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How to easily beat the Forest on Vet

Hey guys,

So I just finished the Forest, and found a way to tackle it that makes it not so bad. I'm referring specifically to the part where Dix says "We gotta get across this road".

As soon as you load the checkpoint, rush immediately to the tree a little off the left on the road. Hide behind this until Dix throws his smoke grenade. Wait until the billowing cloud has almost eclipsed the leftmost German from your point of view and then run out to the left, towards the jeep and truck at the end of the road. Along the way, use your Springfield to take out the line of German machine gunners. They tend to leave you alone while you are on that hill more than if you were on their side of the road, so sniping them all now will make your life easier. Now you should be crouched behind the jeep at the end of the road. Some black-uniformed Nazis will charge you; take them out with your M1 Garand while they are still charging. Now, run up with Private Guzzo and he will stop short of a large rock. Go prone behind this rock and use the following trick to spot and kill hidden Nazis:

While you are hidden behind the rock, slowly begin to peek out and spam your left trigger. If you have auto-aim on, this should auto-find some of the otherwise well-hidden Nazis for you. Simply plug them with your Garand, and wait till your allies advance.

Now, there should be another rock slightly in front of you and to your right. Make a break for this rock when your allies move up, and go prone behind it. Make sure you not run for anymore than four seconds or you will probably be swiss-cheesed.

Same process: spam the left trigger, find the Nazis, plug them.

Now, you should be able to see some of the bunker by now. There should be another rock out to your left. After taking out all the Nazis you can, and after your allies move up, make a break for this rock and dive behind it so the rock eclipses your view of the bunker. Now, things are relatively easy from here. Snipe everyone you can with your Garand and slowly make your way to the bunker. Keep a very close eye on the right-hand entrance as Nazis camoflauge well there and will make short work of you.

Once you are outside the bunker, be extremely cautious as whoever designed this level sadistically decided to make this bunker's inhabitants psychic. The minute you poke your head into their crosshairs, you are dead. Instead of taking them directly, throw whatever grenades you have into the bunker, but save one. You will need it later. Make sure you are not in front of the eastern door when the last Nazi falls, because this door will open, and the group outside will immediately have their way with you.

Cook off your last grenade and chuck it out of the newly opened door and that should kill most of the Nazis outside, prompting your allies to move up and mop up the rest.

You will now have to operate a mortar and take out the barricade. To move from left to right, you crank your left analog stick. To move up and down, you use the right analog stick. I mention this because the tutorial never displayed for me, so I will save you some confusion if you find yourself in a similar predicament. Make your first shot count and the rest of the mortar battle is pretty easy. Most of your missed shots should take out the spawning Nazis that come after you. After you break down the barricade, the mission is complete.

Main tips to take away from this:

-do not go through the forest head-on... instead, flank the bunker along the northern wall of the map as I mentioned, using the rocks for cover

-Stay near Private Guzzo and Sergeant Dixon as much as you can, since they are invincible and will act nicely as bullet sponges

-spam the left trigger to find Nazis in the forest. It works like a divining rod; if your gun jerks in a particular direction, you know you've got a Nazi in your sights. Just fire blindly from there and chances are you'll take him out.
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Thanks for the tips man, I got through it in less than ten tries!

So how's the difficulty after that part? I heard it was smooth sailing from there.
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Originally Posted by eminutia View Post
Thanks for the tips man, I got through it in less than ten tries!

So how's the difficulty after that part? I heard it was smooth sailing from there.
lol hey Em
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after dying about xx times... actually I dont know anymore lol... I found out that... I didnt understood the mortar and died... I was so pissed off since there's no checkpoint... now I can do the forest easily sniping everyone... but still die at the mortar... all I got to say is...

THANKS... for the controls!
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Thanks for the tips and thanks for the mortar controls. That was just terrible how you had to rotate it. Anyways, I beat this part of the mission in 3 tries thanks to your tips. Much appreciated.

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Anyone have tips for the mortar part? Do you basically have to get it in the first 2 shots? I get there practically every time, hit 1 of the first 2 shots, then get destroyed by the horde of Germans that come at you, or I throw a grenade to clear them out only to have a teammate run right to that spot and I die for teamkilling.

EDIT: Finally made it through. As soon as your team clears the mortar pit, run over to it and start firing as soon as it will let you. I was able to fire 10-12 shots without leaving the mortar, and my shots that missed were taking out almost all the Germans before they could climb the hill. Teammates mopped up most of the rest.
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Yeah Cheers for this I was dreading it but it was actually a VERY easy section in comparison to other bits like clearing that warehouse with the metal walkways above you, this took me 3 goes because twice I got killed by the last guy after I thought it was clear already But the mortar bit was a joke maybe cus I knew the controls but it took 3 i think and mission complete it was like shocked face haha lets hope the game stays easy from here on in

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Thanks a lot. You really told me not to expect anything but to get in the fight. Only when your allies move up can you proceed safely.

With that said, could you make a diagram to indicate the positions of the rocks? I already beat this level but finding these rocks took me 20+ deaths. There's almost no time allowed for scouting in the battiefield as terrible as it is terrifying in COD3.
Cool it, I've made a make-shift map for this part of the level. Blue means where you enter. The 2 Red squares means the MGs. The Green area on the left is the jeep. The Green squares represent the rocks to hide behind. Purple thing is the door to the mortar pool.

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