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Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force
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Achievement Guide and Roadmap

** Guide and Roadmap submitted on 4/11/11

This achievement guide and roadmap have been written for only and may not be used, in part or in whole, by any other person or website without written permission by either the author or website administrators.



-Estimated achievement difficulty: 3/10
-Offline (Retail): 26/32 (840)
-Online (Retail): 6/32 (160)
-Offline (DLC): 10/10 (250)
-Approximate amount of time to 1250: 6 hours (3.5 hours for Retail offline, 1.5 hours for Online, 1 hour for DLC)
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1 for each mode (Arcade and Mission)
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No codes
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
-Glitchy achievements: No
-Unobtainable achievements: No
-Extra equipment needed?: No

Welcome to Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Force. This is a port of a Japanese arcade game that came out in 2001 with some upgrades (2-on-2 Battles, Online Play, Mission mode). It is a relatively easy 1000 (1250 with the DLC), and all achievements can be unlocked in a minimum of 6 hours. There are two main modes to play, Arcade and Mission. Some achievements can only be unlocked by playing a specific mode, while others, like “10 Discs” and “10 Crystals,” can be unlocked in either mode.

Note that even though this is a Japanese game, it is region-free, so it will play on all Xboxes, regardless of its region. Also, this game was only released in Japan, so if you want to play it, you’ll have to import it.

It is recommended that you play Mission mode first, as you can use the crystals found to increase your EX Option abilities after each mission. In Arcade mode, while you can still collect crystals, you can’t increase your abilities; you just play straight through, so if you start at none, there’s no way to increase them while playing. But, the EX Options can be used in Arcade mode as well and it makes it so much easier with them turned on.

Basic Controls:
Since the game is in Japanese, you probably won’t understand the Controls screen or the booklet. Here are the basic controls:
- Range weapon
- Melee weapon
- Speed boost (right)
- Speed boost (left)
- Dash to teammate
- Pause game
- Move
(Click) - No Use
- Rotate camera
(Click) - Ally command
- Jump cancel
- Switch targets
- Speed boost (left)
- Jump

Fighting Techniques:
A very good forum site here has a list of techniques for fighting combos and such if you are interested.

Step 1: Mission Mode (Retail Missions)
From the main menu, choose to play “Mission” mode. There are 10 unmissable achievements and 3 where you actually have to do something simple to unlock them. Simply play through the missions and you’ll unlock everything.
  • Unmissable “story-based” achievements are “Start 1st Operation,” “5 missions clear [1st Operation],” “1st Operation Complete,” “Start 2nd Operation,” “5 missions clear [2nd Operation]” and “2nd Operation Complete.”
  • Complete each mission to unlock “VR Beginner,” “VR Hunter,” “VR Collector” and “VR Mania.” These are also unmissable.
  • The last three are “Create AI VR,” “Play with AI VR” and “Train AI VR.” These three are simple enough. Look at the guide to see how to unlock them.

Some things to remember
1) There are between 3 and 6 battles for each mission, and each mission has a certain objective (melee only kills, collect silver discs, collect green gems, etc.). They get increasingly difficult as the Operation goes on. Click here for a list of missions and their objectives.

2) When the mission is over, you have some selections. The first one replays the mission. The second one goes to the Mission Select screen. The third one lets you save your game. The bottom one that starts with the word “Mission” takes you back to the main Mission menu (the one with the Xbox Live choices).

3) On the Mission Select screen before you start each mission, you can press to go to the EX Option screen to increase your life and attack strength. For each crystal you collect, you get one point. Increasing your abilities make the game so much easier.

4) When in a mission and you pause the game, the first choice is to resume the match, the second allows you to customize the controls. The third one exits the match. The default ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ choice is always ‘No,’ so move or to the other selection if you want ‘Yes.’

Step 2: Arcade Mode
From the main menu, choose to play “Arcade” mode. You can choose the difficulty, select how many rounds for each arena, what the time limit is and something else that has an ‘OFF,’ ‘ON’ and ‘ALWAYS’ selection. I kept it ‘OFF.’ You can also turn on EX Options by pressing .
  • All the achievements here are pretty much unmissable, but you have to do specific things to unlock each of them. They are “Defeat VR,” “Winner Ver.01,” “Winner Ver.02,” “Winner Ver.03,” “Rescue Dash” and “Restore VR.” If you follow the guide you should have no problems unlocking them.
  • JAGUARANDI” is unlocked halfway through playing Arcade mode (between mission 5 and 6). “AJIM & GUERLAIN” is unlocked when you complete the last mission (mission 8) of Arcade mode.
  • Simply watch the credits after Arcade mode to get “Jupiter.” They only last a minute or so.

Step 3: Miscellaneous Achievements
  • To get the “M.S.B.S. ver7.7X” achievement, simply boot up the game as the guide says.
  • To get the “Issy/H-AT/R_sgt” achievement, simply choose “Training” from the main menu, choose “Tutorial” and pick “Tutorial 10” in the menu. It is a simple deathmatch-type tutorial. You can win or lose.
  • For the achievement “10 Discs,” there are golden discs scattered throughout both Arcade and Mission modes. I don’t have any information on how they show up for you to collect; they just appear. Maybe it’s due to a hit/move combo or something. Collect 10 of them to unlock this achievement. Likewise, “10 Crystals” can be unlocked by collecting the crystals in either mode, as well. Again, I’m not sure how they appear.

Step 4: Online
You have to play at least 30 matches online to get these six achievements. You don’t have to win them, just play them. Each match takes about two minutes. You can do it legitimately (if you don’t keep getting kicked or can’t find a match) or find boosting partners here.

Note: Each match has to be four players, so if you are boosting, keep that in mind. Technically, you don’t boost Ranked games. Just have your friends search at the same time you do and hopefully you’ll be paired up, but you might not get the non-boosters to cooperate. Each match can take up to 90 seconds. Player matches have to be four players, and are much easier if you have four dedicated boosters. You can set each match to 1 round so each match takes about 15 seconds.

Step 5: DLC
The DLC consists of two more Operations, ten missions each. They are very easy. To download the DLC, you have to either have a Japanese Xbox (NTSC-J) or have made a Japanese account. Click here to see how to make a foreign account (the pictures are a bit out of date with the restructuring of

Then you need to purchase Japanese Microsoft points (they have to be Japanese). is a good place to get them, and they email you the code to redeem. You can get 1400 MSP for around $25.00 USD. Apply them to your Japanese account and then purchase the DLC with that account.

Note: You can play the DLC on any profile as long as it is downloaded to your hard drive. It is not profile restricted.

Congratulations on another 100%. This is a very easy game to maximize your score. The only trouble you might have is getting the online achievements, but with some persistence, you’ll get them.

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