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Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet
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Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet Collectibles Guide

I’ve listed these in the order that they appear in the game. This is also broken down assuming you play all the way through the Story mode first and then replay the levels via Free play. Alternately, I also have these listed by character in the achievement guide and it can be found here.

Stark Tech - 3
Bouquet - 3
Legal Briefs - 4
Herbie - 4
Saucer Toys - 4
Communiqué - 3

Story Mode

Story Episode 1(a) – Power of a Stone

Fragments: Power

Story Episode 1(b) – Asteroid Field

Fragments: Power

Story Episode 2 – Rhythm of Olympus

Fragments: Rhythm

Story Mode – HQ

Stark Tech - The first piece is found in the Headquarters and can be obtained after the Olympus level. Just walk into the doorway on the right to get to the next screen. You will see a closed grey door in the background. Walk through that door and into the back corner of the next room for the package.

Bouquet - The first bouquet can be found in the headquarters after the Olympus level. From back at the starting point, walk through the door on the right. In the next room head right, passing the 3 grey doors and take the hall in the background. On the next screen, go in the first door on the left and into a room with a table in the center. Walk over to the left side of the room for the bouquet.

Story Episode 3 – Hulk Have Nightmare

Fragments: Mind

Legal Briefs - The first document can be found in episode 3. While going through the level you will come to a stone that you can pull out with Hulk. Do so and a platform will lower in the back corner. Your partner will jump on it and you need to push the stone back where you found it to raise it again. Swap to the other character and leap onto the back ledge to grab the glowing red item.

Story Episode 4 – Time to Find Time

Fragments: Time

Herbie - The first part can be found on episode 4. You will need to use Nova to activate a vortex and suck some bombs to a control panel to get past the red laser wall. Once you do you will see the glowing blue object in the background.

Story Mode – HQ

Legal Briefs - The second one can be found in the headquarters after episode 4. From the main room, take the right exit and you will be in a hallway with 3 doors. Take the door on the right into a room that looks like sleeping quarters. The brief is just off to the left.

Herbie - The second part can be found in the headquarters after episode 4. It is by the control panel in the reactor room. This is the room that also has a little robot floating around in it.

Story Episode 5 – Soul of a Maze

Fragments: Soul

Stark Tech - The second piece is found in episode 5. After you complete the first parts of the game show, you will find yourself in a top down view similar to Gauntlet. Use Wolverine to slice through the first door and you should see the blue glowing object in a room off to the left. Work your way through the maze to the second door and use Wolverine again to get inside and collect the package.

Story Episode 6 – Offspring of Villiany

Fragments: Space

Story Mode – HQ

Saucer Toys - The first one can be found in the headquarters after episode 6. From the starting room, head through the right doorway into the hall with the 3 grey doors. Go in the middle door to see a glowing red object generally in front of you, hard to miss it really.

Story Episode 7 – City of Doom

Fragments: Reality

Saucer Toys - The second one is found on episode 7. Toward the end of the level, you have to defend 3 vents from the attacking Doombots. On the left side there is a circular hole that Spidey can fill with webbing. Once you do this, use the web trampoline to bounce to the top of the left platform. Near the back edge is a glowing red object. Grab it for saucer #2.

Story Mode – HQ

Communiqué - The first one can be found in the headquarters after completing the seventh episode. It is in the very first room by the “Free Play” terminal. You almost start on top of it.

Story Episode 8 – Taste of a Throneworld

Fragments: Power, Mind, Time, Soul, Space, Reality

Communiqué - The second one can be found on episode 8. You will need to realign cable TV dishes to power the shield. After the first set you cross a bridge to a second set. In the middle of this area there is a remote controlled robot that you can steer up the ramp on the right side and into the house. Drive straight back to hit a button that will open the dispenser in the front of the house. Grab the bomb tube with and run to the next house on the left. Jump with to rocket up to the top and follow the rooftops to the left for the communiqué.

Story Episode 9 – Carrier Full of Infinity


Story Episode 10 – Moons Over My Thanos

Fragments: Power, Mind, Time, Soul, Space, Reality

Story Episode 11 - Dark Infinity


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