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Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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Call of Duty 4 Road Map & Achievement Guide



- Estimated achievement difficulty: 6-7/10

- Approximate time: 10+ Hours

- Offline: 1000 

- Online: 0
- Missable Achievements: 12
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1. (2 Suggested)
- Avatar Awards: 0

- Glitched achievements: 0

- Cheats: Usable after game completion. Voids achievement unlocks.

Set in the present day, Russian Ultranationalist leader Imran Zakhaev plans to return his motherland to that of the Soviet Union. Coupled with Middle Eastern separatist leader Khaled Al-Asad - British and American military forces must step in and intervene.

You will take the roles of an SAS Operative and USMC 1st Force Recon Soldier. Traversing multiple points across the world, you're goal is clear and simple; get in, get out and if worst comes to worst - go loud. All this whilst preventing the world from falling to global thermonuclear war.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is considered the title which has truely defined the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre and continues to do so. Climattic single player campaign and enticing multiplayer, makes this a title for the ages.


The game is pretty simple and straightforward. You are given an objective, complete the objective and you will be forwarded to your next task. Go with what the game asks of you and you'll get the achievement of that respective level. A large portion of the achievements are story related and cannot be missed.

The other half are niche achievements, requiring you to complete a certain type of criteria at any point in the campaign, however you will mostly come across these achievements even without purposely trying to unlock them. There are also pieces of 'intel' throughout the game in the form of laptops, which needed to be collected, there are 30 altogether.

All in all, it should be a fairly easy playthrough which doesn't really require anything special from you. The only exception to that be the completion of the campaign and prologue (unlocked after completing the game on any difficulty) on Veteran.

Playthrough 1:
Before you dive straight in, you will be prompted to select a difficulty. We're going to be selecting 'Easy' for now. Through this playthrough you're going to;

  • Learn the ropes. Acustom yourself to the controls and dynamics of the game.
  • Collect the 30 pieces of intel as you make your way through the campaign.
  • Obtain all the 'niche' achievements which require something unique or out of the ordinary from you.
  • Prepare yourself for the 2nd playthrough which will be on Veteran difficulty.
If this is your first Shooter (FPS), the campaign on Easy will be a nice introduction to the genre and will ease you into the dynamics pretty well. There will be room for failure and room for improvement. This is what the playthrough is for. Learn the encounters, fastest and easiest routes to your objective. It will aid you in you're second playthrough.

For those of you more seasoned gamers, expect an easy and incredibly enjoyable ride to a portion of that 1000 in this playthrough.

Playthrough 2:
So by now, you should have just completed the campaign on Easy, having the respective level achievements, along with "Win the War".

Alongside that, you should also have the Intel ("Eyes and Ears") and all missable (niche) achievements.

The only left to do is tackle the campaign for one last time on Veteran difficulty. Same for the Prologue which you should have unlocked after Playthrough 1.

Veteran will strain you. You will scream, punch and shout profanities at your screen, family and neighbours. You will hate the game, your neighbours and Me. But fear not! I have some tips which should aid in your journey for that sweet 1000

  • Use what you learned on your playthrough on easy, now. What's the fastest way to get from A to B? Where is B? Who/what awaits me from A to B? Take all this into consideration, create a plan of action and go for from there.
  • Take it nice and easy. Pace yourself. Don't rush out, because you will die.
  • Use cover! If your shooting more than you are going prone, you're doing it wrong! A way to help, I would personally reccommend changing your 'Button Layout' under the 'Options' menu, to 'Tactical'. It switches with . This will give you the ability to crouch/prone on fly and much more fluidly in a situation that would have otherwise killed you.
  • Ask for help. There's no shame in it. There are many of out there, me included that tore our hair out trying to complete the game on Veteran.
  • To elaborate on the above point; use your resources. x360a forums, YouTube and various other forums/sites. They will help and you'll be glad.
  • Take a break. Nothing is worse than staying on a game for a solid 10 hours trying to complete it. Especially when it can fustrate. Take a nap, watch some TV, get a bite to eat. Know your limits.
Persevere and use the tips I've given and you'll be well on your way to that full 1000

Alternative Playthrough:
This is something I do not reccommend. You will be required to get all intel and all niche achievements, whilst playing through on Veteran. This is perfectly doable and may save on time, but I would advise against it unless your absolutely confident it's what you want to do.

If you've taken the time to follow the steps, you should have your 1000, showing off to your friends and apologising to your neighbours. Aren't you glad it's all over?

And yes, it was quite simple in essense, wasn't it?
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