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Quake Arena Arcade
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Achievement Guide

Quake Arena Arcade
Achievement Guide

+ Estimated achievement difficulty: 5/10

+ Offline: 9 (135
+ Online: 3 (65
+ Approximate time: 15-50 hours for 200G (Depends on how much is being boosted)
+ Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 (2 recommended)
+ Number of missable achievements: None
+ Glitched achievements: 1 (I Can Win, see below)
+ Cheats: No Cheats

Welcome to the Achievement Guide and Road Map for Quake Arena Arcade. After 2 years of waiting, the time has finally come. The Xbox LIVE marketplace gets its own Quake. Use this guide to help you on your way to the 200.

Step 1 - First Playthrough

The very first thing we want to do is to play through the singleplayer campaign in order to get to know the basics and get a feel for the controls of this game. I do not recommend it, but if you feel like it, you may increase the difficulty to 4 stars so that you don't need to do another playthrough later. After the very first kill, First Frag will unlock.

While playing through the campaign, try to do the following things:
  • Play a challenge in CTF and capture 3 flags in a row (See Flag Master)
  • Frag someone after dying. (See You're Comin' With me)
  • Humiliate and opponent carrying the Quad Damage (See Ultimate Humiliation)
If you don't get these, don't worry as they all are easily boostable.

Try to use every weapon at least once and pick up every item for the Weapons Expert and Collect 'em All achievements. Note that you need to pick up the CTF-only stuff for this. So either play a CTF challenge or play a CTF match in practice mode.

And after 33 arenas, Lord of the Arena is yours.

Step 2 - Second Playthrough

If you didn't increase the difficulty on your first playthrough, now it's the time to do it. Increase it to 4 stars and play through the whole thing again. This will net you the Hardcore achievement.

Step 3 - Multiplayer

The only achievements which need to be done in multiplayer are This is Stroggos!! (Knock someone to their death), Arena Eternal (500 matches online) and I can win (Win 5 ranked matches). Arena Eternal will take quite a while so sit back and enjoy this awesome classic.


The achievements of Quake Arena Arcade are, except one, relatively easy and doable. You might have some problems with the singleplayer campaign on the high difficulty but with a bit of practice, you will definitely succeed. Other than that, it's an enjoyable 200.


I Can Win - 15
Won 5 ranked matches.

Simple. This one requires you to win 5 ranked matches online in any mode.

Note: This achievement has glitched out for some people. If you happen to be one of those unlucky guys it seems like you will have to wait until it's been fixed.

Weapons Expert - 10
Fragged an opponent with each weapon.

For this, you need to kill and enemy with every available weapon in the game. Kills from both singleplayer and multiplayer count. This is the available weaponry:
  • Gauntlet
  • Machinegun
  • Shotgun
  • Grenade launcher
  • Rocket launcher
  • Lightning gun
  • Railgun
  • Plasma gun
  • BFG10k
  • Nailgun
  • Prox Launcher*
  • Chaingun
*= Only in CTF, One Flag CTF, Harvester and Overload Games.

Lord of the Arena - 20
Defeated Xaero in Campaign Mode.

Just play through the singleplayer campaign in order to unlock this. There are 33 arenas to beat.

Note: You don't need to do the challenges for this.

Gladiator - 20
Fragged 1000 opponents.

This will come over time. It doesn't matter if singleplayer, player or ranked match - all kills from all modes count towards this.

This is Stroggos!! - 10
Knocked someone to their death.

This achievement is only attainable on maps in space. You need to knock somebody to his death by shooting him. The best ways are to shoot somebody while he is in mid-air (After using a jump pad) or spraying rockets at somebody near to an edge.

This is easily boostable in a private match.

Flag Runner - 10
Captured 3 flags in one match.

The best way to do this is to start a singleplayer CTF-match with a capture limit of at least 4 (Don't take 3 or else it won't unlock) with no bots. Then just capture 3 flags and it'll pop up.

First Frag - 5
Got a frag. Way to go!

This will be your first achievement. Just kill somebody in any mode.

Arena Eternal - 40
Played in 500 multiplayer matches.

This achievement will take quite a while. Only online matches (ranked/player) count towards this. A good way to boost this is to set up a private 2-player match in either CTF (1 capture) or DM (5 kills).

Hardcore - 30
Conquered the universe.

This is the hardest achievement in the game and requires you to play through the whole singleplayer campaign on Level 4-difficulty or harder. I suggest a lot of practice before attempting this since enemies are significantly harder than on the lower difficulties.

The final boss is Xaeros. Be careful when he posesses a railgun since he has 99% accuracy with it. Your best bet is his stupid AI. He will keep dropping to his death, thus making it easier for you to win. I recommend you to get the BFG10k to try and kill him right after he spawns - to prevent him from getting his railgun.

Right after you've beaten Xaeros, the achievement will unlock.

Ultimate Humiliation - 15
Humiliated an opponent carrying the Quad Damage.

I would suggest boosting this since humiliating someone carrying a Quad Damage is next to impossible (Unless the carrier has absolutely no skill and you have 200 health and 200 armor, of course).

Just start a map with a Quad Damage on it. Let it being picked up and use your gauntlet against the carrier.

Collect 'em All - 15
Picked up one of every item.

This achievement requires you to pick up at least one of every item available in the game. Here is a complete list of every item:
  • All weapons and ammo
  • 5, 25, 50, Mega health
  • Armor shard, Armor, Heavy Armor
  • Medkit
  • Invulnerability
  • Personal Teleporter
  • Kamikaze
  • Battle Suit
  • Haste
  • Quad Damage
  • Regeneration
  • Ammo Regen*
  • Doubler*
  • Guard*
  • Scout*
*= Only in CTF, One Flag CTF, Harvester and Overload Games.

You're Comin' With Me - 10
Fragged someone after dying, before respawning.

The best way to do this is to set up a private 2-player match on any map with a rocket launcher. Damage yourselves until you're low on health and stand in front of each other (With a certain distance). Now person A needs to shoot and person B will do the same a few seconds after, so that person B dies and his rocket will kill person A while he is dead and not yet respawned. Repeat vice versa.

100% Retail:
44 | 100% Arcade: 92
99999 GS achieved 09/07/2011

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