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Aegis Wing
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Salut Allo
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Post Info about Ace

I did this little guide on for Ace.
I guess I'll post it here as well :P

One of the best way for a bigger score; The EMP. You should use the EMP more frequently than any other power ups, because you gain points for deactivating ennemies, and for killing them. Exemple: the big green ennemie, gives 100 for deactivating it, and like 500 for killing it, giving you a total of 600 for one enemy.

EMP gives you an additional 20% of the points you normaly get for killing an enemy, just by disabling them.

Yes, I know, it gets dangerous, when you don't have any special attacks left and there is a billion of disabled ennemies on screen, that's the problem with it, just be careful not to crash into them, as it can be deadly. If it happens, try to make a path through the enemies as fast as you can, and also try to kill the new enemies appearing on screen before they get a shot at you. In those moments, being in multiplayer or having 2 controllers can save you simply because you get more firepower to ram through the enemies.

So there are many ways to go for that achievement. You can either try
-alone with one controller (hardest way)
-alone with 2 controllers (more info below)
-playing multiplayer (2 players total, more than 2 is going to be complicated)

Methods to play the game

Single player

Playing alone with one controller

There is not much to say about this... Just keep trying, you will eventually remember the spawning points of the enemies. You will learn how the game works and get better much faster this way... But expect a lot of Aegis Wing playing, as it is the hardest way to play this game and you will probably have to restart many times.

Alone with 2 controllers (or more haha)

The two controller thing, is probably the best tip of all. You shoot faster when you are attached, it takes more bullets to kill you, your power ups are stronger, your ship is slower, which means easier to fly around and keep control and you can shoot in any directions. I sometimes play with 3 controllers, but it gets confusing when one of my ships blows up... Lol...
For those who don't really know how. Take the controller of the ship you will use to drive(the guest or account that does NOT need Ace) in your left hand and the other controller in your right hand.
When the level starts, press X with the right controller. So now your ships are attaching together. To shoot, use the right stick with your right controller to shoot. You can shoot in any directions... pretty useful. You can also use A to simply shoot in front. Use the left stick on the left controller to drive. You should shoot with the right controller only... but there are times when there are too many ennemies.. so you might have to shoot with both controllers, for more firepower.

You can see this as one controller: With you left thumb, left stick (left controller) and with your right thumb, right stick (right controller) exactly the same thing when you have one controller so the control should be easy to learn.

Also you should always have a power up with the driver, in case. The best should be EMP or shield.

There are no lags, because you are in Local Multiplayer, so as long as you make sure the right ship touches the power up, you won't give it to the wrong ship (what an annoying lag when playing multiplayer!).


First, you should'nt be more than 2 players when doing this... I mean, you could go on with 3-4 players, just make sure they don't keep dying, 'cause you won't be able to get new power ups, just due to the fact that you'll keep getting the little white ships to revive your friends, and in the long run, it's going to kill everyone.

Attaching to someone else

That being said, there are many ways to do that achievement in multiplayer. You can attach to someone, and do as I said in the 2 controller part, and just you shoot and use the offensive power ups. Just make sure the driver knows what he's doing, or you'll both get owned by a laser. And there is also alot of lags in multiplayer, so be careful with that too. That's where the attach/deattach glitch I describe below becomes useful. If you get stuck in front of meteors, or there is a huge wall of bullets, just deattach and rush through everthing as fast as you can, and then you can get back together and keep going.

Click on the Aegis Wing logo below this text to see an exemple of this glitch as a short part (from 30:30 to 30:34 in the video) of this complete playthrough made by GH05T SN1P3R 92 and me.

Playing in multiplayer but not attaching

You can also stay on your own, just you shoot, and the other player is just there to revive you. Although a thing I will add with that, the second player can pick up the EMP and deactivate enemies around you, and let you kill them. You can try with 3 players that way; the 2 other players attach together, and pick up the EMP, since they are attached, their EMP is going to affect a lot more enemies, but like I said, make sure they don't keep dying. (You can also attach to them to get more power for your lasers/missiles)

Click on the aegis wing logo below this text to see an exemple of this method as a short part (from 0:30 to 0:43 in the video) of this complete playthrough made by GH05T SN1P3R 92 and me.

Points per enemy & items

Here are the points each enemy gives (same amount of points for insane or normal):
------------------------------- Killing --------------------- (disabling with EMP)
Blue fighter:------------ 50 points-----------------------------(10 points)
Red fighter:-------------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
Blue kamikaze:-------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
Red kamikaze:--------50 points------------------------------(10 points)
Purple ships :---------150 points-----------------------------(30 points)
Yellow fighter:---------200 points-----------------------------(40 points)
Green ships:----------500 points-----------------------------(100 points)

Power ups, health and ships to rescue another player: 50 points
Meteors: 30 points (can only be destroyed with laser to get the points)
First boss (level 1; Turning point): 5000 points
Second boss (level 3; Hive and Seek): 5000 points
Third boss (level 5; Re-entry): 10,000 points
Fourth boss (level 6; Gigantomachia): 15,000
Fifth boss (level 6; Gigantomachia): 20,000

With that being said, you should concentrate your fire on the bigger enemies, and also try to deactivate them, before killing them to earn extra points!
Random Tips

Useful glitch

When you are attached to someone, and you deattach, you are invulnerable during the animation, you and your partner. You can go through meteors, bullets, even ennemies, without taking any damage during these 2 seconds. Don't try this with ennemie lasers.

(same link as posted earlier)
Click on the Aegis Wing logo this text to see an exemple of this glitch as a short part (from 30:30 to 30:34 in the video) of this complete playthrough made by GH05T SN1P3R 92 and me.


Use the laser to destroy meteors. It gives 30 points each and also new power ups. *Don't use your laser ONLY on meteors and don't try to save your special attacks, you should take every power ups you can and use them as much as possible, you will get more kills, therefore more points/ new power ups.*

Destroying enemies faster:

Moving to the right of the screen at high speed will make your bullet hit the target much faster, which means the enemy will die also much faster. This can be useful when you are stuck in front of a laser enemy and you can't go anywhere else. It can also help out when there are too many enemies on screen or help defeating a boss faster, but moving back to the left of the screen will make your bullets hit the target SLOWER. Don't forget that.

Click on the Aegis Wing logo below this text to see an exemple of this trick as a short part (from 31:07 and onwards in the video) of this complete playthrough made by GH05T SN1P3R 92 and me. Notice how fast my bullets hit the boss. (listen to the sound of my bullets hitting it when I'm moving towards it, and when I'm not)

Score divided by levels (my score)

Here is my score divided by levels using everything I said up there:

Level 1: 19 000
Level 2: 55 000
Level 3: 90 000
Level 4: 120 000
Level 5: 193 000
Level 6: 290 000 without EMP
310 000 with EMP

Other Info

If you are still struggling to get that achievement, you can send a friend request to my other account: ''allo salut'' and I'll be able to help you out.

If there is something wrong, missing or not clear, or if you simply have a question, feel free to message me or leave a comment!

***Credit goes to GH05T SN1P3R 92 for recording/editing the video.***
Helping with Aegis Wing since summer 2009.

To get my help, please join one of my 3 weekly sessions for the game on

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