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Call of Juarez
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Exclamation Plot holes, and my personal interpretation of the One Candle, but Three Graves riddle


Ok, plot holes first.

1. In Episode XIV, Reverend Ray McCall reveals his past life. He mentions that his brothers herded cattle from El Paso to Mexico. Nothing at all about him and Thomas being Civil War vets. And while Juarez doesn't remember Ray at all, it's probably because Juarez was more ticked about Thomas "stealing" his wife Marisa.

2. In Episode V, Ray says he had hidden in the Black River Mine years ago. Bound in Blood doesn't mention that. So from my understanding, the single player dlc probably was going to fill in the plot holes, in my opinion the levels in Bound in Blood would go Chapter I, Chapter II, Chapter III, then it has Ray, Thomas, and William hiding out in the Black River Mine while on the run after the marshal in Fort Smith was killed in the duel, and possibly getting jobs under aliases as ranchhands. Then the game continues on as it should. I still have no idea what the bonus missions were supposed to be. I wonder if they were going to be remakes of the bonus missions from Call of Juarez 1, possibly using character models from both games, or were, as the Bonus Missions had, going to focus on another protagonist with no relation to the main story.

3. Another thing, what the heck happened to Juarez' alcazar (even though the term means castle, and instead should have been Alcazaba). I mean he had a nice place he had there. How the heck did it turn from Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion, to being reverted back to a neglected fort (One of the official websites for the game reveals that after Juarez became an orphan, and grew up after many years he moved into a crumbling fort, and rebuilt it into a beautiful mansion).

4. And why did the McCall's move to Hope, Texas instead of going back to Georgia to actually rebuild the McCall plantation. Where they could be safe from Juarez.


Now with the One Candle, but Three graves riddle. Even though the people who are actually buried are unknown, the graves could be interpereted as being:

The Bad Man- Colonel Jeremy Barnsby, or even Juan "Juarez" Mendoza (In Billy Candle's case)

The Rich man with a Heart of Stone- Devlin, or Clyde Forrester (probably rich given his early life if you read the Duel Challenge introduction screens.)

The Poor Man- Running River aka Calm Water (He had no one from his tribe left alive, and his wife dies (unknown cause), and his son is murdered, and is "poor" in the sense of being the last of his kind) or Arturo (The cemetary boy's father who was helped buried by Bily Candle. Was killed by Juarez' gang.)

Just thought of throwing this out to you guys.
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