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Way of the Samurai 3
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Titles List

OK, here's the full list of titles and how to get them, all listed in their Hierarchical order.

You don't need to earn all 50 to unlock full achievements on this game, so don't worry about them too much. Just play through the game, aiming for the other achievements and keep a record of which titles you unlock as you go, as you will earn one every single time you 'Leave Amana', or earn an ending. There IS a records section on the game, however there is a glitch that can cause your game to crash when you try to access it (can start happening at any time), so make sure to keep a manual record. When working towards these, the best way to do it is to start a new game on easy (unless otherwise stated), don't buy or sell anything, put all your money into your safe and just focus on earning the title. Once you've met the criteria, check your profile and it will say on there that you have the title. Then just 'Leave Amana' and save.

Title King: Earn all titles. (After earning all other titles, play through game one more time to unlock this).

Samurai 4EvR!: Samurai Rank reached 120%. (will get at same times as achievement.)

Impatient Samurai: Beat the game in under 1 hour.

Martial Artist: Beat the game using only Bare Hand attacks. (Do this on easy as Bare Hand attacks don't instant kill on IK difficulty).

Sexy Samurai: At least 50% partner affection. (Accumulative across all partners, each partner gives at most 7%. To increases affection, just keep doing inklings and jobs with them, particularly jobs that require a partner, and talk to them every time you move location).

Grim Reaper: Killed all the people in Amana. (Includes all save point guys, job brokers and Shuzen, so you need to access Shuzen BEFORE killing Kiyonari).

Harmless Samurai: Cleared the game without killing anyone. (Must get an ending, only use Blunt Attacks if you are forced into combat).

Holy Samurai: Cleared the game with losing less than 100 HP. (Can't be done on IK difficulty).

Samurai Pimp: Gain at least 10 partners in one game.

Blessed Samurai: Cleared the game with losing less than 1000 HP. (Can't be done on IK difficulty).

Executioner: At least 100 Instant Kills in one game. (This is in IK mode, NOT 100 kills in IK difficulty).

Annihilator: At least 1000 kills in one game.

Merchant: Spend at least 10,000 Yen in one game

Slayer: At least 300 kills in one game

Compassionate Samurai: At least 30 'kills' with a Blunt attack in one game.

Naughty Samurai: Make at least 100 Shameful slashes. (Shameful slashes are attacks which cause a womans Kimono to be partially cut off. Easies to do on hard using blunt attacks, just keep going around every woman in every location until you get this).

Vegetarian: Used only vegetables to restore health. (Start a new game, pick up a radish, eat it, leave Amana, done).

Riceaholic: Eat at least 50 rice balls in one game.

Insomniac: Cleared the game without sleeping.

Shy Samurai: Cleared the game with less than 5 conversations.

Disturbed Samurai: Kick 150 dead bodies. (Can be the same body 150 times).

Sword Artist: Make at least 20 weapons in one game. (Leave to later in the game as you will pick up more than enough of these as you play the game over).

Litterbug: Discard 50 items and/or weapons. (Can be the same item over and over, place it, then pick it up, repeat 50 times. To speed this up, buy 10 of any cheap item such as a radish, then place them all one by one before picking them all up again).

Sword Maniac: Appraise 15 weapons in one game.

Workaholic: Complete 20 jobs. (Failures don't count).

Sorry Samurai: Apologize 100 times (doesn't have to be to anyone in
particular, so just start a new game and get to apologizing).

Dojo Conqueror: Killed everyone in the Dojo. (After getting the 'Bushido' Achievement, go back downstairs and kill the other 2 masters).

Troublemaker: Total number of people kicked exceeded 100. (Apparently this can be the same person 100 times, however it would not work for me, so just go around and kick everybody at least once, and kick every random enemy you fight to make sure).

Collector: Pick up at least 100 items and/or swords. (continue method suggested under 'litterbug' another 50 times).

Angry Samurai: Destroy more than 200 objects.

Chatty Samurai: Have at least 250 conversations in one game. (can be the same conversation 250 times in a row)

Osei Lover: Run into Osei at least 50 times in one game.

Itsuse Lover: Run into Itsuse at least 50 times in one game.

Princess Lover: Run into Princess Araragi at least 50 times in one game.

Horny Samurai: Run into any women (except Osei, Itsuse and Araragi) at least 50 times in one game (can be the same woman 50 times).

Gay Samurai: Run into men at least 50 times in one game (can be the same man 50 times).

Rich Samurai: Cleared the game with more than 10,000 Yen.

Loner: Cleared the game with no Partners.

Faithful Samurai: Cleared the game with only one partner.

Samurai Ranking titles
("Samurai 4Evr!" is also a Samurai Ranking title, however it is much higher up the heirarchy which is why it is listed up there instead of here).
Legendary Samurai: 100-119%.
Samurai King: 90-99%.
Master: 80-89%.
Teacher: 70-79%.
Apprentice: 60-69%.
Student: 50-59%.
Trainee: 40-49%.
Novice: 30-39%.
Newbie: 20-29%.
Wanderer: 10-19%.
Nobody: 1-9%.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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