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Way of the Samurai 3
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Achievement Guide

Ending 25
Completed the game.

Complete 1 play through and get any ending. Dying doesn’t count as it doesn’t count as an ending.

Five Stories 50
Completed and discovered 5 Endings.

See Way of the Samurai.

Way of The Samurai 150
Completed and discovered all Endings.

There are 28 endings in total that you need to discover to unlock this achievement, however endings 22-28 are all different credits and will unlock by the time you have seen the other 21 endings. You can try to find them on your own, but I’ll be honest, I found it extremely boring. There is some sense of pattern to unlocking the endings. Once you know what each ‘inkling’ is you can sort of develop a plan to try and reach some sort of outcome. However. unless you know what the endings are in advance, finding these is all about trial and error, and many of the paths you may follow will just lead you to an ending you‘ve already seen. Follow the link below to the endings guide I’ve written up to save yourselves a LOT of time and frustration.

Weak Samurai 10
Cleared the game in Easy difficulty.

See Samurai Master.

Skilled Samurai 15
Cleared the game in Normal difficulty.

See Samurai Master.

Samurai Master 20
Cleared the game in Hard difficulty.

Clearing the game requires 1 single play through with an ending. Death doesn’t count. These achievements aren’t stackable so you will have to get each one individually. Hard difficulty isn’t especially hard if you’re prepared, however some people do find it to be very irritating and frustrating. In that situation, wait until you’ve unlocked all the endings, then pick one you found to be easy/quick and use that one. Also, some endings (such as ending 20) require very little combat, and that can simplify this achievement immensely.

Weapon Forger 5
Created a weapon.

You unlock this by going to one of the Dojima Blacksmith Brothers with the necessary 4 pieces of a weapon: blade, pommel, grip and guard. Speak to the smith and ask to talk about weapons, then choose to create a weapon, select the 4 pieces and you’re done. If you’re having trouble finding any of the pieces (you really shouldn’t be as they drop by the dozens from people you kill) the smiths sell plenty of all pieces.

Upper Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Upper Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Middle Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Middle Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Lower Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Lower Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Single Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Single Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Side Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Side Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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Gamertag: Grumftheld
Spear Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Spear Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Bare Hands Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Bare Hands Stance.

See Ninja Dual Sword Stance Mastery.

Draw Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Draw Stance.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Ninja Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Ninja Stance.

OK, there’s no other way to say this. To get these achievements you need to find EVERY weapon and unlock EVERY skill on them ALL. Well, technically you don’t, however you DO need every weapon as each weapon has its own unique skill, ao it amounts to the same thing. Please follow the link under Weapons Arsenal to find a list off all weapon locations.

To unlock the skills you have 2 choices, either keep using every single weapon to unlock them naturally (only do this if you have a few months to spare to just play this game) or the infinitely faster method of buying skill scrolls. From day 5 onwards you can buy the Basic, Advances and Special scrolls from the weapons merchant in the Posting station. The most efficient method for doing this is to first earn yourself around 70,000 Yen from doing jobs or buying and selling high value items then killing the merchants and getting all your money back. Once you have the 70,000 or so, load up a game on instant difficulty, and rest until day 5. On day 5, got to the posting station with 3 weapons you need skills for and buy 10 of each scroll type. Proceed to use the scrolls to unlock all the skills. Once done, use the rest of your money to buy as many of each scroll you can (you can carry 10 of each at most at any one time) then kill the merchant, his guard, and anyone around him who has a weapon (on instant kill you will have plenty of time to do this before they attack) then pick up your money and go back to your house in Takatane. Once there put your 3 weapons in the safe, take out 3 more and use the scrolls you just bought to unlock as many skills as possible. And extra remaining scrolls can be stored in the items box accessed via the cupboard in your house. Just rinse and repeat this method for all weapons. It should take you no more than 5 or 6 minutes a time.

Doing this will also unlock the ‘Weapon Master’, ‘Weapon Specialist’, 'First Time', ‘Skill Collector’ and ‘Master of Skills’ achievements if you haven’t got them already.

Dual Sword Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Dual Sword Stance.

See Ninja Dual Sword Stance Mastery.

Ninja Dual Sword Stance Mastery 10
Mastered all skills of Ninja Dual Sword Stance.

These 3 achievements are slightly different as they have their own skill sets and their own mastery scrolls for you to buy. Use the same method as explained in ‘Ninja Stance Mastery’ but buy the specific corresponding scrolls rather than the generic basic, advanced or special ones.

