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Dark Void
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Old 01-04-2011, 12:52 AM   #1
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Thumbs down GFWL Version - Bookworm not unlocking


I have collected all 57 journals. Twice.

Once during my first playthrough (finished the campaign on hard then went back in some episodes for the missing journals). Then I did a fresh start and played the game on casual again just for the journals.

Nope, still not getting it unlocked.

This game is really a mess, based on its glitchy achievements. Obviously Demolition Derby and Fireworks are not unlockable in this GFWL PC version (except for 1 guy who has it somehow); and Grease Monkey is said to be glitched as well. These facts are already annoying... but after collecting all the journals twice, and still not getting Bookworm, well this really blows.

Anyone with some idea or suggestion? If there is no solution I think I'm just going to let this one slide.

If you play the PC GFWL version, and the 3 achievements mentioned above don't get unlocked for the first time (after you did everything correctly for them), do not waste anymore time on this. It is better to just move on, let it go, because the second try would consume much more of your worthy time, and it couldn't even compensate it with enough achievement points, even if you would get them unlocked (but you would not, because I think there is a serious "achievement desync" bug somewhere in the game, or in the communication method between the save file and the live profile).
So do yourself a favor.

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Old 03-17-2011, 06:30 AM   #2
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It unlocked fine for me but you need to keep checking the GFWL interface as due to a serious bug it goes away! This means any achvs you earn will not register. Because of this it took me about 10 long months to get all achvs. None are bugged the actual GFWL connection is the problem as Airtight Games did not do enough QA!!!

All you can do if this has happened is start the game again from scratch by deleting your save file then everytime the game autosaves check you have the GFWL menu (you also need to be signed into an online GFWL profile when earning achvs on Dark Void).

Because of this bug it makes many of the achvs a real PIA as you have to replay certain parts of the game over & over. The bookworms achvs is one of the worse along with the collide with UFO's that is just ridiculous as I can almost guarantee at some time the GFWL interface will drop so you must keep exiting to the desktop backing up your save file just incase then restart the game to get it back again & repeat over & over until you are connected to GFWL when you earn enough for the achv.

Its way beyond tedious & because of this one of the longest achvs you will ever attempt....buts it doable as long as you have extreme patience although the number of times going for Bookworm I lost the GFWL interface meant it took me around 7 months for that 1 achv alone going back to it now & again!!!!

Also FYI to anyone else the Grenade Achvs require a COOKED ALIEN grenade. In other words you time the grenade to explode by cooking it before throwing it. As long as you do that and as long as its an Alien grenade (Blue I think they are but only on certain levels anyway) you will be able to earn all achvs provided you also check from time to time the GFWL interface is working properly ingame by hitting the Guide button or Home key.

If you want to check this bug out yourself just play the game then every few mins bring up the GFWL interface play a few mins more then repeat & after doing this about 20 times you may find the GFWL interface is no longer appearing this is when it has silently dropped so you have to exit the game & reload from the desktop if you want to earn achvs.

Good luck you will need it as this bug makes many of these extreme hardcore player only achvs!!!!!
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