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Cabela's Alaskan Adventures
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Cabela's Alaskan Adventure Road Map

Hey all, this is my first road map, hope its helps, i dont mind any feedback but please go easy on me! lol, i did submit this to the good people at X360A but they diddnt use it dont no why so thought it might help people on here. thanks all

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 5-6/10
-Offline: 46 (1000)
-Online: 0
-Approximate amount of time to 1000g: 15-40 hours (Depends alot on luck)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 Adventure, 45+ Open Hunts
-Number of missable achievements: 0
-Glitched achievements: Yes, Details below
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No cheat codes


Welcome to my Road Map, I will try to assist you to 1000 GS in Cabela's Alaskan Adventure. The game is one of the hardest and most frustrating Cabela games out of the list but with this guide and the medal glitch It shouldn’t be to painful.
The time to get the 1000g depends a lot on luck and how quickly you can find the correct animals and kill them.

All adventure achievements and individual animal ones can be gotten by playing though the tedious story mode just once on Sportsman difficulty, which is the middle one (medium).

The one real glitch in the game that will stop you getting achievements comes with the weapons masters achievements, where you have to kill 10 different types of animal using each gun, it only glitches for some people and for some weapons and there currently seems to be no fix or way around it, just hope it doesn’t happen to you (like it did me with pistol only, gave me the other 3) more on this below
If you get stuck at some point there is a quite handy guide for animal locations Here written by Mystic Weirdo

Step 1: Adventure Playthrough

Let me start by quickly explaining the rules as the game does not do so very well and this would of helped me sooo much... You cannot shoot any animals that you do not have tags for, that is unless they are currently attacking you or charging towards you. This means if they attack you and you shoot them and do not kill them the advisor might tell you to shoot again, DON’T if you do not have a tag and they are running off, he will congratulate you and then give you a warning, 3 and game over.
Also bare in mind that just because you shoot an animal and it doesn’t warn you that’s the wrong one, doesn’t mean it is the right one, it could just mean it was about to attack you.
You will also get warnings for shooting animals within 50 yards of a building, shooting babies and running over any animal with a vehicle, weather you have the tags for it or not.

Few other tips to keep in mind during the story mode, in general don’t bother with the cars or bikes, they are unbelievably buggy, and will get stuck on nothing at all and cannot go over even the tiniest of rocks and all this will do is frustrate you even more, also where possible try to stick to the ground rather than the water as it can sometimes be very hard to get out and once again frustrating. When the tag specifies rather male or female or a trophy and your unsure a good tip is to get close to the animal and let it charge you and kill it, that way if it is the wrong one you will not get penalised

Also bare in mind that if you have already got one or two tags and then you die or have to quit out due to time limit or any other reason, don’t restart, go out to outpost and then go back to the area, that way you keep your current kills, remember this because that’s a very helpful bit of advice, Die and go back to outpost DO NOT RESTART HUNT (this only works providing you only go back to outpost and do not actuality go into the outpost building as this will then reset them)

With all that in mind lets start up adventure mode on Sportsman difficulty.
There are 4 main areas the first 2 have 3 missions and 3 bonus missions, the 2nd two have 3 missions and 6 bonus missions, they all also have 2 fishing competitions and two contests (dog sledding and shooting birds or surviving waves of enemies)
To get the platinum medals you must complete all the missions, bonus missions, fishing competitions and the contests in each area, make sure you do this before moving on to the next area (which is done in the same place you get the tags and go shopping) as you cannot go back after moving on.

In each of the 4 areas there is also one secret objective which you never have to accept, or do (for achievements) and they simply start when you enter one of the 3 hunting places in each area. The only one I would advise doing is the 2nd one which is in Kuskokwim and you have you kill a blood coverd dall sheep, this is because you get a crossbow as a reward which will come in handy in later missions as the bow and arrows you can buy cannot be fired from the hip.

Apart from that just move on through the adventure making sure you have done everything before moving on, you should get the silver medal achievement in each area before you get the platinum one, and you will receive every achievement for killing certain animals.

If your having problems finding the animals check the guide and make sure you have the right gun equipped I spent 3 hours looking 4 rabbits shooting them with a pump action rifle that looked like a shotgun which is what I needed, the game doesn’t tell you that you are using the wrong gun, simply that you are not killing right animal.

If you get stuck on the dog races as a lot of people so, only mush twice at the start or the race then just steer around the snow piles to maintain speed and you will get there in time for a silver medal the grade of medal does not matter in these or any of the contests for achievements (hard part done)

Step 2 Free Hunt mode
You now should have all platinum, and silver medals and all the random ones for killing certain animals, leaving just gold and bronze medals and the weapons master achievements.
To get them, start up a free hunt and pick an area that relates to that area in the adventure mode, Koyukuk is in the first area (western artic) so lets start with that, put it on green horn difficulty (easiest) and pick a tag, I generally go for the larger animals as there easier 2 find. When you kill the animal and finish the level you will get the achievement for completing that area in story mode on that difficulty (bronze medal if you followed my instructing and did green horn) now simply load up the same level, same tag but on simulation and go to the same place and kill the animal again to receive the gold medal.
I Would recommend doing it this way round as the animals stay in the same place 9 times out of 10 and are a lot easier to find in green horn as you have the radar. (if there not in the same place generally I just restarted the hunt once or twice and then they where there)
Do this for all 4 areas and then you will only have the weapon masters achievements to go.
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Step 3 Free Hunt mode - Weapon masters
4 more to go, all for killing 10 different species of animals in free hunt using the different weapons (pistol, Rifle, Shotgun and Bow) each hunt give you 3 different animals to kill and 2 different weapons to use, the way I would do it is to start at the top, only get 1 tag at a time (so if you die you donít lose it because it doesnít count if you get one and die) kill the animal with the rifle, claim the tag, then do same area 2nd animal and use the rifle again, keep going down the lists of animals using the rifle to kill them until you have the rifle achievement, if you enter an area where you do not get a rifle simply quit out and do the next one.
When you have the achievement simply start back at the top, kill the same 3 animals as you did with the rifle, this time use the shotgun and then go down the lists killing all the animals in the areas it lets you use a shotgun and do the same thing for the pistol and bow.
Please note that you have to claim the animal for the achievement to work so done just go around killing them, you need a tag for them and like I said if you kill one and die you will have to get that again.
Also note that in some areas when going down through the areas it might ask you to kill an animal you have already killed in a earlier area so you can simply skip this one out (grizzly bear and black bear are counted as two different though so only skip if its exactly the same).
As stated at the start of the guide, these achievements do glitch for some people, myself included, it gave me the ĺ achievements but will not give me the pistol one. After doing some research I found doing it this way in the guide should help to stop the glitch but no guarantee unfortunately, if it happens then you will have to delete your the data and start again (to unlock all the free hunt areas you will need to get to the 4th area in the game but should take a lot less time this time as you only need to do the 3 main hunts and the first fishing contest then you can move on)

Well, thatís my Road Map to a very bad game, Hope it helps you. Thanks for Reading
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