Weapon Destroyer 5
Broke an opponent's weapon.

Wait to do this until later in the game when you have started to earn all this skills with different weapons. Find a weapon with high attack and look through its skills to see what its weapon breaking skill is. Take this weapon and get it fully upgraded and appraised, then set out to specifically do this achievement. A good time to do this once you are prepared is when doing jobs for Oryo in Omiki. She will give you a job to break the weapon of a 'Big Mouth' in Amana. He blocks a LOT when you start swinging your weapon breaker, so just use him and you'll destroy his weapon soon enough.

Blunt Attack 5
Defeated an opponent with a Blunt Attack.

A simple achievement. With any weapon, hit and you will switch to blunt attack mode. Go ahead and attack anyone who has a weapon (doesn't always work on villagers for some reason) and beat them.

Amana Native 10
Played more than 10 hours.

Impossible not to get this. This is an accumulative time and you will rack up more than 10 hours just getting the endings alone. Concentrate on getting the achievements and this will unlock as you go along. Only unlocks once you finish the play through in which you pass the 10 hour mark.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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Forged Weapon 5
Forged a weapon for the first time.

For this achievement you just need to take a weapon you already have to one of the Dojima brother Blacksmiths to be upgraded. Talk to the smith and ask about weapons, choose upgrade, choose the upgrade type you want, pay the fee and you’re done. If the achievement doesn’t pop immediately, it’s because you haven’t confirmed to finish forging the weapon. After the smith finishes forging, you have the option to ask him to try again in the hopes of receiving a better upgrade (Maximum is +15 to attack and defence each time) if you’re happy with the result, choose to finish and the achievement should then pop for you.

Killer 5
Fist time killing an enemy.

As basic as it gets. Impossible to miss, you'll likely get this within minutes of starting. Must be a kill, not a blunt attack. As with the Blunt Attack achievement, Villagers don't always count, so kill someone who has a weapon.

Weapon Master 10
Mastered all skills for a weapon.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Weapon Specialist 15
Mastered all skills for thirty weapons.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Power of 10 10
Achieved 10 Chain Kills.

See Power of 100

Power of 100 20
Achieved 100 Chain Kills.

And here we have what are without question the most difficult and blatantly unfair achievements in the game. These are basically long chains of QTE’s that give you only split second reaction time. Getting 10 is fairly challenging on its own but not that bad as it IS only a chain of 10. The chain of 100 however WILL quite likely cause you immense frustration and excessive bouts of swearing. A couple of attempts where you get to high 80’s and 90’s then fluff it……you get the picture.

To unlock these achievements, you need instant kill mode turned ON in the options. Don’t confuse this with Instant kill difficulty, that is something else entirely, and not necessary for this achievement.

With IK mode ON, you have a chance with every parry to trigger the instant kill mode, recognizable by the floating button prompt at the bottom of the screen. The first button press is ALWAYS , hit this, and you start IK mode. When in IK mode, you have a few seconds to encounter another opponent to continue the chain. When you encounter an opponent in IK mode, another button prompt will appear and quickly travel across the screen in the direction the button sits on the control pad (ie travels down, travels right etc). All you have to do is hit the right button to continue the chain. Rinse and repeat for 100 kills.

Sounds simple right? Well, I’m afraid not. First off, you get literally about 1 second to react to each button prompt, and if you miss one, IK mode ends and the chain ends meaning you have to start again. Second problem, there aren’t many places in the game where you can get 100 or more enemies around you, and even then, you can’t always guarantee you can get to them all fast enough to keep the chain going. Fortunately, there is a method that makes this significantly easier. When you encounter each new opponent, keep pressing pause until you pause it at the same time as the button prompt appears. The fade out on pausing gives you plenty of time to identify which button is next to continue your chain, once you know what your button is, just unpause your game and start mashing that button, rinse and repeat for the full 100.

The best time to do these is when going for endings 9 or 11 (Death of Shuzen 1 and 3). The final stage of each ending occurs in Amana Castle when Ouka clan is attacking. As soon as you enter Amana for the last time, you are immediately thrust into combat with waves of Ouka clansmen. I got this achievement here, on easy, and kept going to see how many enemies there were in total, I got to 108 unbroken just in the small courtyard area. Any other possible area to do these achievements have always been problematic, the 'Kill 100' jobs form the brokers tend to let your chain run down before releasing the last few enemies, and other endings where there is mass combat tends to have much less enemies, or throws in a cutscene which cancels your chain. This is the best place by far.

