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Post AI Trait List (In progress)

No one seems to talk about this game and it's a pain in the ass to figure some of this stuff out so I figured I would start some topics.

I don't have all AI Traits but I'll post a list of the ones I have gotten and what the in game menu says about them. It might make them easier to unlock for others.

Bolded traits are good to have and should be aquired to help you through the single player game.

Text between () : My ideas on how to aquire the traits.


Early Attack - Tendency to initiate Attacks. (Doing combos a lot will get you this trait.)

Delivers First Blow - Skilled at dealing first blows.

Inashi - Skilled at Inashi.

Vertical Kumitachi (A) - Moves vertically while on the offense.

Horizontal Kumitachi (R) - Moves Horizontally while on the defense.

Cornered Animal - Shows true strength at low health.

Soku-Guri- Accurate Soku-Guris from Kumitachi.

Kuzushi During Inashi - Skilled at kuzushi during inashi.

Stance Change Moves - Skilled at Stance Change moves. (stance change move are bought from the store and have a "C" at the end of the name, buy as many as you can and remember the combos they help a lot during hard stages. Stance change moves cost 2500 experience points)

Pushes Back from the Edge - Not afraid to fight to the death.

Untouchable Light - Finish a stage without taking damage.

Kumitachi Demon - Perform lots of instant kills on a stage.
(Everyone if you can, it gets you hella points to spend on new stance moves)

Eye Of God - Can read opponent's move in advance. (This one is tied to a secrect achievement, sadly I don't know how I unlocked it.)

Kaeshi - Skilled at Kaeshi.

Kuzushi While Running - Skilled at Kuzushi while running.

Aggressive Sword - Master of cutting attacks.

Weak to Attacks - Vulnerable to attacks.

Tenacious - Master of attacks after Kaeshi.

Power Attacks - Skilled at power attacks. (Power Attacks are bought from the store after stages and usually cost 3000 experiance points. you hold down the button during a combo to charge the power attack)

Avoid Soku-Guri - Skilled at evading Soku-Guri.

A Sheltered Life - I don't have this one but it's a negitive trait meaning you finished the game on easy.

Path of Trials - I don't have this either but the top people on the leader boards do. It's a positive trait meaning you beat the game on hard.

Iron Wall - Block over 50 attacks and then finish the stage. (it's easy to get this in the snowy dojo stages. run into one of the paper walled rooms and sit in a corner with the block button held down. Enemies in this stage don't force a grapple too often so you should be able to just sit there safely.)

For those of you looking to get the online achievements:

For 9th Dan: You need enough points to get in the top 21 players. You'll need about 2500 points to crack the top 21 and you get 15 points per win, it will take awhile.

For Master:
Master requires you to be one of the top 4 players in the world.

The top guy has 3600+ points and uses Sasaki Kojiro.
He has the following AI traits:
Early Attack
Delivers the First Blow
Kuzushi While Running
Pushes Back From the Edge
Path of Trials
Untouchable Light
Horizontal Kumitachi (A)
Tsuba-Zeri Bashiri

If you want to practice fighting against anyone on the leader board you can highlight their name and press start. It will start a battle that doesn't effect your rank and allows you to see what traits they have.

Edit: I added the achievement pictures for traits that unlock them. This isn't meant to be a achievement guide though.


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You don't have to be in the top 4 to get the "Master" achievement, you just have to be in the top 1% with 100 wins online. I believe I was 35th with 100 wins online when I got this achievement.

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aj no messin
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how do u preform instant kills?
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Originally Posted by aj no messin View Post
how do u preform instant kills?
Sorry for the very tardy reply but here goes:

To perform an instant kill press X to lock swords with an enemy and then press one of the directional buttons to push them towards walls, lanterns, posts or cliff edges, then press X again along with the direction towards the object. If you lowered their green stamina bar enough the enemy should now have an orange triangle near their body, quickly attacking them again will execute a instant kill.

This works very well agianst bosses.

Another good tactic for blocking enemies is to start a 3 hit combo just out of range of the target, you will miss the first attack but they never guard agianst the next two hits in the combo. If you have stance change moves you can really finish off a boss quickly like this.

I use this stratagy to finish of the final boss of the game all the time.


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