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Golden Idol Detailed Guide/Help Thread

Here is a detailed guide on how to get this achievement as there are a few that can give you problems or you have no idea how to do them. So hopefully you can help make this guide. If you need to find one in particular press Ctrl + F and search for it because there are a lot of these.

The skillshot menu doesn't have to have ticks next to all the skillshots, the tick is only skillshots you've done in your current session.

Big thanks to Nozza x360a too.

General I

Graffiti - Kill an enemy by kicking him against a surface.
Keep kicking someone while next to a wall and eventually they'll die from hitting the wall.

Shocker - Kill an enemy by flinging him into an electrical source.
Act 1 Chapter 2. You'll go into a building with 3/4 enemies in. Kick one into the electric wires behind them.

Pricked - Kill an enemy by flinging them into a cactus.
Act 2 Chapter 1, you will come across a courtyard pretty early on with Cacti near the stairs, when you first get there an enemy is on the stairs, kick him into the Cactus.

Voodoo Doll - Kill an enemy by flinging them into a sharp object.
Act 1 Chapter 1, as soon as you recieve the HUD from the drop pod, leash an enemy towards you through the gate.

Vertigo - Send an enemy down a huge drop.
Act 1 Chapter 2, plenty of drops, just kcik them over the edge and when the stasis wears off they'll fall to their death.

Fly Guy - Kill an enemy by flinging them into a swarm of electro flies.
Act 2 Chapter 1, there is a swarm above the pool at the start of the level, stand behind them and leash an enemy towards you, they may not always be high enough so it may take a few tries.

- Kill an enemy who is on fire.
Find 2 or more enemies near each other and shoot one with the flair gun charge shot. It should set the others around him on fire and you just need to kill them before the fire wars off.

EnviroMental - Kill on or more enemies using an enviromental explosive.
Act 1 Chapter 1, you go through a gate and there's lots of barrels on platforms above enemies. Shoot them.

Feeder - Feed an enemy to a flytrap
Act 4 Chapter 2, For this one you have to actually kick the enemy into the trap, kicking him infront and having the trap eating him doesn't work for some reason.

Bad Digestion - Cause a Flytrap to swallow something explosive.
Act 4, Chapter 2, you'll walk round a corner and see a guy get eaten by a flytrap, in front is a courtyard with an explosive ball, stand near the flytrap and leash the explosive ball in front of it and they flytrap should swallow it. Or even easier later on in the chapter when the Helicopter comes, if the newsbot is lying down kick him towards the flytrap on the right, however the newsbot isn't always on ther floor.

Antidote - Kill an enemy who is infected by the puffball gas.
Act 5 Chapter 1, when defending the monorail there are plenty around, shoot one when an enemy is next to it and then kill him before the effects wear off.

Toxic Love - Kill an enemy while infected by puffball gas.
Act 5 Chapter 1, Stand next to a puffball and explode it, while your screen is green kill an enemy.

Nominated - Kill an enemy with a Nom parasite on their head.
Act 4 Chapter 1, kick one into an enemy and then simply kill him before he gets the nom off.

- Put a Nom parasite on an enemy's head then impale them.
Act 5 Chapter 3, you'll emerge from the underground and kick down a door, after this you'll be in a courtyard with tons of enemies, kick a nom onto an enemies head and kick him towards the cactus behind.

Leak - Put a Nom parasite on an enemy's head then headshot them.
Act 4 Chapter 1, kick one onto an enemy's head and then unload with the Flair Gun or the Peacemaker Carbine.

Heads Up - Put a Nom Parasite on an enemy's head then take their head off.
Act 5 Chapter 3, you'll emerge from the underground and kick down a door, after this you'll be in a courtyard with tons of enemies, kick a nom onto an enemies head and use a charged flail gun shot to take his head clean off.

FastFood - Ram an enemy to death with a hot dog cart.
Act 2 Chapter 1, the same courtyard with the cacti in there's 2 Hot Dog carts. Kick one into an enemy and it should run him over.

Sausage Fest - Kill an enemy using a hot dog cart explosion.
Act 2 Chapter 1, the same courtyard with the cacti in there's 2 Hot Dog carts. As soon as the courtyard starts filling up with enemies shoot one of the carts and the explosion should easily be big enough to kill at least one of them.

