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Darth Villainous
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Fast Way to Get Online Win Achievements (Boosting)

Ok, so a friend and I were boosting the online achievements for this lousy game earlier today, and we came up with a way to do them without completing the entire match (after all, who wants to play through this pile of crap?). Basically, do the following:

1) Whoever you want to get the win should host the match.
2) For Domination and Team Deathmatch, have each person pick a different team before you start the match, as you'll save time (if you don't the game will often auto-assign you to the same team, count down 20 seconds, then rebalance you to different teams and start up a new countdown clock).
3) The person who is to win kills the other person 1 time (or, in the case of Domination, captures one point, causing their score to go up to 2).
4) The other person quits out. Achievements should unlock at the title screen once requirements are met.

This'll make the matches go much, much quicker, as you don't have to wait for the clock to run down. Note that this does not work if the score is 0-0, or if the person hosting quits; the host MUST be the one to get the kill and NOT quit out.

The only Win achievement I'm unsure if this will work for is the "Complete 50 Team Deathmatch games" one (is it complete 50, or win 50?), because my friend and I didn't have the time to do this one. If/when I get around to doing it, I'll update this post (assuming no one else has picked up this method and tried it by then).

EDIT: Ok, this method works for the "complete 50 team DM games," only you don't need any kills (again, the person hosting gets credit for the "completion"). Credit to mathguy42 for figuring this out.
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Nice find but if your going for the 5k kills its best to just kill for the 5mins anyway as it all adds up. This is however useful for anyone whos just doing every achievement besides the 50g life waster.

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