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Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011
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Collectable Guide - Wildfire

Ok, to me this level just suckes to try to find stuff in. Its dark so you can hardly see and when stuff isnt jumping out at you your running from fire. Since I can not find a collectable guide anywhere on the internet for this level either I decided to try to make one to help people getting frustrated with this like me. Again like Outpost I am missing 2 beehives so if someone knows where they are please help so I can finish them for this guide for others and get them myself.

PS-This level was kind of disorientating to me so if someone has a better description for something feel free to chime in.


Horns - 6 "These were kind of easy in this level with hunter sense on" I walked right over most of them.

1. Right in the middle of the path at the start.
2. In the burnt out glowing area that kind of look like lava. You should walk right over it.
3. In the bush on the left after the 1st lion attacks.
4. On the left right after you get #3. It seemed just a little way down practly right after 3.
5. After the lion fight where you are in the tree down on the left in the burnt out lava looking area.
6. On the right after the stampede on the ridge.

Beehives - 7 "Now some of these are tough, well at least they are for me to find" I'm probably missing 1 that doesn't light up.

1. On the right, right at the beginning of the level at the 1st save/checkpoint spot.
2. Tree you go up in for the lion fight. Probably easiest one to find.
3. On the right side in the area where the cougars are up in the tress jumping down at you.
4. While escaping and running from the fire on the right side. On tree in the distance. This one does not light up with hunter sense and is hard to spot.
5. Right before you go over the wood bridge on the right.
6. Right after you go over the wood bridge on the right just before the final fight.


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I found the last beehive but its been so long since I did this I don't know where it fits in the sequence. Towards the beginning where the 1st hidden leopard attacks you from the weeds there is one on a tree to the right.
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