Exterminator - Kill an entire swarm of electro flies.
Act 2 Chapter 1, there's a swarm above a pool of water right at the start of the level.

Killer news - Kill someone with the explosion of a newsbot
Act 3, Chapter 1, The #2 Newsbot is behind the house on the pier. When you get close to the house a few Creeps will spawn inside. Instead of going inside look down the left and a creep should be looking around the corner of the house. Run up to him, he should flee and as you turn the corner you'll see the Newsbot (you should now be at the back of the house). The Creep should simply run to the corner. So now just kick the Newsbot once or twice over to him then shoot it thus hopefully killing him and unlocking the Skillshot.

If the Newsbot is not around the back then he may actually be inside the house. So just run in there (should be 3 Creeps at least inside) and shoot the Newsbot to kill one or them. You may have to get inside and actually kick it in a Creeps direction but it shouldn't be to hard as they may run up to you for melee attacks, so just blow it up next to you if this happens, or run away, turn around fast and blast it.

Or.... Act 5 Chapter 3, you'll emerge from the underground into a carpeted area, 3 green guys will attack you and there's a newsbot in the middle that you can blow up.

Intoxicated - Kill an enemy while drunk on Nom Juice.
Act 2 Chapter 1, when you enter a club you will have to jump over a table and it has 2 drinks on it, drink one climb over and kill an enemy before the effects wear off.

General II

Slam Dunk - Smash an airborne enemy into the ground using the Thumper.
As soon as you've unlocked the Thumper, Thumper an enemy into the air. Then re lock onto them while they're up high and Thumper them again

Trap Shooting
- Use bullets to kill a Thumped enemy.
Once you unlock the Thumper on the leash, Hold LB on an enemy outdoors and he should go flying in the air, simply kill him with bullets before he falls.

Fly Swatter - Thump an enemy so he smashes into the ceiling or an impaler.
When indoors with a low ceiling, thump an enemy and he should hit the ceiling and die.

Fertilizer - Explode two or more thumped enemies using an enviromental explosive.
Any Act/Chapter where there's a Red Barrel etc (Desert Echo map is a good place). Wait until the enemies are gathered around it, Thumper them all then lock onto the Barrel and shoot it until it explodes and kills them all.

Touchdown - Thump a stunned miniboss to his death.
Just keep thumping a miniboss until he dies, you may need to upgrade as it may take more the 3 thumps.
Bossed - Kill a miniboss.
Tons of these in the campaign and you need to kill them to progress anyways.

Fire in The Hole - When a miniboss is stunned, kick him from behind, then shoot him in the butt.
Thump a miniboss and when he gets up his ass should be glowing blue, kick his ass and shoot him there once the flap opens. If he doesn't die first time repeat until he dies.

Kick off - Remove a miniboss's helmet, then when he is stunned again, kick his head off.
Thump a miniboss and kick him in the head, thump him again and kick him in the head, then he should die.

Whiplash - Remove a miniboss's helmet, then when he is stunned again, leash his head off.
Thump a miniboss and then kick him in the head when it glows blue, thump him again and then leash his head and he should die.

Stomach Pump - Kill a miniboss by firing a charged drill into his stomach and then kicking it.
There aren't many minibosses after you unlock the Drill charge shot so make it count, fire a charger shot in his stomach and you should be able to kick it.

Friendly Fire - Kill an enemy by flinging them into the fire of another enemy.
This is a hard one to get but it usually comes during general campaign gameplay. If you havent got it try kick an enemy into a minibosses' cannon ball.

Bombshell - Kill two or more enemies from an exploding Flailbomber.
Shoot one of the suicidal red enemies with your own flail gun and explode it. They travel in 2 or 3s so shouldn't be too hard. If that fails let them flail you and then run into 2 of them.

AssPlosion - Kill a burnout by shooting his ass growth.
Keep kicking and sliding one onto he falls with his ass in the air and then shoot him there with the Peacemaker Carbine. Not all of them have ass growths however.

Blind Fire - Kill Someone while blinded by a flare
Around the campaign you'll see enemies with flair guns. Let them shoot one at you and then kill him while stunned.

Discharged - Kill a Heavy Echo trooper with a charged PMC when he's charging his.
On Act 7 you have to shoot an echo trooper with an overcharger Peacemaker Carbine shot while he has his activated. You can tell if they've activated because an orange light appears at the end of their gun.

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