Head Collector 20
Obtained all Heads.

Optional heads used during character creation. Obtained Whilst Farming Samurai points. See Legendary Samurai for details.

Outfit Collector 20
Obtained all Outfits.

Optional outfits used during character creation. Obtained Whilst Farming Samurai points. See Legendary Samurai for details.

First Time 5
Learned a skill for the first time.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Skill Collector 10
Learned a total of 10 skills.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

Master of Skills 25
Learned a total of 100 skills.

See Ninja Stance Mastery.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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Gamertag: Grumftheld
Weapon Collector 10
Obtained 10 different weapons.

See Weapon Arsenal.

Weapon Arsenal 20
Obtained 50 different weapons.

There are 102 total different weapons in the game, and to unlock this achievement you have to find and store 50 of them. If you begin this game by following the plan laid out for the Legendary Samurai achievement you will earn enough additional sword safes to hold 80 swords, more than enough to hold the 50 you need for the achievement. You can purchase more safes from the merchant at the posting station to hold the rest. The vast majority of the weapons can and will be found during the course of your numerous play throughs, however some are character specific, meaning you will have to defeat them and take their weapon. Follow the link below for a list of every weapon and where to find them.

Payday 5
Completed a job successfully.

See Job Seeker.

Job Seeker 20
Completed 50 jobs successfully.

In every area of the game there are people marked on your map who will give you jobs to do, ranging from simple fetch quests, to fish slicing mini games. Just complete 50 across all your play throughs to unlock this. Quick tip, one of the best to choose is the Tuna Filleting mission you get from the chef at the posting station. Start a new game on instant kill then go and start the job. On instant kill you can complete this in 4 seconds with a handful of presses of X with the default weapon. It counts as 1 successful job and you get payed 600 Yen a time for doing it so quickly. This is a great job to do if you are grinding for skill scrolls and the beads/amulets that permanently increase your health as it is all in the same place.

You will also do enough jobs as you work towards the weapon skill achievements as some of the unique weapons require you to earn high trust with the different job brokers to earn the weapons.

Relationship 10
Obtained a partner.

There are a total of 14 partners in the game, each of which have different purposes, some fight with you, others heal you, others get you discounts with merchants. The easiest partner for this achievement is Yuzu. Start a new play through and tell the fishermen to leave you alone. Once in control, go to Takatane village, go past the 2 men harassing the girl and look into the first house on the left. Yuzu is in there. Talk to her, then when you have the chance, choose the ‘oooh mother’ option and she will heal you. Then talk to her again and she will join you. It doesn’t have to be done from the beginning to get Yuzu, but it’s easiest then as she will only speak to you when you are near death, and on a new play through you start in that position.

Extra Sword Safe 10
Obtained an extra Sword Safe.

Required for storing the swords you find during the game. Can be bought from a merchant at posting station. You will also earn a fair few of these whilst farming Samurai points.See Legendary Samurai for details.

Assassin 40
Defeated Shuzen Fujimori.

Shuzen is the technical ‘end boss’ for this game. You won’t fight him at the end of every play through, however if you are working toward all the endings, then you will fight him a fair few times, including the ‘True Ending’ (see Victory achievement) and can unlock them both at the same time just as I did.. He is no more difficult to defeat than any other warrior character in the game.

Bushido 50
Defeated Sensei at the Dojo.

The Dojo is in the Guard Station, in the bottom right hand corner of the map. Go there and speak to the man in the building and ask to have a session with him. Beat him then speak to him to receive permission to proceed to the next floor. Rinse and repeat on the next floor to gin access to the top floor where the Sensei is. Speak to her to begin the battle and beat her to earn this achievement.

Title Collector 20
Obtained 5 titles.

See Title Master

Title Master 40
Obtained 20 titles.

There are a total of 50 possible titles to unlock, with there own requirements. Please Follow the link below to a thread that list all titles with requirements. Thanks go to jqtaxpayer over on the ps3trophies sister site for his comprehensive list that helped me get the few I missed.

