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Call of Duty 3
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I believe some brothers visiting this board may have beaten this level so I'm asking a favor.

Who can help me with this part of the Level Leison River? After taking out all three Flak 88s, you go to a Manor House so heavy fortified. You're tasked to clear the outside and inside of it and assault the last Flak in the backyard.

All shit Treyarch (just knew they're making Black Ops too, Jesus)... no checkpoints. It's a bitch to clear the outside, more difficult inside. And then the backyard is disastrous. I have no smoke left. Guess I am screwed. Such disgraceful checkpoint reminds me of the level Relentless in COD:WAW (another piece of shit by Treyarch).

Any help would be appreciated...

EDIT: Never mind. Got past this after 70+ tries. God bless you, Treyarch. I wish you go bankrupt.

Refer to here.

My supplementary note is: don't be a hero. Bash open the barred window and try to hit the krauts over the fence but don't expect to hit anything. Somehow the game is made in a way that they can hit you but you only hit the wall for the most time. Wait until some tanks move up. They will take care of the fence Gerries (3 in total).

After that, don't relax. Watch a video on Youtube and know where the Flak 88 entrance opens. 4 krauts are inside and they will fill you full of holes if you run across the entrance outside cover. Therefore, don't try to stick with your allies. You'll get shot from behind.

You must clear the Flak 88 all by yourself and your buddies won't do a damn thing. Use the tree to the right of the door you exited from as cover. Take out as many as you can. Move up and peek slowly. Use a MP40, aim down your sight. When enemies are in sight, blast them. Your mind must be tuned in a way that you bounce away at the first second that you get hit.
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