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Way of the Samurai 3
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Road Map


- Number of achievements: 50 for 1000
- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
- Offline: All
- Online: None
- Estimated time for 1000: 60 hours (see below)
- Minimum playthroughs: 21 (see below)
- Missable achievements: None
- Do cheats affect achievements: No Cheats
- Does difficulty affect achievements: Yes, some achievements are difficulty specific.
- Glitched achievements: None
-Unobtainable achievements: Nonr
-Extra equipment needed: No

Way of the Samurai 3 is an RPG with a definite Western Flavour despite being Japanese made. The combat and gameplay is 3rd person action. The big selling point for this game is in its replay ability, as the game focuses on choice and consequence, every action and decision you take influences the outcome of the story. Unfortunately, these choice and consequence mechanics are poorly implemented. The choices have very little impact on your progress through the story as most story elements are available for you to see on every playthrough, and only occasionally are any made redundant by your choices. Even then, it has no noticeable effect until you come to the end of the story. Here things can get fairly different, however, these too are limited as all the endings happen in the same 3 or 4 different ways with only very slight variations. Ultimately it is a poorly implemented mechanic and it is difficult to really get behind the characters or story as very little makes any real sense. This is one purely for gameplay and achievements.

Time for Playthrough
. 60 hours is about average really. It might take you a little longer if you’re unlucky, however it is quite possible to do things much faster. The endings themselves should take you no more than about 10-12 hours. The bulk of the rest of the time is taken up by grinding out the other achievements and weapons/skills.

Minimum Playthroughs
. There are 21 different endings to find altogether plus 7 different credits which will unlock by the time you see all 21. Whilst 21 is the base limit for number of Playthroughs, you will actually rack up dozens more brief runs during your grinding for weapons and skills.

Missable Achievements
. None as all your progress is accumulative.

Glitched Achievements
. None that I’ve experienced, however, Blunt Attack and Killer seem not to unlock when killing innocents and must be done armed opponents. Also, there IS a glitch in the game that can make it difficult to keep track of your progress. There is a records screen in the game which has a habit of causing your game to freeze and crash when you try to access it. Theories abound as to why, but none of them so far have proven to work for everyone. To avoid this being an issue, just follow the endings guide in order so you don’t get mixed up and keep a track of which titles you’ve earned using a pad and pen or (like me) using word or similar on your laptop/PC.


Step 1: Preperation Phase

In this phase you will focus purely on unlocking some achievements and stocking up on some in game items and swords that are necessary as well as gaining yourself full health and money. Please Follow the link below to a thread detailing this preperation phase.

Achievements Unlocked: Samurai Leader, Samurai Hero, Legendary Samurai, Extra Sword Safe, Head Collector, Outfit Collector, Bare Hands Stance Mastery, Dual Sword Stance Mastery, Ninja Dual Sword Stance Mastery, Weapon Forger, Forged Weapon, Blunt Attack, Killer, First Time and Skill Collector.
Total 160

Step 2: Endings.

In this step you’ll focus purely on getting all the endings, unlocking an ending on every difficulty and any story related achievements. You also likely unlock a few miscellaneous achievements along the way. Keep your weapons guide close to hand at all times so you can keep checking off each new weapon you pick up.

Just follow the endings guide linked under the Way of the Samurai achievement and remember to get at least one ending on each difficulty. It should take you a total of about 10-12 hours to go through all the stories.

Achievements Unlocked: Ending, Five Stories, Way of the Samurai, Weak Samurai, Skilled Samurai, Master Samurai, Samurai Slayer, Samurai 4EvR!, Victory, Assassin, Weapon Collector, Amana Native.
Total 500

Step 3. Weapons and Skills

In this step we Concentrate purely on grinding for all remaining weapons and unlocking all their skills.

To begin with, go through the Weapons List and start working through them. Once you start concentrating on them you’ll be surprised at just how quickly you pick them up. The only ones that take any real time are the unique ones that require a lot of work before hand. If you hadn’t already done so in the last step, you will now unlock the Weapon Arsenal and Bushido achievements.

As you’re working through these weapons you’ll come to companions who have weapons, if you haven’t already done so, make one of them your partner to unlock the Relationship achievement. Also during this stage make sure to do the ‘Big Mouth’ job and break his weapon to earn the Weapon Destroyer achievement, then kill him and pick up the weapon to get a regular and blunt kill with (best done on Instant Kill) to unlock the Zero Kill and Zero Blunt Attack achievements.

Once you have all of the weapons you can start working on unlocking all their skills for all the remaining Stance Mastery and Weapon Skill achievements. As with the other Stance Mastery achievements. This will require you to deal with Uepon in Posting Station. Follow the path set out under the Ninja Stance Mastery achievement in the guide to do this as quickly as possible.

There is a suggestion around that you should take the Partner Yukino with you when you do this as she lets you access the Sword Safe anywhere, I disagree, this would largely be a waste of time. Each round of 10 of each scroll type costs 36,000 Yen. You quickly burn through Money doing this and whilst having Yukino with you would mean you can perhaps upgrade and extra 6 or 8 weapons per run, it takes a lot of work to get her to like you enough to stay with you during the day when you would need her. The time that takes would equal a good 3 or 4 runs of normal, that’s a total of around 20 swords in the time she could help you upgrade about 14 or 15.

This step should take you around 20 hours to do, but it can easily be anywhere from 12-30 hours depending on how lucky you are.

Achievements Unlocked: Upper Stance Mastery, Middle Stance Mastery, Lower Stance Mastery, Single Stance Mastery, Side Stance Mastery, Spear Stance Mastery, Draw Stance Mastery, Ninja Stance Mastery, Weapon Destroyer, Weapon Master, Weapon Specialist, Master of Skills, Weapon Arsenal, Payday, Job Seeker, Relationship, Bushido, Zero Kill and Zero Blunt Attack.
Total 250

Step 4: Mop Up

In this step we are simply going to work on the few remaining achievements. You shouldn’t have many at all, about a half dozen at most. If you’ve followed this Road Map religiously you will have 4 left at most. The 2 Title achievements are strange. It is equally possible that you will have more than 20 by now through natural play, or you could have less than 5. Not too likely, but possible.

First, the titles. If you still need these, just start working through the list of Titles. Start a run, earn one, then ‘Leave Amana’ and save to store it. Just keep going until the achievements unlock.

Finally the Chain Kill achievements. To get these, follow the guide under the Power of 100 achievement. Just remember that you’ll likely need to do this on Hard to make sure you get the enemies around you.

There’s no way to judge how long this will take you. If you’re lucky you can get this done in a couple of tries at best, if you’re not so lucky, you could be at these for hours. Just persevere, it will happen for eventually.

Achievements Unlocked: Power of 10, Power of 100, Title Collector and Title Master.
Total 90


Overall, Way of the Samurai 3 is a relatively simple and straightforward 1000. There is a fair amount of work to do, and the journey is not the most interesting, so be prepared for long stretches of boredom. However, with a week or two of solid playing this is a relatively easy 1000 to manage. Just bring a bucket full of patience.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.
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