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Hour of Victory
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Hour Of Victory

Head Hunter 20
Take out 20 enemies with a headshot in any mode

Very easy achievement, especially to do it in campaign mode. You will get it in first or second mission.

Silent Victory 40
Stealth kill 25 enemies

Stealths kills should be done with Taggert.
He perform stealths kills by sticking a knife in a back of enemies.
You can found many "stealths zones" during campaign mode, but "Breakout" level is the best for it.
You can use this method for easy stealh kills:
When you reach Breakout level, stealth kill first 6-7 enemys, then Restart Checkpoint and repeat it!

Snipe Expert 50
Snipe 75 enemies in any mode

Most easier to make it during beating the compaign mode for Bull.
Just use his riffle to snipe enemys, and you will get achievement soon.

Grenade Expert 20
Grenade 50 enemies in any mode

Another easy achievement, especially in campaign mode.
Simply throw grenades as often, as possible.

Squad Count 10
Take out 10 enemies in any mode

See "Battalion Count"

Company Count 20
Take out 100 enemies in any mode

See "Battalion Count"

Battalion Count 50
Take out 500 enemies in any mode

You dont need to do something special for it.
This achievement will unlock in the end of your first beating campaign mode.

Al Shatar Campaign 25
Complete The Liberation of Al Shatar campaign on any difficulty level

See "Total Victory".

Castle Festunburg Campaign 25
Complete The Raid on Castle Festunburg campaign on any difficulty level

See "Total Victory".

Desperate Measures Campaign 25
Complete Desperate Measures campaign on any difficulty level

See "Total Victory".

Total Victory 100
Complete every campaign

Just beat the game with any of 3 characters.

Play Multiplayer 20
Complete a Multiplayer Game

No comments, simple complete a multiplayer game in any game mode. (Ranked Or Player match)

Play all Multiplayer Modes 40
Complete a game in all Multiplayer Modes

Well, it is achievement, which make many people confused.
You should to HOST a game in all multiplayer modes for it, not just join and complete.

First Place 30
Place first in a ranked match, all three game types

Not so hard to do it legal. But, if you cant make it, ask the friend to help you, or use "Achievement Trading Thread".

Fight the Good Fight 25
Place first in a multiplayer game on the losing team

Easy & Lucky achievement, if you play in team of noobs, you will get it without any problems.

Good Citizen 20
Host active multiplayer games for 20 hours

It is a glitched achievement, but it is good.
Just host multiplayer games and hope that you get it earlier, than in 20 hours.
Many people, and personally I, have received it already after 5-10 matches.

Demolitions Expert 25
Destroy 25 Targets in Devastation ranked matches

For this achievement you should to play ranked devastation matches and to destroy enemys objects.
Each team have 5 objects, so if you good enough, you will get this achievement after 7 or 8 matches.
I recommend a Manor House map to you.

Heroic Defender 30
Save 50 flags in Capture the Flag ranked

Save flag mean return it, if flag was captured by enemy team.
You can join boosting partys for it, or you also can do it legal without problems.
Just play ranked matches on Manor House map and seat near the any flag, and wait till someone capture it, then kill him and repeat.
If you loose and flag was captured, simple go to another flag.
Use this method and you will get this achievement soon.

Silver Medal 20
Capture 25 flags in Capture the Flag ranked matches

Play ranked "Flag Capture" matches on Manor House map and capture, capture, capture.
Only advise here it is to be as fast as possible.
I often capture 4\5 flags, so it is not hard achievement at all, you will get it after 7 or 8 matches.

Juggernaut 25
Kill 100 enemies in ranked matches

Play the "Team Dethmatch" ranked matches for this achievement, and you will get it soon.
But i recommend to do first other online achievements like "Silver Medal" and "Demolitions Expert".

Whites of Their Eyes 30
Kill 10 enemies in a row in a ranked match without dying

I think that it is hardest achievement in the game, but it is easy to do if you will use "Achievement Trading Thread" for it.
It is also can be done legal after few attempts.
And again, Manor House is the best for it.

Bomb Squad 30
Disarm 50 bombs in Devastation ranked matches

Use the same method as for "Heroic Defender" achievement and achievement will be unlocked soon.

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