You can only earn one title on every play through, however you do not need to complete the play through to actually earn it. Once the requirements are fulfilled hit start and go to the map, then to world map and choose to ‘Leave Amana’. Save the game when prompted and that earned title is stored. Please note that you can earn the same title over and over again, but for the achievements you MUST earn 5 and 20 different ones respectively. Also, the titles earned work on a hierarchy system. When you either ‘Leave Amana’ or finish a play through you will be awarded the ‘best’ title you met the requirements for. Some of these Titles will come to you naturally through multiple play throughs however some are fairly obscure and whilst you MIGHT unlock them naturally, you just as easily might not.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.

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Zero Kill 5
Killed an enemy using a weapon with zero durability.

See Zero Blunt Attack

Zero Blunt Attack 5
Defeated an enemy with Blunt Attack using a weapon with zero durability.

Pretty straight forward, however it can be difficult to actually get your weapon broken. The best method is to wait until you do the achievement to break someone else weapon, then once you kill them, pick their weapon up then use it. Zero Durability weapons are extremely weak, and on Blunt mode are even weaker. To make these achievements easier, when you get a broken weapon, save your game and start a new one on Instant Kill difficulty. You will carry your broken weapon over to this playthrough and it will still grant you Instant Kills.

Samurai Leader 10
Total Samurai Points exceeded 200 points.

See Legendary Samurai.

Samurai Hero 15
Total Samurai Points exceeded 2000 points.

See Legendary Samurai.

Legendary Samurai 20
Total Samurai Points exceeded 10000 points.

Samurai Points accumulate across multiple play throughs, awarded at the end of each one whether you died or achieved an actual ending. There is a quicker way to unlock these however, and will also unlock Extra Sword Safe, Head Collector and Outfit Collector.

Start the game on the highest difficulty available (normal if it’s your first time, after 2 or 3 runs, Hard difficulty will unlock, then Instant Kill difficulty will unlock after another 2-3), design and name your character if you want to.

Hit to skip cut scenes and the dialogue when speaking to the 2 farmers. When given the dialogue options (can’t skip) choose third option. Continue to skip dialogue.

When in control of your character, run forward to the stream, then turn left and follow it until it tells you to hit to move to Takatane village. Do so, again using to skip cut scenes.

In the village, Turn right to go up the stairs, then at the top of the stairs, turn immediately right twice more and you will be at a small radish patch. Walk over one and press when prompted to pick it up, then press to eat it and heal some health.(you don’t get extra points for eating more of them)

Hit and check your profile, it should tell you that you have the Vegetarian title. Once Confirmed, go to the map, move down to the world map, hit then move the cursor to ‘Leave Amana’ (the purple block) and select it. This will end the game.

It says it will reset the play through but you won’t lose your progress, you will go through the screen showing you your points earned and what you’ve unlocked. Easy difficulty nets you 490 points, normal 700 and hard 1050, so as soon as hard becomes available, keep using it until Instant Kill becomes available then stick with that until you get all of these achievements.

Make sure to save your game when prompted and then once at the menu screen, choose LOAD game and start the cycle again.
Each run will only take you about 90 seconds, so you’ll be done with this in 15-20 minutes.

Secret Achievements

Victory 100
Completed and discovered the True Ending.

The ‘True Ending’ is called Denouement, and it is Ending number 1 in the Records. Just follow the path I lay out in the endings guide to the letter and you will unlock it with no problems.

Samurai 4EvR! 50
Cleared game with more than 120% Samurai Rating.

I earned this whilst getting ending 2 ‘With Osei’ on normal difficulty. To be perfectly honest, I’ve not been able to fathom out exactly how the rankings work, I only know that the harder difficulties give you a higher base rating to begin with. Just follow the path exactly as I set it out in the endings guide for ending 2, and do it on normal like I did and you should unlock it without any problems.

Samurai Slayer 20
Cleared the game in Instant Kill difficulty.

Very simple this one, pick ending 20 and follow it precisely. It takes about 10-15 minutes to complete and you have a maximum of about a half dozen fights, all of which you can win without risk because you always strike first.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.
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thanks .. that must be help full for me ..

Thanks again ..
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thanks for this. seems like this game will take a while to 100%.
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It does take a while, and has some elements of luck involved in finding weapons etc. You're looking at a bare minimum of 40 hours if you have an incredible run of fortune, much more likely to be heading on upwards of 60.

My First Guide!! Way of the Samurai 3
If you have any questions, please pm me on here then send me a message on Live to let me know its here and I'll get to it asap.
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