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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair
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The Hidden Joys of Castlevania: HD

Not posting up the hidden 6 items, (since its nowhere near complete) BUT i do want to throw up something just as important. The idea i propose to my fellow X360A Viewers, is to find every breakaway wall that leaves behind food. Knowing every location on every level could mean life or death for a few ill prepared players. Just reply below with a description and an idea of where to find the wall if you can't manage to get a before and after shot. Hopefully this can be of some use to those playing Hard Mode, AND let you rest at night knowing that your friends are watching your back, letting you know the hidden joys of Castlevania.

Chapter 1: Caught in the Cradle of Decay

One in chapter 1, Next to the skeleton above the first lift. ~Thanks to BARKAAA for the find

Chapter 2: Lord of Unseen Strings

Top left starting zone's breakaway wall. Its right underneath of the blue chest and to the right of the iron Maiden.

Although not a Secret Wall, I've noticed people doing this little puzzle here and trying to drag away another person to play with the switches. What i'm doing here is walking as far away from the switch while facing it, Pressing the action button, and then dashing backward. I think thats left Bumper for default listing... But Y Button for those of you who set your controls back for SOTN.

Chapter 3: The End of Chaos

**Starting from the right there is a breakaway ledge that is well, very well hidden as i found it by attacking the Cave Troll above and managed to blow up a small piece of the ledge revealing food that dropped below.**

Chapter 4: Esquisse of Violence

Chapter 5: Song of the Unslakable Blade

Chapter 6: Come, Sweet Hour of Death
--Also spotted someone asking how to get the other gamer picture... Reports from my friends that have soloed Dracula show that they obtained the second picture after beating Chapter 6 on solo. Food for thought.

**Going to go photograph the hidden space right above the entrance to Dracula's steps later tonight**

Side Note: I know i am missing quite a bit, Theres not just a few walls... A few walls per stage if we're lucky, but its still something we should take care of while we play the game to rip through some of the research to create an easier game play. Not to mention it would work well for those leading their team to know when and where to get recovered to make sure you use the water of life sparingly.

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umm the 2nd level was a roast for me lol
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UCB Disco
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Umm... there's definitely a Tasty Meat on Chapter 1 on the way to the first boss coming from the left side. Once you get past the pendulum, you'll come to a room with cogs, a couple Flea Men, and spikes on the wall. The section where between the top spikes and below is a breakaway wall.

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Nice, great finds as well... Found quite a group on Chapters 5 and 6... only got the after shots though. Went through 1-6 finding quite a bit.
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Whoa I wish I was on earlier to post that you should maybe wait on those screens lol. Soma has an enchantment from the Peeping Eye in all castle's if gained will give him sight beyond sight! As in if equiped it will reveal all the breakaway walls, and given the awesome maximum zoom feature you could just take a screen of that and enhance the glowing circles for easier reference. I hope that takes a good chunk outa the workload to screen every breakable wall :/

oh and a side note one of the rare drops from the same mob will yield, if equiped, enemy drop rate percentages in the monster compendium.
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yeah, i know he has the peeping Eye... And Nice, i haven't equipped it on my Soma Yet,but ill give it a shot later on... just got an obvious lead on Chapter 2's location.
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Chapter 1

Start of chapter 1, past the archer and axe knight, up to where the skeleton is, that wall is breakable.

In the gear room, with the L shape lift. Go up and right into the next room, drop down into the next room and hit the left wall.

Near the boss fight, bottom path. is at the top left wall of the collum with the pizza.
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