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All-Pro Football 2K8
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Achievement Guide

Well, here's my first attempt at an achievement guide. I've used these methods under my friends profile and i'm now doing them on mine, so they have worked for me and hopefully for you too!

5 Create a Team
Pretty self explanatory. As soon as you load up the game for the first time, you will have to create a team. Once you're done, achievement unlocks

10 Gift of Grab
Catch 10 Passes with a Bronze WR
Get a Gold QB and fill your offensive line with Gold, Silver, and/or Bronze players. Keep throwing to him until you have the achievement. I found Alvin Harper the easiest to use.

5 Create a Player
Create a Player
Under the options is one called create a player. You can quickly throw one together or make a legend like Bo Jackson who wasn't included! Achievement unlocks

5 Edit any part of your team
Edit Team
Go into the options of 'Manage Your Team' and change any option like uniform color and the achievement will unlock!

15 Return a Fumble for a Touchdown
Return a Fumble for a Touchdown
This one can be a little tricky. Best way to do this is to turn penalties off and when the computer goes to punt have your guy standing in front and block it. PICK IT UP AND RUN! Also note that if you block a punt and pick it up in the end zone, it does not count as returning a fumble. You have to run it in.

15 Game Record Forced Fumbles
Set the single game record for forced fumbles
You have to force 4 fumbles with one player to get this achievement. This can be tough since there aren't many fumbles that occur in this game. Use the same method as above to block punts. Most of the time it will give you credit for a forced fumble.

20 Game Record Defensive INT
Set the single game record for INTs
This one can be a little frustrating. You need 5 interceptions with one player. Get a Gold CB (or 2 Gold CB if you'd like) and play a game against a friend or use a 2nd controller. Have them keep lobbing hail mary passes and you shouldn't have too much trouble picking off 5 of them. Just to make sure time is not an issue, as soon as you get the ball, punt it back. I can't tell you how many times I finished with 4 interceptions!

15 Game Record Passing Yards
Set the single game record for Passing Yards
You need 555 yards for this one. Get a gold qb (I like Joe Montana) and a gold wr (Jerry Rice works great). Go into 'DIFFICULTY' and turn all of your skills to '100' and the CPU to '0'. Some people reccommend using the 'Hail Mary' pass, but I suggest going into 'Pro Form' and using the 'Flea Flicker' pass. 90% of the time your 'X' receiver or 'LB' receive should be wide open!

20 Game Record Receiving Yards
Set the single game record for Receiving Yards
You need 337 yards with one player. Use the same method as the Passing Yards achievement.

10 Game Record Rushing Yards
Set the single game record for Rushing Yards
You need 296 yards. Simply turn down the CPU sliders and turn yours up. Also, select a Gold RB and get some good linemen. Just keep pounding it out and you should get this easily

20 Game Record for Defensive Sacks
Set the single game record for Defensive Sacks
You need 8 sacks for this one. Just turn penalties off and get the lineman you choose to use to stand right in front of the QB. As soon as he snaps the ball sack him. It's actually quite funny as well. Also, sacks count as tackles, so I suggest using a silver lineman for this and use the method 7 more times and you will also unlock the 'Bring Em Down' Achievement or you can use a Bronze lineman and get the 'Sack Master' Achievement

10 Game Record Touchdowns
Set the single game record for Touchdowns
You need 8 touchdowns. If you're working towards the passing yard or receiving yard records, this should come right along with it. Your QB will get this after he throws his 8th TD

20 Stride Gum... long lasting drive
Near end of the 2nd qtr or later, score an 80 yard TD
THIS DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ONE PLAY. With around 2 minutes left in the half, just start a drive from the 20 and end it with a touchdown. I used the 'Flea Flicker' play and scored immediately. If it is close to halftiime and the computer is punting or kicking off, run back behind the 20 yard line so you can be sure to get the achievement

15 Return an INT for a Touchdown
Return an INT for a Touchdown
This is easier than the fumble return for a TD. If you have all of your sliders adjusted, eventually you'll pick one off close enough to the goalline to run it back in.

15 Win 10 Games Online
Win 10 Online Games

20 Win 20 Online Games
Win 20 Online Games

50 Half a Century
Win 50 Online Games

15 3 Online Wins in a Row
3 Online Wins in a Row

20 5 Online Wins in a Row
5 Online Wins in a Row
There are 2 ways of doing this. You can get a friend and take turns quitting to give the achievements to each other. NOTE, you have to play the achievement game. For example if you are going for 3 wins in a row, you can win on a forfeit on the first 2, but you have to play the 3rd. You can also get this by legitimately playing people. Unless you really want a challenge, just look for people with terrible records. Why would you play someone who is 174-0 when you can play someone whose 0-19

ACTUALLY, you can quit all the games except the 50th game. You don't have to play each achievement game. Just make sure at some point in your sim-quitting that each of you win 5 in a row and you'll get all the achievements after the 50th

5 It's fun to play together
Join an Online League
You don't get this for creating a league, you have to join one. Just go into the online menu and join a league. Not too difficult at all.

5 Get Connected
Play an Online Game
This does not count if you play in the 'Beginners' lobby. Just go into the 'PRO' lobby and play a game. Once it's over, you get the achievement

20 League Participation
Play an Online League or Tournament Game
Remember that league you joined? Play a game in it and there you go. You don't have to win to get the achievement

50 We are the Champions
Win an Online League or Tournament
You can legitimately beat your competition or get a few friend to create tournaments and take turns winning.

20 Golden Arm
Throw for 500 Yards with a Gold QB in a Single Game
If you selected a Gold QB (which you should) for the 'Passing Yards' Achievement, you should get this one as well.

15 Run & Gun
Pass for 200 Yards & Rush for 50 Yards with a Silver QB in a single game
The 200 passing yards is pretty easy and if you use the sliders, the 50 yards rushing won't be too difficult. I used Randall Cunningham, but you can also create a Silver QB and give him the Scrambling skill.

10 Six for 6
Throw 6 Touchdown Passes with a Bronze QB
Pretty self explanatory. Just pick any Bronze QB and throw 6 touchdowns. Don't forget those sliders if you're having trouble.

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