 15G

Unlock your first bike upgrade in Career Mode. after the 1st race when your in your office you will get a hint saying there are new components to be tested. After you advance to the race it will remind you in the loading screen saying "You will run a test this weekend".

Once in the garage goto the sessions screen and see what practice session has the chart icon next to it, do a lap in this practice session usually the 2nd one jump back to garage and advance. you should get a message saying new parts have been fitted and achievement unlocked.

Not so popular 25G

Lose at least 100 reputation points in Career Mode. do this by crashing and not meeting goals/targets.

Your life is a failure 45G

Finish one season in Career mode without winning it. You win a couple of races crash out of a couple, If you do this in STK class there is only 10 races.

Now you have to keep them clean 30G

Win all the cups in Career Mode. these are on your wall in your office

Sign on the dotted line 20G

You will get this as soon as you sign your 1st contract in Career mode.

It gets serious 25G

Accept an offer by a SBK team in Career Mode. This will take you 3-4 sessions to get to, before you accept an offer from a SBK team accept an from a WSS team

What a beautiful tree! 25G

Reach at least one goal in all chapters in the Story Mode. there are 3 goals per chapter, Bonze, Silver and Gold. Get Bonze, Silver and Gold in all 50 chapters

Congratulations 4 your marriage 25G

During the same Career sign at least three contracts. i did this with 3 different teams to be safe

Win in one breath! 20G

Win a Quick Championship. This is in Arcade mode set race length to 5% to get this 1 over quickly.

The first time was quick 15G

Win at least one race in the Quick Championship. This is in Arcade mode set race length to 5% to get this 1 over quickly.

Climb towards success 20G

Reach all podium positions at least once in Simulation in different Quick Races. So three races finish 1 in 3rd, 1 in 2nd and 1 in 1st.

Have you ever watched them? 15G

Watch the Credits by going to Extras then Credits

Think for yourself 15G

Watch a replay for the first time. After you have finished a race click watch replay and it should pop up within a couple of seconds, so no need to watch it really.

Money well spent 5G

This is the hardest achievement in the game. You have to switch your xbox on press the eject button on the xbox, then take the disc out of its case and pop it in the CD tray, then press the eject button again, let the game load up select your saving devise and achievement unlocked.

Failed cheater 15G

Goto quick race then Race Options and make sure Race penalties is set to yes, And select the Monza track and cut the 1st chicane then it should come up you have a ride through, and cut the next corner and you will get Disqualified and the achievement will pop up. Must be done in Simulation Mode.

Mach 0.28 15G

Reach 300 km/h with any bike on any track in any game mode, Choose an SBK bike then choose Monza and floor it down the straight, its easy to reach.

Go ahead against the wall 20G

You have to Total a bike in Career Mode, just keep crashing into the wall (not head on though) making sure your rider falls of. DONT crash to fast otherwise you will get the rest in pieces achievement. Keep it below 100km/h. In the bottom right corner there are 3 damage icons ) Make sure rider health and bike damage are set to yes before entering career mode via options, race options

Rest in pieces 25G

You have to sustain enough injuries to force your rider into retirement in Career Mode. this is easy, just go really fast and crash head on into a wall. This can be done on any track and the easiest way to do it is by crashing into the beginning of the pit wall or turning into the the end of the pit wall. Make sure rider health and bike damage are set to yes before entering career mode via options, race options. If your having trouble which doubt just go straight ahead from the start at Monza.

It is not so difficult 15G

Do a lap around any track on any bike in any game mode and turn in the pitlane.

We are tired of your sim! 40G

You have to Win at least one Quick Race with 100% race length in Simulation mode. Remember you have to win so set CPU to easy. this will take you about 40-45 minutes.

Step on the gas! 25 G

In Arcade mode win your first Quick Race

Fashion victim 15G

Win a Race Weekend in Simulation dressing your rider with the Milestone helmet.
R.I.P Dan Wheldon

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