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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

This is my first X360A Achievement Guide and Roadmap so please be kind.


- Estimated Achievement Difficulty: 3/10
- Offline Achievements: 12 (200)
- Online Achievements: 0
- Approximate Time for 200 : Around 5 Hours+
- Minimum Number of Playthroughs Needed for Completion: 3
- Number of Missable Achievements: 0
- Glitched Achievements: 0
- Do Cheat Codes Disable Achievements: No Cheats
- Does Difficulty Affect Achievements: No

Zombies!!! Is based on the board game by Twilight Creations. I'm not going to bother explaining the whole game, theres plenty of info on the internet for that. It's easy to pick up and learn if you have never played the orignal. I gave it a 3 for Difficulty because it might take you a few tries for Omega Man.

Achievement Guide

- Zombie Hunter -15
Win a game by killing 25 Zombies.

Win by killing 25 Zombies. Stacks with Omega Man

- Don't be a Hero - 10
Win a game by reaching the Helipad.

Play on any mode, Win by getting to the center of the Helipad

*Playing versus the CPU, change the players to Steve and Jason for the best chances of winning

- Survivalist of the Dead - 20
Win a Survival Horror game.

See Omega Man

- Omega Man - 30
Kill all Zombies in a Survival Horror game.

Sounds hard but can be easy. Use cards and junk the bad ones. Clear out one road with the best shops(When i got this, i had the Police Station on town square, and the Hospital, Skate Shop and Firehouse down one street.) Use the Fire Axe(+1 attack roll for remainder of game) in the firehouse and Skateboard(+2 to movement roll for remainder of game) in the Skate Shop as soon as you can. You can only have 5 hearts at a time, so there might be some you can back track and get or hope for/use much needed rest if low on hearts.

Key Cards to use for Omega Man:
Alternate Food Source - Use when you need to run in a building to get hearts and bullets when your low on health.
Adrenaline Rush - +2 to combat or x2 movement roll
Fire Axe - Use in Fire Station, adds +1 to combar roll while it's in play
Hey look... A Shotgun - +1 to next 3 combat rolls
First aid Kit - Use in Hospital or Drug Store to add to in play, then can use to get +1 heart,
Grenade - USE in Army Surplus Store to add to in play, then can use to kill all zombies in building your in and you loose 1 health.
Lots of Ammo - Use in Sporting Goods Store, +3 bullets
Much Needed Rest - No movement roll, gain +2 hearts. Play before movement roll.
Skateboard - Use in SkateShop, +2 movement roll as long as it's in play.
The Keys are Still in it - Move 10 spaces, play before movement roll.

- Hail to the King, Baby - 10
Kill a Zombie with Chainsaw & Shotgun cards in play at the same time.

Need to be in the Lawn and Garden center to play ChainSaw, and it goes into your in play hand. Next use the shotgun and go to in play and use Chainsaw, then kill a zombie. Easiest if a zombie is chasing you into the L&G center.

- Zombie, Interrupted - 10
Kill a Zombie by playing Grenade when “Alternate Food Source” is in play.

Need to be in the Army Surplus Store to play Grenade, and it goes into your in play hand. Next use Alternate Food Source, walk into a building and use Grenade from your in play hand.

- Night of the Hoarder - 20
Collect 50 tokens (Hearts and Bullets).

Should get this trying to get Omega Man. If not, just play a few games and collect hearts/bullets.

- King of the Zombies - 25
Kill 200 Zombies.

Should get this going for Omega Man. Survival mode is the best for this.

- Master of Arms - 15
Play every weapon card at least once.

Play the Fire Ax, Skateboard, Chainsaw, Shotgun & Grenade cards. Check your stat Screen to see what you haven't played.

- Unstoppable - 25
Kill 6 Zombies in one turn.

Get a line of 6 Zombies and use The Keys are Still in it or Adrenaline Rush before your movement roll, kill em all.

- Overkill - 10
Defeat a Zombie with a roll of 7 or greater.

Use Shotgun or Fire Axe and roll a 6 or roll a 5 and use Adrenaline Rush.

- Was it worth it? - 10
Use 3 or more Hearts in a single combat, then win by using Bullets.

Probably get this Going for Omega Man. If not, go in a Survival Horror game and keep trying.

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Awesome guide! Keep it up!
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